Better to be a cat than a human being

A woman sits by the traffic light selling tissue paper while a cat enjoys it food from a can along Orchard Road.

20 minutes later, the cat is still eating. Maybe someone else fed it more food.
The woman is still sitting there.

Is it better to be a human being or a cat?
I envy the cats that get to sleep all they want and get fed good food.
I have blood-shot eyes every morning and late afternoon to evening from lack of sleep, and I'm not eating enough. Life as a cat seems more cushy.


David said...


You should remember that cat's are master manipulator's of women.

So this cat is very good at getting fed and receiving attention.

Who knows why the women was waiting?

Why did the photographer wait for 20 minutes? (btw are you the photographer?)

If I remember your writing about what amounts you eat, which I remember as being small portion sizes, then you will soon be anorexic be careful.

The new job seems to consuming much of your time.

You do indeed appear determined to make your work ethic and skills known to your new, (and mysterious) employer.

When we travel life's roads with those we love, the point of
destination is always secondary to the quality of the journey.

-- Mary Prince

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I dont quite understand Yu-Kym.

She is intelligent..that is not an iota of doubt from her writings and sharp tongue. keke

But here she is complaining that she is not eating enough, and not getting enough sleep or not enough rest.

And at the same time she is on a disciplined diet, going to the gym during her limited lunch hour, etc And she changes from writing her dream one year to getting a job another; she is hard headed and sensible yet she has visions of the supernatural and believes in fengshui etc etc

What does one make of her personality or behaviour?

Split? Contradicting? lol

silli cat

David said...

silli cat,

Yu-Kym is similar to many hard driving and ambituous women. Laser like focus on projects. Focused to the point where their personal care slips, but only a little.

Ms. Loh's interest in fengshui and other matters add to the complexity that makes her the enegmatic women she is.

Smart, attractive, sensual, brainy, witty and more, all in one fabulous female.

Me thinks she is keeping a low profile at her new job when it comes to revealing her WWW persona.

The type of work and for what company you might notice Yu-Kym has not revealed.


Some Christians haven't even attempted to think about whether or
not they would die for Jesus because they haven't really been
living for Him.

-- DC Talk

Anonymous said...


in case you write another book maybe you should consider to sell it as ebook. Might be a good move.

Anonymous said...

David I hope you're right, it just slips a little. We love her too much to see her hurting herself.

silli cat

Anonymous said...


hmmmmmm.....I cant help but still worry for Yu-Kym. I dont care too much about what she is doing now in her new job. Coz she will more likely succeed anywhere and with anything she does.

But what i worry is that she will conduct her general life in such a way that she will fall over the cliff if she is not careful or is unware of what is gradually happening to her physical and mental state. Lack of sleep, always feeling tired, new job stress, 2nd book to write, not eating well, on a strict so called healthy diet, living alone without a regular mating partner and over-dependance on the toy, visions of the supernatural, over reliance on superstitions, etc

And the ultimate clue - when one apparently thinks life as a cat seems more cushy...even if it is a well fed cat..I think there is cause for some real concern, dont you think? lol

silli cat

prevo said...

Silli Cat:
Yu-Kym is intelligent but there are forces beyond her control tugging at her from many directions. That's why she comes across as inconsistent. She wants to be in control of her destiny but she knows that is only partially within her grasp.

Anonymous said...

Prevo, I think you are on the right track.

I think too that Yu-Kym will find our amateur untrained psychiatric analysis of her very amusing. lol

But if she is wise, she ought to take cognizance that there are too some merits to our observations of her "inconsistent" behaviour as manifested by her contradictory and revealing blogs of her physical and mental conditon.

If only she takes note of them and modifies her behaviour and lifestyle only so much, I'm sure and I would be heartened that she is not heading slowly and unknowingly into oblivion.

Never think it wont happen. Only fools ignore the signs. And they end up looney cases in IMH.

So Prevo, at the risk of incurring her wrath for intruding into her life, we should continue to remind her to stay clear in mind and fit in health coz we love her too much to want anything bad to happen to her. Right? lol

silli cat