Misinterpreted compliments

I was at the gym lifting some weights. A guy who works there happened to be walking by. When I signed out, the guy commented that I am looking fit now. I didn't thank him for his compliment. What did he mean by now? Did he mean I looked unfit 2 months ago when I joined the gym?

"You look pretty today" can be misinterpreted as "You don't look pretty on other days".

"I like your new haircut" can be misinterpreted as "I didn't like your previous haircut".

When compliments are given, people say what they would like to hear someone else say to them.

A woman could want to feel pretty for just one day.
A person could like to have a better haircut today than previously.
The guy working at the gym could want to look fit now.

Anyway, I don't think I look fitter than before. If anything, I feel weak after not exercising for the last 2 weeks of Dec and eating too much chocolate. He only thinks I'm fit after he saw me lift weights.


David said...


I do not think you will be surprised if I tell you that many men have trouble wording a compliment.

The guy at the gym could be doing several things and be unsure how word his statements.

A- he could be truly trying to compliment how fit you look, nothing more nothing less.

B- he thought you looked really hot, and wants to find a way to open a conversation

C- again you look really hot and he simply wants you.

Of course all this is pure speculation.

That the fun part. Your turn to tell us more.

Happy new week!


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Anonymous said...

If only Yu-Kym would just let the comment be. That's why I say Yu-Kym needs to loosen up more less she misinterpretes, over analyses, misjudge, overjumps into wrong conclusions. lol

silly cat

Yu-Kym said...

Ya, I know people sometimes are tongue-tied. If you ask me to chat up a guy, I might not know whether I'm saying something that might be interpreted as inappropriate.

Anonymous said...


Take consolation that you are not alone. It happens even to the best of us! hehe

silli cat