Better to be jobless!

In my post Discouraged and jobless, I wrote about people feeling discouraged from being unable to find a job.

I graduated during an economic downturn and a common piece of advice I've heard was to grab any job that came along. Actually, I already had a job offer before I graduated but as to what happened after that is a separate story. Anyway, I was on the job market like most other fresh graduates. I did not heed that piece of advice and declined a job offer. The company increased their offer but I still declined. It wasn't the money (although I said it was) but the company culture that I didn't like. And there are jobs that I didn't want even before arriving for the interview. I recall I went for an interview at a company located at the far end of Tuas. The moment I arrived at the office, I felt like informing them that they can cancel the interview. A friend joked that women who work in Tuas have to use part of their salaries to go for facials because of the bad air there (it's a heavy-industrial area and there are incinerators there).

While having no job can cause people to feel depressed, getting a poor quality job can cause them to feel even worse.

A recent study showed:
- Getting a high quality job after being unemployed improved mental health by an average of 3 points, but
- Getting a poor quality job was more detrimental to mental health than remaining unemployed, showing up as a loss of 5.6 points.

Of course, "poor quality" means different things to different people at different points in their lives. There's no point in having a job but having to use that money to get drugs for depression or health problem. So I wouldn't encourage anyone to simply grab any job that comes along - unless I think they're idiots and lucky to even get a job offer.


Theodore said...

Agree but only for those people who doesn't have to worry about bills and debts *smile* Just my thoughts :P

David said...


One has to consider handling responsibilities. If one is going to pay bills and remain out of debt, any job is better than no job.

We need the people who clean floors, collect our garbage, who work the retail store, stock the shelves in food stores or make the burgers and coffee in the shops.

There is nothing wrong with this work! I have known unemployed periods. At times working two and even three part-time jobs to make enough money to pay the bills.

I cannot understand how anyone can prefer not to work???

Quick...find me a strong adult drink.


A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.

Winston Churchill

Anonymous said...

My company, an MNC has plants in two locations. One of them is in Tuas. I dont see any problems with air quality there even with the presence of an incineration plant in the vicinity. Oh ok, its a joke. But still need to clarify things. We do still recruit new staff. lol

If I have a girlfriend who has just graduated from university and she wants to take a month or two to look for a suitable job, I would encourage her to take this time she wants. With ready reasonable job offers in line, any longer procrastination with whatever excuses, I would be terribly concerned with her attitude.

I would say please dont be so fussy unless many aspects do not fit at all. Get a less than perfect job even if it's not her ideal. Get the experience and after a period of time move on. These days, job-hopping with a positive progression in wider skills and experience, salary and position seniority etc is acceptable and even desirable. Employers dont owe you a living and neither do you owe them any. Loyal faithful long term employment with any company is a thing of the past. My company periodically reorganises and retrench and reemploy even when its making good money. We just want to make more.

So if I have a girlfriend who thinks it's better to be jobless, alarm bells would be ringing to warn me if she is my kind of girl at all. What kind of values will she be transmitting to my children?

Unless she is filthy rich and our children and I dont even need to work for the money. We will do the kind of work we like even for free. lol

And one more thing, I have worked with 5 various employers and so far I have not come across any employer that does not give me stress and a pain in the neck. So for the average or even an above average joe like me, I have not come across a perfect employer and there is no such thing. Only the advantage of giving orders instead of receiving them and the money mitigates matters.

So by all means do not grab any job, but do not sit on your arse hoping for that "quality" job either. There is no such thing unless you are the top honcho. Thats why top honchos normally linger a long time behind their desks. Provided they are men of ability that is. lol

silli cat