Privacy paranoia has turned into attention paranoia

Remember the time when GPS was only available to the government and people were paranoid about the government tracking your location using the mobile network? Technically, it is possible for the government to keep a record of your location from the time you are born till the time you die if you leave your electronic footprint by turning on a cell phone, using a credit card, tapping your card when you get on the bus, chalking up point on your Passioncard at the supermarket, or logging on the Internet. With the low cost of data storage, it costs close to nothing to keep records of where you've been and what you've done.

Although I'm going to be out of Singapore, the government can easily find me if my friend or I turn on our mobile phones, pay for the room using a credit card or login to our email/blog accounts.

Perhaps people have forgotten that paranoia or they realise that the government has got better things to do than to track their whereabouts. Now it seems like people have the fear of getting lost in the crowd and forgotten.

People enter their next location into their GPS devices and volunteer their locations via devices like the Blackberry that can post your exact whereabouts on Facebook like which shopping mall you're at, which building you're at or which hospital you just checked into! It's rather cool but why would people want the world to know there whereabouts? They may claim that they have nothing to hide but I hope they remember to turn off their devices before checking into Hotel 81. That's too much information for the rest of us.

(Hotel 81 is a budget hotel chain known to be a popular place for couples to have sex in.)


David said...


Privacy now must be preserved as best possible by the individual.

Most if not all smart phones allow gps tracking to be disabled.

Many digital cameras have geo-location data in the metadata the is created for each photo.

Again a camera user has to check if geo-location is turned on by default.

Most people have nothing to worry about. Anyone from the government following me would likely doze off while waiting for more of nothing to happen.

All depends on how one lives.

Prone to cheating on a wife or gf or business associates then this person will want gps tracking turned off.

The rest of us have little to worry about.


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Anonymous said...

There are many places that has provided me with much happiness. Hotel 81 is one of them. Thank you Hotel 81, Ritz Carlton, St Regis, Oriental, Shangri-la, Four Seasons, Marina Bay Sands, the Capella Sentosa etc etc.

silly cat

PS Oops! I forgot to mention...and Fragrance too! keke

Anonymous said...

Does a cat house give you much pleasure or you get scrathed all over?

Anonymous said...

I supposed when one has never experienced the pinnacle of pleasure with a hot woman...being scratched all over by her carefully manicured nails during the heights of passion is portrayed as negative or something to scoff at! lol

Such a pity. tsk tsk lol

silli cat

Anonymous said...

The pinnacle of pleasure having your foreskin or circumcised dick head cat-cratched. Oh, you will not think of passing water for days.

Anonymous said...

You are not only a pity in sex, you are a pity in life too! Life is a torture for you isnt it? sigh so so sorry for you.

But you a silli-son of this country you ridiculed as sillipore, ICA is willing to accept you back as long as you take up your gainful employment as a silli comic. Thats all we whom u call silliporeans can hope for you. lol

silli cat

Yu-Kym said...

David, "Anyone from the government following me would likely doze off while waiting for more of nothing to happen." This is quite funny! Some people pretend to be very busy but they're busy doing nothing! Some people book hotel rooms to watch the World Cup or just to sleep because they can't sleep at home.

silli cat, "budget" hotel concept seems to be a good business! Always fully booked I hear.