Contribute $10 to Japan Earthquake Relief Fund by buying my book for $15

---promotion has ended---
For each book that you buy, I will contribute $10 to the Japan earthquake relief fund. I'm selling my book at a special offer price of $15 if payment is made by funds transfer. I will absorb postage cost for normal postage within Singapore.

You're effectively donating $10 and buying my book for only $5 - dirt cheap!
(Even if you don't believe that I'll make the donation, $15 is still a discounted price.) If you want to contribute more, just buy more copies! Please pass this link along so that we can raise more funds together.

Offer valid till 31 March 2011.
(If you buy using paypal or credit card, there is no discount on the book price or postage because paypal takes a cut of the payment amount but I will also make a $10 donation for each book purchased).

Book cover design by

This book contains bite-size articles (previously written topics with updates and brand new never-seen-before topics).

You will be blown away by the 100 pages of sexciting topics such as:
- Penile curvature preferences
- Penis shapes and my preferred shape
- Circumcision - benefits and my preference
- Reasons why some people are unable to get orgasms
- Involuntary orgasms
- Orgasm quotas
- Evaluation of 6 blowjob positions
- 15 Ways to ask for oral sex
- 8 Reasons why women don't swallow semen

How to order
You can pay by (a) funds transfer, or (b) credit card or paypal.

A) Funds Transfer
1. Transfer SG$15 to my bank account.
Bank: POSB
Bank code: 7171
Bank branch: 081
Account number: 004-49709-0
Account type: Savings
(Each book will be SG$15 so if you want to buy 2 books, it will be $30, 3 books it will be $45 and so on. I will bear the standard postage cost.)
(If you want the mail to be registered, please add SG$2.20.)

2. Send an email to me ( with
Your name
Transaction date
Transaction reference number/code
Transaction amount
For Autograph request, please include the name to be written in the book, and message if you have a specific request.

3. Check your email and mailbox.
I will reply to your email to confirm the receipt of funds. Please check your spam mailbox and email me again if you don't hear from me. You will receive the book in your mailbox in 2 working days.

B) Credit Card or Paypal
1. Select one of these options below and click Buy Now. You will be guided through the ordering process (there will be an input box for autograph request). Currency is Singapore Dollars (SGD). Please check your country's import restrictions before ordering.

Please Select Country, Number of Books and Type of Mail

For payment for 3 or more books using credit card or paypal, please email me.

The number of days in the option for countries other than Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei are the estimated postage time.
See details of surface mail transit time.
See details of air mail transit time.

2. Check your email and mailbox.
I will reply to your email to confirm the receipt of funds. Please check your spam mailbox and email me if you don't hear from me.
You will receive the book in your mailbox. Please refer to the links above for estimated transit time.

Privacy guarantee: The book will be mailed to you in a sealed, opaque envelope. Your email and mailing addresses will not be sold or provided to anyone for junk mailing or any form of sales.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems ordering, please contact me at


Anonymous said...

isn't this a pathetic way to try to increase sales of your book and taking advantage of the current situation in Japan?!

i honestly felt disgusted after reading this particular post. you only appear to be "helping" to raise funds Japan when the main clause is to increase the sales of your book.

Yu-Kym said...

I think it's more pathetic to be so ignorant of fund raising and charity that you have to post a comment like that. In the meantime, what have you done to raise funds or contribute? If you've done nothing yet, please attempt to do something other than criticise another person's effort to raise funds.

First when i see this post i also have the same feeling like you (Anonymous). But after thinking, we might wrong.

Let's say you are a singer, you organise a concert and donate 80% of your income to Japan. People could have said you are trying to make yourself well-known by the name of disaster.

I support yukym as this is what she has, and can do.

Another things is, we know a theory where, 'help others = help ourself'.

We should always think what we could do, even a small little thing, to help and bring joys for those who needed.

You're doing something good, keep it on! yukym. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,

Donating $10 out of booksale price of $15 is actually making an enormous outright loss for someone like Yu-Kym who is trying to find a living out of her passion for writing. Didnt you read about her careful expendituress or economical ways of living? She may have made a reasonably good profit out of her 1st book to be able to afford such a loss from sales of her remaining stocks but the question is would you have made such a generous donation if you were in the same situation? I would not. $10 out of $15! Wow! That's like giving the book away almost free. Although she now has a job but I would presume her financial position is only just about manageable.

So unless she is taking money away from you, one can have his or her own opinion about others charity efforts, but pls keep them to yourself if you cannot do better.

I recollect my own negative impression of someone's efforts or methods to help underprivileged children but at the same time I asked myself even if I consider her methods inappropriate but what have i done to help the kids...nothing... so I just shut my gap.

One can criticise, but it would be best if one has also the credibility to do so.

silli cat

Anonymous said...

if yu-kym is really sincere in helping to raise funds for Japan disaster, she would not have to tie that in with the sales of her book.

people who are truly sincere in helping will not tie that in with their own personal agenda.

it just sickens me to know that some people who claim that they are trying to raise funds for Japan when their main agenda is to help themselves.

and yes, i have already donated without any agenda whatsoever.

Anonymous said...


Recently in the papers, it was reported a Singaporean family with business interests in the region donated $1mil to the Japanese earthquake fund.

First that occurred to my mind was why not donate some of it to help the local poor instead of ppl so far away. It may be that they have done so for the poor here in Singapore but perhaps not by such a large sum that publicity was generated.

Then I thought what am I griping about. Can i do better? NO!

They are still helping ppl who need help. If they are donating to Japanese ppl, perhaps their businesses have interests and connections in Japan. So whats the problem if somehow it serves some self interest as well. Whatever their self interest, nobody loses.

So what you said Elims is somewhat true.... help others, help yourself too. Nothing that one does is ever without any design, purpose or self or other interest. There is alwayz something to everything. And almost always its help others to help yourself. Well said, Elims. You aint a hypocrite.

Perhaps Yu-Kym did so to help her fenghui or her karma in her new job or 2nd book. Who knows? But you know how superstitious she can be. lol Only she will know her design. Whatever it may be, someone benefits. Kudos to Yu-Kym.

silli cat

David said...


I praise you and thank you for being so compassionate!

You are giving your book away at $5.00!

There is nothing wrong with this approach, Japanese aid efforts gain, the purchaser of your book wins, and Yu-Kym breaks even!

Those who are critical had best look at their own donation histories!


Our faith should be our steering wheel, not our spare tire.

-- C. L. Wheeler

Maya said...

The anon not only have no brain but heartless too... So free to criticize others why don't do something more meaningful!

Anonymous said...

The Anonymous who donated without any agenda whatsoever? BULL! lol

And David, are you sure your calculations correct? Book price $15, donate 10! deduct costs of delivery and what have you. You call that break even? You sure you managing your own finance right? lol

silli cat

I think that anon is maybe yukym's competitor... lol! ><"

"Whatever it may be, someone benefits." You're right silly cat, nobody hurt, why not? ^^ (oops, forgotten that anon get hurt and sicked already... @@" )

and now.. yu-kym also get hurt liao..

You will surely discouraged if you doing something good yet people accuse you for pretending,cheating,lying..

carrot said...

why are we so negative about the whole thing??

Carrot, just 1 person feel negative ma, other feel ok saja? :p

Anonymous said...

I wonder "what" Mr Anonymous donated without ""any agenda"! lol

silli cat

Hi Yu-kym.when are u gona post more abt ur sex stories experience.. It is been a long time since u share with us..hope to hear more..:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Yu-kym..When are u gona post more about ur Sex stories experience.?ts has been a long time since u posted one. Hope to see more soon.. =]