No such thing as meaningless sex

"You like music?" I asked a guy who had the name "Mozart" tattooed on his arm.
"No," he laughed. "It doesn't mean anything. It's meaningless."
"So you like meaningless stuff?" I asked.
"Some things, but not everything," he said.
I wondered what he thought of meaningless sex.

Is there such a thing as meaningless sex in the first place?

We see it on TV very often. When people cheats on their partners and got caught, they would say, "It meant nothing." Sure, people can have sex without any feelings of love for each other. Affairs, flings, ONS, etc. But did the sex really mean nothing?

I think it always means something. Not that the "something" needs to be feelings of love, affection or even attraction. People do have sex even when they feel repulsed. The "something" could be loneliness, horniness, an act of rebellion, an ego trip, that the regular partner doesn't excite him/her enough, etc.

There's always a reason for having sex; There's no such thing as meaningless sex. Cheating partners can take "nothing" and shaft it up their ass.


Anonymous said...

Yes Kim there is..and it is a real thing.Especially if you don't have no feelings to each other.In other words your just using each other.This is not a commonplace right now.But for my personal choice.I wanted to have feelings of course for sex.

Yu-Kym said...

Sure, people use each other for sex. But there's a reason why they do that, e.g. loneliness, horniness, etc. which I mentioned.

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

How can it be meaningLESS when yr body parts or yr whole body is in contact with another flesh??

A person who said *that* is meaningless basically is irresponsible and also, his body meant nothing to him so any Dick, Tom or Mary or even animals also can.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. One can always say "I am writing a sex education book. I need to have sex with different people every day". You can go thru the pumping without feeling at all!

David said...


Sex can be meaningless.

Sex just for the sake of sex, is as close to meaningless.

Compare sex for the sake of sex for sex between lower animals.

Lower animals have sex in order to procreate, carry on the species.

Sex as a quicky or ONS is often between people without or lacking the ability to bond or desire to bond with another.

Anon's statement is just to far out. Legitimate sex researchers are not involved by having sex with the subjects involved in research. Perhaps someone determined to find out how many partners they have to go through before coming down with an STD or AIDS. However one person doing such research is statistaclly meaningless as the sample size is to small.

I see such as a sad state of human affairs.


Patience and persevrance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as "meaningless" sex. Everything one does, be it sex or behaviour or action etc has a meaning or purpose.

Even the least meaningful sex has a meaning. The meaning may not be what you would consider positive or meaningful coz it can even be superficial or without feeling but it has a meaning in the form of a design. This design can be selfish or negative. It achieves an objective or intention nevertheless.

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Kim just wondering ~~~~ did u just got cheated upon.

Yu-Kym said...

To say that someone must have gotten cheated on to dislike the act of cheating is like saying that you must have gotten murdered before to dislike murder.

Anonymous said...

To me sex means nothing, since it means nothing to me I stopped having sex with my wife 30 years ago.

David said...


A sexless marriage.

After 30 years of this what is keeping you together?

You did not mention if you have affairs outside of marriage!


Anonymous said...

Gosh I wouldnt have believed it if I dont read it myself. 30yrs of sexless marriage?

Is there something else that keeps the marriage going? That makes the marriage worthwhile to treasure even without sex in it? There are many things yet why some ppl do certain things certain way that we do not know hor?

silli cat