Why I won't marry a smoker, drinker or glutton

Smoking is bad for sperm health and is believed to damage DNA and genetic material. It also restricts blood flow to the penis therefore causing erectile dysfunction, impotency and less-than-hard erections.

Alcohol negatively affects libido and the ability to have a strong erection. Research has shown that alcoholics are more likely to become impotent than occasional drinkers.

Health impairments like diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol are common reasons for erectile dysfunction. A glutton is more likely to develop these conditions. And I dislike fat sex.

The use of recreational drugs affects men's stamina and erections too.

I'm not saying that I hate smokers/drinks/gluttons, that they are bad people or I won't befriend them. These are habits and addictions. All of us have our own habits and addictions. Going to the gym and excessive running are addictions too and people can get health problems from "over-training".

Regular exercise and proper diet promote male sexual performance by maintaining and improving their libido, sperm production, liveliness and sexual activity level.
Researches have shown a direct interconnection between a healthy blood flow and a proper sexual life.

Erections may not be badly affected when the man is young but in the long run, it does make a difference. And he may not even be aware of it. I felt an erection of a guy who took sleeping pills and smoked alot. Although I thought of his full erection as soft, I had to say felt hard to avoid offending him. Needless to say, I never went anywhere near his penis again (he tried). Anyway, he still managed to find a girlfriend and get married with that tofu penis of his. Either his wife is desperate, she hates sex or she didn't find out till after marrying him (maybe he told her that he wanted to save his virginity for marriage!)

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Anonymous said...

So u blow his tou fu penis? :P

David said...


Healthy habit similarities will serve you well.

A male who is into running, climbing or diving would surely find you equally interesting.

A very percentage of people who engage in activities mentioned above are very likely to have healthy life styles.

It would be difficult for a mountain climber to be a smoker. Even the slightly thiner air at 1,000 m. could provoke shortness of breath. A drug user, even if only occasional, could have impaired judgement on a mountian top or 10 m. underwater.

Tofu penis is a great phrase! ! ;-)


Better to illuminate than merely to shine, to deliver to others contemplated truths than merely to contemplate.

Thomas Aquinas

Master said...


just wondering. will too much masturbation soften the cock or affect in anyway?

Anonymous said...

Agree Yu-Kym,

The same standards I would require of my woman. You treat your body well, there will be longevity in an alert, active and creative mind, in a healthy, strong and beautiful body, in energetic and exciting sex, in everything. Because your body ages ever more gradually and slowly. You remain younger longer whilst your peers age relatively faster.

silly cat