The best lunch I've had all week!

I finally got to eat my own nutritious home-cooked food today for lunch: noodle (ee mee) with shitake mushrooms in sweet and hot sauce, vegetables (ti wan chye) with tomatoes and salmon.

I am happy!

(This is my sister's serving of food. She prefers to I've eaten mine.)


David said...


Your lunch looks and sounds yummy!

Anyway you can overnight an order over here????

Nah, I thought so.

I trust you get a little bit of that warm and fuzzy feel good from all the concern over your health and well being.

You do have loyal readers!


Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which
difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.

-- John Quincy Adams

Anonymous said...

Yes, continue to be happy. How?

Prepare and bring your own food to work for lunch.

Focus on your new job and forget about maintaining your blog at it was before when you had more time. Get enough rest and sleep each nite and through the weekends and put your 2nd book on hold no matter how good your 1st book had sold.

Use lunch time for meal, a break for resting body and mind and not for exercising in the nearby gym. Do your workouts during the weekends till you have acclimatised to your new work regime and can afford the time and energy to exercise after work during weekdays.

Forget about boys for now. Your work comes first. You dont need a relationship problem to mess up you up when you need to focus on your new job.

Do all the above and you will soon notice that being a cat is not as fun as being a human being after all.

silli cat

thibler said...

Bring your OWN food. Best advice. Save money. More nutritious. Super value for money.