Fengshui adjustments that cost nothing

In my previous post, Fengshui for 2011, I wrote that I would have to make some changes to my work space.

To utilise the North-West sector, I moved my computer table in that sector and try to use that space more often. When I sit in my chair, I face West - a good facing direction for me according to my year of birth and the ideal direction for this year.

My room is in the South sector, a bad sector for the year. I should use it less often and keep the place neat and tidy. Metal objects are said to help reduce the ill effects but I wasn't prepared to run out and buy anything. Instead, I borrowed my sister's metal fish ornaments and placed them on a table in my room. I'm still going to sleep in this room for practical reasons, obviously. It would be possible to partition the living room to create a temporary room but it's going to cost!

Following fengshui doesn't have to mean doing anything stupid or spending lots of money. Most importantly, one should not be paranoid about not following. E.g., I shouldn't get paranoid about sleeping in a room that has ill effects on my health for the year. There are other determinants of health such as my diet, lifestyle, genetics and my frame of mind (I believe worrying about it will make me sick!). I have tried to maximise the good energy and minimise the bad energy in the house, so now I'll just have to do my best in other areas of my life that I can control.

By the way, I have accepted a job offer and I will be starting work on Monday! Maybe following fengshui helped?


Anonymous said...


For someone so intelligent!


silli cat

lamis said...

Feng Shui won't keep you from death or Hell fire.

David said...


No Religion or belief will protect or prevent these from occuring.

How one lives one life, if one chooses to embrace good over evil.

Choosing to love rather than hate.

The true character of a man or women tells much.


Whenever a man is ready to uncover his sins, God is always ready to cover them.

-- Author Unknown

Anonymous said...
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