Wallet fetish

It was reported in the newspapers today that a man was caught for stealing women's used wallets to sniff for his sexual satisfaction.

Allow me to try to understand what he does with the wallet:
- he sniffs the wallet for the smell of hands of the woman who held the wallet and imagines her hand on him,
- he puts the money and her wallet on his penis and masturbates.
If your wallet was found after it was stolen, would you want to take it back? :D

My friend told me that a particular blogger took a photo of herself with a $2 note in her mouth and another blogger criticised her for that, saying it was dirty, etc, etc.

Money is dirty.

I have an obsession with washing my hands after buying things or handling money. I wash my hands once I get home and after counting money in my hotel room or at home. The people who handled the money might be a hawker who did not wash his hands after going to the toilet, a man who blew his nose without tissue paper or a handkerchief, an idle man who scratched his feet while sitting in the coffee shop, or a lady who touched a cute meowing cat (I'm guilty of this one).

Money is dirty. So is sex. Perhaps that explains the wallet fetish.


David said...


Wallet Fetish! That is a new one to me!

You could write your next book just using sexual fetishes.

To be sure, as long as a fetish behaviour is not harmful to anyone I see no reason people cannot engage in such.

Money is indeed dirty. A story at
http://www.snopes.com/business/money/cocaine.asp, gives details to trace amounts of cocaine found on U.S. currency.

There are very good chances that trace cocaine is found on the currency of most, if not all developed nations including SG.

Washing hands after handling money is wise, not because of concaine contamination, it is because money can carry for brief periods active viruses such as flu, adnovirus and other viruses. A sure method for the careless person to become ill.


God is, and all is well.

-- John Greenleaf Whittier

Anonymous said...

If one is to worry about such things, one might as well not touch elevator lift buttons, door handles, public transport grab bars or handles, cinema seats (even where you rest your head is a danger...so go wash your hair in the cinema toilet lol)... and any number of utilities in public amenities. Or are you going to wash your hands every single opportunity. Instead of flu sick, one is going to be mentally sick.

In Singapore, one shares crockery and cutlery with everyone in our food centres. Go wash them thoroughly before you use them. Tell the stallholder you want to wash the plate or dish yourself before he plomps the food on it.

Go live in a class 100 environment lah. Better still class 10 or in a vacuum! duh

silli cat

Yu-Kym said...

David, the government started teaching people how to wash their hands properly during the SARS epidemic. We periodically experience hand, foot and mouth disease outbreaks too.

silli cat, there are some people who wear gloves or use tissue paper over their hands whenever they have to touch lift buttons and door handles!