Is your weekday lunch worth its price?

Here was my lunch menu for the past week:
Monday: Curry Chicken with rice at Yakun $7+. Plus MRT fare $1.50.
Tuesday: Pork cutlet with egg and rice, miso soup, salad (I gave mayonnaise-drenched leaves to my colleagues), orange-peel cold drink $13+ at a Japanese restaurant.
Wednesday: Japanese curry rice with fried prawns from food court $5.
Thursday: Penang Char Kuey Teow at a restaurant $8+. Plus MRT fare $1.50.
Friday: Foie Gras, Fish, Banana Cake at Stellar @1-Altitude, OUB Centre around $50 paid by boss.

Not cheap, except for lunch on Wednesday because I had to run some errands so I didn't join my colleagues. The temporary admin boy said he had lunch with the group on the first day with the company but he found it too expensive so now he has lunch alone.

I don't consider myself to be a cheapskate with myself when it comes to food. I would gladly pay $20 for a few slices of salmon sashi and a plate of fresh cold soba. But $8 for Char Kuey Teow? That's so not worth it! And I'm eating too much salt (in the gravy) and too little fibre. I'm really missing my home-cooked food.

I'll probably pack lunch to work on some days.

When I'm eating this sort of food daily, I don't need to read about fengshui to know that my health is going to be adversely affected. Not only do I pay the price financially but I will also pay the price with my health!


Bing said...

I always take lunch alone so that I can avoid following my colleagues heading to expensive restaurants from time to time, when I don't see the need to eat in expensive restaurant during the weekdays.

David said...


Enountereing the joys of the work place. I bring my lunch to work.

For a few dollars I have better and healthier fare than one can buy in a restaurant.

If one has a limited lunch break, 45 mins. in my case, then traveling any distance uses up to much time.

Any possiblility you can reveal to us the type of work you now doing????


An unguarded strength is a double weakness.

-- Gordon McDonald

i eat the $1 mee siam everyday. :>

Yu-Kym said...

Bing, I think the food in most of the expensive restaurants are not worth the money.

David, 45mins is rather short but if that means you can get off work earlier, then it's worth it! I'd rather have a short lunch break and leave the office early.

pinky, where do you get your $1 mee siam?

Anonymous said...


You're not a cheapskate. You know the value of hard earned money. You dont wish to pay a single dollar for something that dont quite return the utility value or satisfaction you get from it. It's either your good upbringing or your inherent DNA that makes you what you are, how you behave in this matter of thriftiness. I am inclined to believe the latter more likely. keke You either have this quality or you dont. Nurture cant do much to change or improve what you are. You are basically by nature what you are.

silli cat

David said...


Working through my luch break does not enable me to get off any earlier. We have to work the full shift and OT if needed.

I have to take leave time to get off early.


cute_boboi said...

It's me again...

I feel anything above S$5 for lunch daily is expensive. Maybe splurge once a week for lunch is alright, but not on daily basis. SG food price is supposed to be cheaper than MY, dollar-to-dollar.

When I used to work often in Tanjung Pagar, we (with SG colleagues) always goto Tg Pagar food court. On average for a guy, that's S$3-4 for big plate of food.

I feel one should save some money while working and splurge only once in a while.