Fengshui for 2011

I read a book on Feng Shui for 2011 by Joey Yap. Using his charts, I mapped out the good and bad sectors in my home 4th Feb 2011 to 3 Feb 2012.

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The sectors indicated with stars are the good sectors. The maindoor (in SW), stove (in NE) and sister's room (SE) are good. The NW which is the key wealth sector however is currently not utilised and my bedroom is the worst sector of the house, causing the occupant to suffer ill health and couples who use that room to have frequent arguments!

I obviously can't move to another room because there isn't any other. To minimise the ill effects, I'm shifting my work space to the best sector of the house - which is in the north-west sector. It's just beside the living room window.

Spending more time in the positive sector will activate better luck while spending less time in the negative sector will minimise activation of bad luck.

As for the facing direction of my desk, my back should face East this year because of the energies of the "Grand Duke" (note that this is not a name for any deity or god but just a name). It turns out that facing West is a good direction for me and it doesn't make the placement of furniture look weird at all. I had put a power socket there when the place was renovated and my Internet access is via a mobile line, so my work space can be up and running immediately. The change that I'm making isn't terribly inconvenient so I think it's worth taking precautions.

Other than moving furniture around, I'll have to take extra good care of my health and see a doctor if there's a problem. (Running to a doctor is hardly something that I do). Of course, I'll also have to work hard. It's not like I can just sit there and miracles will happen!


Anonymous said...

So is Fengshui a false security blanket? lol

I think it is but if serves a useful purpose to the believer, why should it be false in the truest sense of the word?

silli cat

Soft Release said...

Fengshui will trigger self-fulfilled prophecy in the believer.

Something good can be a precursor to something bad and vice-versa. without night, there'll not be day and without day there'll not be night.

Yu-Kym said...

It can become a false security blanket. For example, some people believe that you shouldn't have a pond in certain locations of the house otherwise the man of the house will have extramarital affairs. So they spend time renovating. But if they think they re-locating the pond will solve all the problems, and don't spend time building the relationship, they're just bluffing themselves. Or if they are overly disturbed and suspicious all the time and keep accusing the man of having affairs, they send private investigators to trail him, then that sort of behaviour might drive the man away.

David said...


Giving this further thought and based upon more recent post.

One could indeed make a case that Fengshui is nothing more than a false security blanket.

I have mentioned that some of the ideas for arranging a room or an office are common sense, where do people walk, what is the work flow, what room is noisy, who needs a quiet space and so on.

Belief in Fengshui requires faith.

Please take an opportunity to opine.


Fall seven times, stand up eight.

~Japanese Proverb

Yu-Kym said...

Science has proven that the magnetic field exists, the earth rotates, how changes in pressure can cause the flow of water and air. Fengshui is about energy flow and interaction. We can't see it but we can feel it, though not everyone is sensitive enough to "feel" the energy.

David said...


You are correct. The Earth's magnetic field has been mapped to a high degree of accuracy.

The relationship of airflow between airmasses is better understood.

However the energy flow you and interaction Fengshui is about is still mostly speculation.

As I mentioned much of what you describe about Fengshui can be attributed to sensible design.

To trust Fengshui to the degree you and other do, and many do follow the rules of Fengshui, does require a great deal of Faith.

I remain a sceptical of Fengshui as you are of Christianity.


Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities... because it is the quality which guarantees all others.

Winston Churchill

Anonymous said...

So Yu-Kym,

I guess you are now actively hunting for a full time job. Do you use fengshui too in this area? Like analysing the fengshui of your potential employer vis a vis your "stars" or magnetic streams? lol

And when you do get your job, how are you to overcome your assigned seating location vis a vis the wants of your fengshui? Do you intend to suggest to the CEO that he changes his office layout to gel in-sync with yours on account of your analysis? lol

silli cat