Wishlist: Electric scooter

I don't like waiting for the bus and I would like to go to some out-of-the-way places that can't be reached by public transportation. Using my dad's motorcycle might be an option... if I have a bike licence.

So I'm thinking of getting an electric scooter. Initially I considered getting an electric bicycle but the motors only work when I peddle - so if I get too tired to peddle, the bicycle isn't going to move at all.

This $179 scooter looks attractive and it's light enough to carry (11kg) but at a maximum speed of 13km/hr it would take me real long to get anywhere! It would take half an hour to travel 6.5km??

Picture of S120 Electric Scooter from http://e-scootersite.blogspot.com/

For $588 I can get one that goes up to 50km/hr! Waaoooh! But it weighs 40kg. I don't think it's practical or possible for me to put it into a taxi or carry it up a bus.

Picture of eScooter E50A from http://escooter88.com/e50.html

Both scooters can only travel 20km on a single charge. So if I plan on going somewhere far, I'll have to use public transportation to get somewhere close enough to my destination. Portability is important. 11kg is easy to carry up a bus but not 40kg. The normal distance I would travel wouldn't exceed 4km (4km is about the distance from Wisma Atria to Suntec City along Orchard Road or 4 MRT stations). If I were to take public transportation, I'll have to walk and wait. 4km at 13km/hr would take 20 minutes - reasonable time. Do I want to pay 3 times more to be able to go 2.5 times faster but lose portability? I don't think so.

Do you own an electric scooter or bicycle?


David said...


Are any all electric motor scooters available in SG?

Japanese, Taiwan and China are all producing good low cost scooters capable of keeping up with city traffic.

The low speed scooter you mention might be a to slow and short ranged to be effective city transport alternatives.

Let us know what other options are open to you.


Anonymous said...


Are such mechanised scooters allowed on Singapore roads?

silli cat

Anonymous said...


I think ur conception of electric bicycle might be wrong. I think they meant u need to pedel to startup the bicycle (as they are not allow to start from throttle). After that u dun need to pedel anymore.. Inaddtion it have a max speed of 20km/hr.


Yu-Kym said...

silli cat, the scooters are not allowed on roads.

Piney, according to what I've read, the motor stops working when the rider stops peddling. I've not tried them before though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Yu-Kym,

but if you intend to get one, pls be sure you dont go too far off-road alone riding your new toy. It can get dangerous for a sweet young thing like you in remote lonely places, even in Singapore.

And if for some reason the scooter breaks down, you are too far away from help and a lonely trek back to civilisation sometimes spells trouble.

silli cat

Yu-Kym said...

I guess I won't be getting it after all - unless I'm willing to end up with a useless piece of metal should it fail to work. My friend advised me not to buy it. He said it's very unreliable.

Anonymous said...

Phew! Relief! Or I will be worrying for you when you are scootering around. Im glad for you Yu-Kym. A wise decision but for the wrong reason. lol

silli cat

David said...
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David said...


A follow up on inexpensive electric scooters.

Many low price electric scooters are being imported from the PRC into the States.


A look at few imported scooters tells one that quality varies greatly. Not only brand to brand but also in same model types. Some reviewers really like their scooters and have only minor problems. Others with identical machines have major problems and do not enjoy their scooters at all, stating that going the low cost Chinese scooter route was not worth the savings.

If you are going to cycle visit,

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I have a recumbent bike. It is the best ride for an adult body. No skinny seat trying to give the rider a rectal exam, no sore back from being hunched over.

Recumbents cost more, but you will use a comfortable bike far more often than an uncomfortable bike.


God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow in them.
~Author Unknown

Soft Release said...


It's good to walk.

Walking 'could ward off dementia and mental decline'

Lugging a scooter around in itself is a hassle.

Yu-Kym said...

David, thanks for the link!

Soft release, it's good to walk but it takes too long to get anywhere!