Loss of hair or loss of libido? You choose!

It's easy to identify Singaporean men over the age of 30: they have thinning hair or receding hairline. Not all of them have this problem but a large number do. For example, Allan Wu, host of the TV show Amazing Race Asia. He's a hottie but where did his hair go to?

Whenever I go to a clinic - which is seldom - I see posters about male pattern hair loss. The advice is to consult the doctor and take pills to prevent further hair loss. But do doctors advise that drugs for hair loss may result in loss of libido and even erectile dysfunction.

One of the causes of male pattern hair loss is the hormone testosterone. It gets converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. DHT has an adverse affect on the hair follicles.

Having less testosterone may slow down hair loss but it obviously affects your sex drive. Between a loss of hair and loss of sex drive, which would you choose?

If you're considering putting Chinese herbs on your hair, forget it. I know people who have paid hundreds/thousands of dollars and have not seen any results.

Some people have also tried washing their hair less frequently because they think washing of hair makes their hair drop. You see hair on the bathroom floor when you wash your hair but if you don't wash it, you might not see it but your hair will still drop anyway. If you don't wash your hair, you'll have thinning and disgusting hair! What's worse: keeping an unwashed, oily scalp could accelerate hair loss.

Although hair loss is said to be largely genetic, so is obesity. Diet runs in the family. It's highly possible that all the males in the family have male pattern hair loss because of their high-salt, low-nutrient diet. The inability to handle stress (scolding, nagging, shouting, etc) and lack of sleep (associating sleep, rest and leisure with laziness) could also run in the family because children tend to "inherit" bad habits from their parents.

If you're in your 50's and losing hair, that's normal but not when you're in your 30's. Hair loss is one of the ways your body is telling you that some things in your life need re-balancing.

But not to worry. There are many women who don't mind bald men :D


pizli said...

I will be 30 this year and I am already losing my hair. I dont bother going for treatment so I just shave my head bold. :D

Ray said...

I started to notice slight hair fall symtpoms so currently on medication call Propecia which i think Yu kym is trying to refer to as the drug that might cause loss of libido. But i think the percentage of affected ones are relatively low as i might not affected though. Hair loss is to be treated early and not sit on the problem hoping it will go away.

Ray said...

As a user of Propecia the medication to combat male pattern hairloss, i did not encounter loss of libido. So i think the percentage affected is not so big. Hair loss is to be treated early than to sit on the problem hoping it will get better.

Anonymous said...

My common sense take on hair loss on males. Generally speaking a man loses his hair as he grows older. Some lose them younger, some older and some lucky few like my dad still has his head relatively full of hair at nearly 70. But all lose their hair in varying degrees.

There are many reasons for hair loss in men besides the above age factor above. These are

1) genetics - it runs in your family so too bad you cant do much about it at whatever age. If you lose them early, blame it on your dad. If not, thank him.

2) medical - you suffer from some hair medical condition and you may lose your hair at any age because of the affliction but fortunately your hair losses can be overcome with appropriate medication. But as you grow older, medication can only do so much and you will lose more hair than you would if your hair afflicted by a medical condition cannot be overcomed;

Some men suffer the problem because of hygiene reasons or illness like cancer which subject you to hair losing treatment. These are generally temporary conditions and hair will regrow with the right treatment.

3) Sex - too much of it causes hair loss. Let me explain. The more virile you are, it means you have more testosterone. But this male hormone testosterone is actually a negative influence on hair growth. It inhibits hair growth.

When you are young and virile, the abundant amount of this hormone in your system does not inhibit hair growth because your body hair glands is able to produce sufficient antidote to combat the inhibitive effects of testosterone on hair growth. But as you grow older and I believe especially when you reach the watershed half century age, your body can no longer stop the onslaught of testosterone effects on your hair if you are still very active in sex. So if you are still very active in sex pass eg 50yrs of age, you will grow bald at some part(s) of your head and in some men bald completely. The only way is to practically stop having sex. This stops the production of testosterone eventually.

So the stories of bald men being highly sexed or virile is actually both a myth and a fact. It just depends on where a man falls in the above 4 scenarios (including age factor). Some bald men can be real duds and some real sex gods! lol

So here comes the dilemma. Say you are now older pass 40 or 50 but still heavy on testosterone and enjoying a wonderful sex life every day or week. But your body cannot combat the copious testosterone production being helped by your regular sex. Your hair suffers significantly. But you dont want to stop sex. Do you seek treatment or do you let it be?

Because as Yu-Kym rightly said, treatment means inhibiting the production of testosterone which means lowering your libido. Your sex life suffers. No treatment means you are slowly losing your hair. Which would you choose?

If it's me, I would rather let it be. My sex life more important. lol

silli cat

Anonymous said...


I do not know the real cause for your hair loss condition. You are probably relatively young and yet you suffer from hair loss. You have high sex drive also because you are relatively young and your testosterone production is still full steam ahead.

But I'm glad for you that your libido does not suffer even though you are taking the hair restoration drug. Not Yet anyway! lol

But for whatever reasons, your hair production glands are not productive so you have hair loss. They could be any of the 4 factors I mention.

Sooner or later as you age, you will definitely feel the effects of the drug on your libido. Your aging body's hair production glands cannot combat the effects of the libido reducing hair restoration drug.

So enjoy your sex whilst you can as you continue taking the drug.

Eventually it will come to the question Yu-Kym poses. Would you sacrifice sex for the sake of hair on your head? lol

silli cat

David said...


Genetics play the largest role in hair loss. Nothing can chagne that.

You are so right regarding medications that have undesirable side effects such as erectile dysfunction.

Meds that control cholesterol also have the same effect on many men.

I starting loosing hair in my 30s, what little is left I simply keep short.

Very easy hair care these days, of course cold winter weather requires head covering on cold days, the threat of a sun burned scalp requires a hat during spring and summer.

However for men like me there means of enjoying a healthy marital relationship.


There is a time to let things happen and a time to make things

-- Hugh Prather

Anonymous said...

Well, am currently approaching 30 with recediing hair line n loss of hair! Used to have thick lush hair in my NUS days. After graduating, stopped exercising due to hectic working hrs! ( Used to swim competitively back then ). Signz! Just couldnt find the time to exercise regularly anymore coupled with poor eating habits and compulsive snacking!
Better get my ass moving and start adopting a healthy lifestyle!

Yu-Kym said...

pizli, I've a friend who did that too. His mother was shocked. "How are you going to find a girlfriend like that?" I told him not to worry. If he's got money, his lack of hair won't be a problem!

Ray, did the doctor advise you about the possible side effects? True, seeking treatment is better than just hoping for it to get better.

silli cat, depending on the quality of sex life, some men may choose to have lower libido instead!

David, it must be painful getting a burned scalp! The skin on your scalp is thinner than on other parts of your body, right?

Anon, I hope you'll be able to eat healthy this year!

David said...


I avoid unprotected or hatless sun exposure.

I have not read that scalp skin is thinner.

Any sunburn hurts. The worse sunburn I remember, had my lower thighs and knees flaming red.

Wearing pants of jeans was a paiful experience for the next week.

BTW to all the anons and others who think they can fight the genes when it comes to hair loss, is do not fight it. Do not spend a single dollar on remedies.

If a cure for hair loss had been developed the inventor would already be a billioniare.


Victory is the place where our breaking point becomes our
turning point.

-- L. Burt

Anonymous said...

Yes Yu-Kym I agree. It is quite obvious that with poor quality of sex life or disinterest in sex, why would one choose sex over a full head of hair? Not many would.

But the question remains: Would one choose hair over sex? Obviously the underlying premise here is that his sex life must be something worthwhile to present a dilemma.

Would be interesting to know from those in this situation.

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Quote "If he's got money, his lack of hair won't be a problem!"

Yu-Kym, how much money is sufficient money for a bald head to be a non-issue to the prospective woman?

David mentioned he already started losing his hair when he was in his 30s. So referring again to your quote, would it be fair to deduce that by the time he met his lovely Filipina wife, David's hair had suffered significantly and she was attracted to his wealth first and only subsequently eg for his looks, intellect, personality or his wisdom?

If not an obvious physical wealth eg like money, a mansion etc, would it be correct to say that she was attracted to David because of the potential of living a much more comfortable and higher standard of life in the USA vis a vis the Philippines - perhaps an equivalent measurement of wealth in her eyes?

David, I dont mean to be rude to you or your wife but I'm just provoking some exchange of views. I still hold you both in high regard as to your integrity and values. I'm sure she loves you for you and still do and even more so now.

You and your wife are just my convenient examples if this quote is to be believed: "If he's got money, his lack of hair won't be a problem!" lol

silli cat

David said...

silli cat,

I became known in her family as the old guy with the bald spot!

My wife was a legal resident and had no plans to return to the Philippines, as she was the last of her nuclear family to arrive in the States.

She was a legal resident 4 yrs before we met.

During our our early married the highest income was often hers.

After being married a number of years she revealed that like Yu-Kym, she never liked men with facial hair or body hair.

My ethnic ancestors are of eastern euro stock, and while I no where near the hairest male, no pelts on the back or arms, left me an average north american.

To make a long story shorter, a growing and strong friendship blossomed into something deepar and more enduring.

The rest as the cliche goes....
is history,


The human race is divided into two classes--those who go ahead
and do something, and those who sit still and inquire, quot;Why
wasn't it done the other way?

-- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

andrewcha said...

I'd try out Propecia before. In the one month period I found out when I D.I.Y. my 'output' is much more than before and I thought it is not normal so I stop. Doctor said it takes bout 3 months only will show result. Going to be 30 by few more years and my hair is thinner and harder to grow except on the side.

Anonymous said...

Quote: "In the one month period I found out when I D.I.Y. my 'output' is much more than before"

Andrew, I'm dumbfounded. lol

If this is true, someone's gonna be a Billionaire soon!

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Thanks David for the clarification.

I guess "If he's got money, his lack of hair won't be a problem!" ought NOT to be believed in your case. keke

silli cat

andrewcha said...

silli cat

I'd try before that is why I just share my experience. As far as i read on the Internet Propecia was actually a cure for prostate cancer but in the meantime they found out that it grows hair as well. That is why Propecia is available anywhere, retails, clinics, pharmacy, etc...

But for the 'output' well everyone is different. Doctor recommend 3 month is not accurate as well i believe. Individual.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, thanks for the info. If this Propecia drug can do wonders for you in terms of sperm production, hopefully it can do much too for those who suffer from poor sperm production and quality. These less fortunate ppl efforts for procreation would be that much improved.

Well looks like Andrew, it helps you produce semen, but it apparently doesnt do much to your hair does it? But lets see as you age to 50 or more and if you continue using this hair drug, would your libido still be right up there! Does copious sperm production equate to high virility or sex drive? Yu-Kym's blog is on hair drugs that inhibit testosterone production. The Propecia drug apparently doesnt.

Anyway take comfort in what Yu-Kym said about when having the wealth, little or no hair do not matter. Good Luck! hehe

silli cat

Yu-Kym said...

silli cat, the amount of money depends on the woman. A Singaporean man earning $2000 a month is rich from the point of view of a Vietnamese lady.

Andrew and silli cat, the volume of semen is not the same as sperm quality or concentration.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Yu-Kym,

I suppose its fair to conclude that of eg a village or poor Vietnamese girl. From the viewpoint of a Vietnamese tycoon's daughter, I suppose even $2000 is insufficient to attract her with a balding head. lol

Yes volume does not necessarily equate with quality nor concentration. The sperm could be mostly duds or defective with poor DNAs.

I believe I get both your points.

silli cat

Ray said...

Yu-kym> Yup i think the doctor did mentioned a small percentage of users might encounter loss of libido. Anyway its not the loss of libido when i get older that i am afriad of, its the drug that might loses its effect that i am worrying.
Anyway losing some libido in a highly sex driven man as Anoynomus describe might just be neglible. LOL. Maybe from one week 5 times of love making session reduced to 2 times? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Oh no you are mistaken Ray.

A highly sex driven man is no guarantee that a combination of growing age and hair restoration drug will not kill his libodo almost completely.

One would be lucky with once a month sexual encounter...even then with a minimum of oooomph! lol

But I am glad you are enjoying your sex life now and I wish you to continue.

So would you sacrifice a whole head of hair for continuing good sex?

silli cat

Ray said...

Anonymous> Well its pretty obvious the answer is no after knowing the side effects of the drug and i am still on it.

Anonymous said...

ok good for you Ray. cheers to you looking good, having a good head of hair till your old days. And at the same time wishing you the best of sex till your libido runs out. Who the hell knows when it does right? On the other hand, everyone knows when one loses a full head of hair. lol

silli cat

David said...

To all those trying to equate sex drive with hairloss read the next sentence carefully!

Hair loss is genetic. Sex drive is unrelated to hair loss!

There now everyone is informed.

Early hair loss might have some insecure males question their sex drive. This is a more of a self-esteem issue than gene or hair related.

If a male sees himself as virile only while he has a full of head of hair, then he is foolish.

Men like some women try to hard to hold onto their youth and thus do not age gracefully.

The male who mush always have an ever younger women on his arm or in his bed is truly a male who refuses to mature and grow into an adult relationship with women, hence their preference for girls.


Without the aid of the divine, man cannot walk even an inch.

-- Chinese Proverb

Anonymous said...

I believe sex drive IS genetically driven. Hair or no hair does not influence sex drive. But the other way round. That a high sex drive may be one of the causes of one's hair loss.

A full head of hair or hair loss may or may not be due to a high sex drive, depending on the level of testosterone and age factors. Hair loss may or may not be genetic and may be due to a number of different causes, including a high sex drive and aging.

But yes whether you have a high sex drive or not is in your DNA. You can "nurture" to improve it but by not much. Your genetic make up in this area determines how virile you are.

Yes there are males who foolishly believe themselves to be or have all kinds of things but in fact they are not. Well, they only make themselves a laughing stock if they continue to kid themselves.

silli cat