Yes, I'm health-conscious

My colleagues were having an afternoon snack. They offered me some. At the risk of appearing out of place, I politely declined.

"You are health-conscious, right?"
"Yes, I'm very health-conscious," I said.

There was no denying that. I skipped dessert while my colleagues had their not one but two servings of dessert after lunch yesterday. I passed on my serving of the dressing-drenched salad in my set lunch today. There's free coke and sweet drinks in the office fridge but I don't drink them.

I've never been the sort who easily succumbs to peer pressure.

My guess? If we hang out long enough, they will reduce their frequency of unhealthy snacking and eating dessert eventually :D

I don't nag at anyone. I just let people eat what they want. When they observe my eating habits and see that what I do keeps me slim, they get curious why I don't eat certain food/drinks and ask me. Then sometimes they try to apply it to their own diet. Every woman wants to stay slim. So, I'm a good influence :D


~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Cool! No wonder u dun have tummy...

My tummy is about 1.5 rim thick haha :P

David said...



You exude good health to your co-workers. No doubt those interested in living a healthier life will ask you about your diet and exercise program.

You are indeed a good influence!


Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

~Author Unknown

Anonymous said...


I am not in the know of your dietary or eating habits. Whether some are excesses or some normal or sensible.

Whatever it may be, you do what you believe to be good for yourself. As long as your behaviour do not harm others and you respond politely to suggestions that you dont think is appropriate to your diet, who is to say you are wrong or behaving inappropriately?

But not to forget that not every person's body functions can take kindly to your regimen of eating habits. Some suffer from gastritis or other illnesses that make them unsuitable subjects for your kind of eating discipline.

So as long as everything is said and done on a common sensical even keel, you should be a shining example of an independent intelligent thinking, courteous colleague.


silli cat

Anonymous said...

how i wish you're my colleague!! :P

health said...

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