Must pay to get

My friend who's serving the army is posted to Taiwan. Many Singaporean guys like fair-skinned girls who speak gently. So when they get to Taiwan, it's girls galore! ... at least at the red light districts. He said that the majority of the guys there would visit prostitutes in their spare time. The guys brag about getting their hands on the girls being very fair-skinned and speak in a gentle manner.

If you pay the prostitutes enough money, it's likely that they'll dress and act in whichever way you want. It doesn't matter whether it's local or "exotic" women but what's there to brag about when the truth is: they can't get laid if they don't pay!

I asked my friend whether the good-looking guys there also visit prostitutes. After a short pause, he said that there are no good-looking guys there but to answer my question, there's no fixed "profile" of guys who do it - it's like almost every guy does, regardless of whether they are old or younger, have girlfriends or are married with children! I'm not surprised.

In his autobiography, the late Patrick Swayze wrote about a co-actor in a movie filmed in Bangkok. "Tex loved Bangkok's red light district, Patpong, and spent plenty of nights there- as did many of the other guys in the cast and crew, some of whom had to be treated for gonorrhoea."

I know that guys don't necessarily have to go overseas to engage prostitutes. There are many who do it in Singapore. Good luck to them - wherever they do it.


David said...


It is no surprise that young men of service age seek the service of age seek out ladies of evening.

They are young, often like you friend, far away from home, and lonely.

Actors and movie crews behaviour is not suprising. Debauchery is normal for their lifestyle.

Consider the unfortunate young men in combat areas, no women, no towns, no red light districts.

STDs does cause some more well informed young men to think twice about such encounters. Coming home with HIV or gonorrhea usually does not go over well with a wife or gf.

Unattached fellows often think with their gonads, and worry about side effects later.

The oldest profression remains a booming business.


True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by

-- C. S. Lewis

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Yes, agreed with David. The oldest form of profession, very much demand vs supply.

Just that nowadays, some ppl seek thrill not through prostitution, but other avenues all in all, for that moment of 'shiok' or release/relief.

Anonymous said...

It's way cheaper then getting married or maintaining a girlfriend, so why not? Plus there is no arguements. Different pussies everytime..woohoo! Win win!

Anonymous said...

It's not only that one has to pay to get what one wants with a prostitute.

One has to pay in any form of relationship. Payment can be in any form. But in any relationship, there will always be payment in the form of an exchange. He has wants from the girl and she too has wants from him.

So paying a prostitute is only different in context when compared with "paying each other" in a normal boy-girl relationship. Essentially we all pay and receive from each other every day. Some pay more but receive less. Some pay less but receive more.

Do not also belittle prostitutes. They serve a very important and useful role. Utilise properly, it is an essential part of life. Utilise foolishly, you destroy your life.

I remember a time early on during my fledgling career on a business trip to Taiwan. The intimate and constant companionship of a free lance social escort during my two weeks stay in Taipei was one of the most unforgettable times of my life.

Of course I have to pay. But fortunately I only paid her with cash and not with my life. I was lucky. But it's not a given.

silli cat

Yu-Kym said...

David, it's common here for men of all ages do that. Even the elderly ones enjoy going to an Indonesian island, Batam, to enjoy cheap services.

Anon, I have to agree that it's way cheaper than getting married. And you can be a complete jerk and still get sex.

silli cat, I believe some prostitutes are very skilled not only in the physical aspect but also in mental manipulation. There's something that other women can learn from them.