Does this tempt you?

It's common for people to get on the Internet with the sole intention of finding sex. But how about people who just happen to be surfing some website with advertisements like the ones below?

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People might get tempted into being unfaithful, or unfaithful partners who had "reformed" might be tempted into getting some fun on the side again. Of course, we can never make people do things that they don't already want to do by displaying an advertisement. But as the saying goes: out of sight, out of mind.

Some people forbid their partners from surfing or limit their time on the Internet. In a recent court case, a 45-year-old martial arts instructor on trial for statutory rape of a 13-year-old student on several occasions said that his "tiger" wife was very strict with how much time he spent on the Internet, chatting online with his students, what time he came home, who he went out with, etc. He blames his wife. People often blame their partners for their affairs. One common reason is feeling the need to "escape".

I think his wife did what she had to do. A man who would have sex with an underaged girl more than once is a man who needs to be told what to do and what not to do. He even sent a text messages in which he had called the 13-year-old girl his "lao po" (wife in Chinese). A 45-year-old man who behaves like a teenager. He won't listen to his wife, so now the judge needs to tell him what to do! Shame on him for calling his wife a tiger! She probably saved him from doing worse deeds!


POISONIV said...

Still, it takes to tango.

The wife may have been too "strict" in imposing on what he ought/oughtn't do.

And the husband may have asked for it by, most probably, having a "blur-blur" attitude on whats-not.

All in all, whatever differences there are in the relationship that contributes to the relationship not being smooth-sailing have to be addressed and not simply swept under the carpet just like that.

In time, things may get to a boiling point where the resentment, displeasure, etc that oozes negativity will bring one to a self-destruct.

Anonymous said...

where can we read more info regarding the 'martial art master' story?

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

A good wife shld also be a good 'slut'. That's the saying: "出的厅堂, 上的了床".

I think the best cure to 'affair-proof' r/ship or marriage is prevention at ALL means.

charlieTT said...

Hi Yu-Kum

I agree with what you said. This man has thinking too young for his age of 45 years old - inmatured. He should have refrain himself for getting involved with a minor regardless of her behaviour or advances/likings towards him. He should have known better the price he has to pay. Well, it's too late for him. And what a pity for his wife and children. Law is strict in Singapore. It's not worth committing crime here. Strict law here is good for the majority. Hope the government continue its good works. To all, Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year!

Anonymous said...

This 45yr old man is a real jerk to fuck around with an underaged girl. On top of that, he blames the wife. He is now an additional jerk.

A man who blames his wife for his philandering ways with other women is a liar. Only the stupig and naive would believe his tales.

Aside from the above liar's situation, it may perhaps be that sometimes the wife has some part to play in a man sowing his oats outside his marriage. But more often than not, the man is essentially to blame, many a time for the most part. It's just in the nature of man to behave like a dog with the slightest excuse. But women are not too saintly too. Dont forget, why are they called bitches?

silli cat

David said...


Nothing quite that explicit here in the states.

Facebook romances have been making more news as it is so easy to hook up with a Facebook Friend.

The services you ask about may or may not draw men, and likely a few women, who want to cheat on a spouse. Most looking for audultrey will find it on their own.

A cheat is a cheat.


You will never stand alone while standing on the Word of God.

-- Kathryn Souza-Wine

Yu-Kym said...

poisoniv, I agree that if issues have been there for a while and not resolved, it will reach a boiling point.

Anon, the link is posted in the red-coloured text.

Pink Miu Miu, sometimes people are not comfortable with doing things that the other person enjoys. For example, one may like anal sex but the other may feel too repulsed by it to try.

charlieTT, happy new year to you too!

silli cat, yes, women can also misbehave. I heard some incredible stories!

David, you're right. If they want to cheat, they'll find a way.