You'll find many websites advising men that over-masturbation causes a variety of health problems such as hair loss, persistent drowsiness, infertility, impotence (inability to sustain or get an erection), incontinence (inability to control urine), etc. Sounds scary. The solution? The website recommend buying their herbal supplements to cure or avoid impotency from over-masturbation.

Just as over-training your body with excessive or intensive exercise can make you lose muscle strength, I believe over-masturbation can damage your PC muscles - the muscles that are involved in ejaculation control.

There's no specific measure as to how much is too much. Every body is different. If you think you're masturbating too much (I'm not referring to guilt), then you probably are. However, the way to avoid problems from over-masturbation isn't to eat herbal supplements but simply to stop over-masturbating!


Anonymous said...

so u over masturbate as well?

Master said...


thanx for the clarification...now how long do you personally is long in a sex session (minus foreplay and actual bonking)

Anonymous said...

Exactly what is deemed to be over masturbation Yu-Kym?

I would think that when a man masturbates repeatedly, he will reach a point when he cant any more because his penis would not respond because he is fully satisfied.

How then does he over masturbate a flacid penis? lol So is there such a thing as over masturbation?

Or am i mistaken?

silly cat

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

there is over masturbation.

you will have ED and premature ejaculation. extreme cases you have frequent cold feet and afraid of cold.

Anonymous said...

Explain further pls.

Over masturbation causes ED? hmmmmm... But I would think that when one masturbates enough, there wont be any more arousal for erection? So where does ED come in?

And how does premature ejaculation equate with over masturbation?

And I supppose frequent cold feet and afraid of the cold is because this one silli fella i encounter in this website alwaz over masturbates as he spends his whole life alwaz naked cold in the bathroom shagging himself crazy whilst figuring what more he can do to ridicule Singapore and Singaporeans as Sillipore and Silliporeans! lol

Ritio said...

A Scientific Case for Masturbation: