Do you spend before you earn or earn before you spend?

With the availability of credit cards, it's possible for anyone to spend before they earn. I didn't buy anything new before I started work but I used my credit card when I went shopping after work today. I had no guilt when I bought a new pair of heels because my old pair was literally koyak. In fact, I threw them in a bin after I bought my new pair. I felt no guilt buying a work-blouse but I felt guilty buying fashionably short skirt and a fashionably bright vintage-styled dress. The truth is: I like fashion. But of course I'll wear them only if the style is suitable for my body shape and frame.

After totalling the amount I spent today on those clothes and shoes, I felt alot less guilty: I didn't even spent half of my day's salary.

I'm going to bed now. So that I can be energised to earn my keep tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Dont feel guilty at all Yu-Kym.

You know your capability. You know the salary at the end of the month is surely in your bank account. So why not indulge in some joy for yourself?

Its not spending ahead of receiving or even borrowing. It's using your head to spend money you will surely have.


silli cat

David said...


Our budget permits us track available funds. The budget accounts for all expenses occured during a month and that allow for some unexpected expenses like the new purse my picked up this last weekend.

We rarely use credit cards for in store purchases, and reserve credit card use for online purchases.

Get a good nights rest!

BTW your readership is eager to know what type of work you are doing now. We realize that you may not want to reveal the company by name. Can you at least tell us the type of work?

Are any of your new co-workers aware of your blog?


Every person born in this world represents something new,
something that never existed before, something original and

-- Martin Buber

Anonymous said...

How's work anyway?

P/s - this is my first comment after following you after a few years ;)


David said...


You make an interesting fashion statement; "...buying fashionably short skirt and a fashionably bright vintage-styled dress. The truth is: I like fashion. But of course I'll wear them only if the style is suitable for my body shape and frame>"

What is fahsionably short in SG?

(not to sublte request for a picture of Yu-Kym...)


~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

I wish I am like you!

Unfortunately, i belong to those who spend before earning.. after all we live to earn, earn to spend.

It's a grave mistake and i nearly lost everything in my liFe...

SO it's good to be prudent in spending :-)

Anonymous said...

Pink Miu Miu

Yu-Kym is smart. She may appear to spend before she earns but in fact she knows that at the end of the month, there's salary coming. So she spends some of it ahead of receiving it. That's smart sense. That's knowing how to enjoy life within certain acceptable boundaries.

So when you said spend before really has to depend on what context. In Yu-Kym's case, she hasnt earned or receive the salary yet, but its ok to spend within reason ahead of payday.

But if one knows after spending today, one will likely be sacked before payday, then that person is a dummy.

silli cat

Anonymous said...

"It's using your head to spend money you will surely have."

What a wonderful idea! Even the stupid Americans have got it many many years ago.

Except money you expect to arrive even comes. You got fired! That is what happen to lots of Yanks!

That broke the back of the Evil Empire! It is bankrupt and is begging for loans everythwhere!

Silli people should follow that!

Anonymous said...

Thats why you remain truly silli, unhappy, full of frustration with life and poorer than most ppl.

In the main, You dont know how to live life. You spend money you surely DONT have. You think you have but you really dont have. Thats why u remain poor and frustrated. lol

Me I spend money I surely have. Thats why I am as happy as can be. And i still have plenty more cash left over. Coz i know how to spend and equally important how to earn, save in order to spend.

But you dont know how to follow these good principles right? duh

silli cat

Anonymous said...

"Except money you expect to arrive even comes. You got fired!"

I want to add that surely with Yu-Kym's calibre of a person, you think she is the type of girl who will spend money before payday and getting fired before it? You would be the one mostly likely getting the sacked before payday (as I have predicted long ago about you).

Worse case scenario is that Yu-Kym who I believe is not the type of independent intelligent hard working individual who will continue to work for lousy employers, she will most likely take her paycheque and then resign. The world is out there waiting for anyone who is capable and up to the tasks.

That is why I say if you do not have the quality to spend money before payday, you best dont spend any at all til the money is in your hands. You are the one likely to get sacked before the money comes. lol

This is just one of the quality difference between people of Yu-Kym calibre and yours. The winners and the born losers namely you... who call the Americans stupid.

You are not only brainless, you are blind to the capabilities and achievements of the yanks! With all their shortcomings, you think you can be better than even the average Yank? Dream on!

The way you think evil with all your angst against the good, you must be a failure. Otherwise why all the frustrations against those who have done good?

silli cat

Anonymous said...

"Thats why I am as happy as can be" Oh yeah, all your money spend in Gayleng, Desker Rd etc

Anonymous said...

Whether I spend it in Gayleng or Desker Road or at the Capella in Sentosa, at least I am a happy person who dont ridicule all that is good in Singapore, in Singaporeans and in the US, the Americans.

You shamelessly cursed all that is positive including Singapore's leaders and it's citizens. The marina bay sands you say is a tomb for Minister Mentor and his belated wife, the Lees you call LEEches, and many more.

So you tell me you are happy? or a grumpy person frustrated and down and out in life. Envious of others, all of whom have done better than you.

It is obvious from the way you see the good things in life, what a green-eyed monstrous failure you are.

silli cat

Robert Gibson said...

I am saying that retaining excessive earnings truncates the upside shareholders have earned only to the benefit of management.

David said...

Robert, can you define what you consdier excessive earning?

I cannot think of any business where earnings are ever excessive.


Home Business said...

That is very obvious thing that we earn before the spending of money. And by which we can easily purchase many things. And I think all people may be doing in that way.