50% of men may have HPV

A new study finds that about 50 percent of men may be infected with HPV! Scary!

- HPV can be contracted through any form of sex including kissing, oral sex and petting.
- HPV infection is best known as the primary cause of cervical cancer, the second most common cancer in women worldwide.
- Various strains of HPV also cause anal, penile, head and neck cancers.
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Study findings:
- 50% of the 1,100 men in the study aged 18 to 70 in the United States, Brazil and Mexico were infected with HPV.
- the rate at which men acquire new HPV infections is very similar to women.
- women are better able to clear (fight off and eliminate) an HPV infection, especially as they age, but men do not appear to have this same ability.
[Read details here]

- Gardasil vaccinations (protects against certain strains of HPV) is recommended for girls and women between the ages of 11 and 26. In Singapore, it costs about $350 for the 3 vaccinations. It is available in many clinics.
- Vaccinations for boys and men are currently not widely recommended because of its cost.


Bing said...

Seriously, this is not good news!

No more kissing and petting? Maybe we have to wear dental dam to kiss each other.

David said...


Thank you for this evidence!

Boys and girls, if you value your health this news should make it clear that playing the field, cheating, ONS and quickies with someone you just met should simply STOP!

Want to develop HPV, go ahead sleep around. The question remains how many males and females have the courage to tell a new partner that they have HPV.

Monogamy might appear boring.

Consider that multiple generations of monogamous relationships have been the bedrock on which society(s) and families have been built.

CeC and Yu-Kym, may continue to be against marriage.

Marriage however is still the most successful union between a male and female. Polygamy and communal marriages have only been successful either for short periods or in those societies isolated from the modern world.

HPV, AIDS, and other sexually acquired diseases are real, and later in life can lead to a greatly diminished quality of life, not to mention often a much shorter life.

Its nice being vindicated.


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love even when I am alone. I believe in God even when He is

-- Author Unknown

Anonymous said...


I am not absolutely against marriage to those who subscribe to it. I just dont think its necessary to resort to marriage for a happy monogamous relationship. This society strait-jacketed us to this man made rule.

One can have a wholesome relationship without being married. Monogamy just means one partner at a time. To me at least. I cannot imagine having to handle two partners or wives simultaneously in stable relationship. lol

silli cat

David said...

Silli Cat, now must report whether he and Ms. GF are HPV and STD free.

Perhaps both of you are monogamous, but the implication that both of you have had previous partners leads me to ask do either of you know whether either of you carry any STD?

I know I do not carry or ever have carried any STD.


A bachelor's life is a fine breakfast, a flat lunch, and a miserable dinner.

Francis Bacon

Anonymous said...


We know each other long enough to know we have had numerous sex partners before we met because we are both highly sexually driven. Whether or not she has actually had sexual encounters with other men (or may have in the future) whilst with me, I have to trust her fidelity just as she has to trust me. For now, after so many years together, it doesnt seem to be a concern at all. But who knows what the future may bring if we ever grow tired of each other enough to be tempted to cheat elsewhere? lol

The fact that she is a blood donor assures me of her condition. As for me I have not donated blood for some plenty years now (even before I met her) so I do not know for sure 100% about myself, perhaps 99.99%. But through the many years together with her, we have both not encountered any incidents where either of us had to be treated for any sex related diseases. I may even be a carrier in view of my past sex escapades, I do not know but till this day, I have had no issues arising from my reckless past. Touch wood.

We have both been very lucky so far I guess.

silli cat