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- Orgasm quotas

- Evaluation of 6 blowjob positions

- 15 Ways to ask for oral sex

- 8 Reasons why women don't swallow semen

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Dear Yu-Kym,

I like your views that are straight forward, honest and open.

Is it possible to invite you for giving talk in mandarin on sex education (the title may different, but content is about sex education) for secondary student (age ranged 13-22) in Malaysia (near JB areas)?

May contact,

Thanks! =)

Anonymous said...

Are there any caveats to be aware of when conducting such talks in Malaysia? You know how fickle the authorities can be across the causeway. One day its ok, another day it's haram depending on how much or how little you have ""contributed""! lol

Sure dont want the lovely Yu-Kym to end up in Pudu Prison as a museum pc like Au Sung Su Kyi! We want her here at home in sillipore! lol

silli cat

Yu-Kym said...

Dear elims Chuang, I'm happy to hear that you like my blog. My proficiency in Chinese isn't good enough for public speaking so I'll have to decline.

Wow, in your view Malaysian government is so bad ahh~

Anyway, this talk is organised by association for a student motivation camp, not involving any government officer/applying procedure. =)

Ya, there are others who talk about sex education in Malaysia, we have 3 of them. Yet, Yukym is still the best for me. ^^

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for my negative views of the malaysian civil services. But in view of the potential sensitivities of sex topics in a muslim country, I would advise some caution conducting it there.

A better idea would be to bring regular coach loads of students to Singapore on a day tour which includes Yu-Kym's 2 hours on the agenda. You pay her an agreed minimum lump sum fee per coachload of students.

Yu-Kym shall hire a venue to conduct something like a speaking seminar with Q&A at end of the session. She may use the opportunity too to sell her books too.

It is understandably difficult too for Yu-Kym (or even myself) to translate some of the words on sex and the anatomy in her topics to Mandarin but if a mixture of English and Mandarin is agreeable and your coachload of pre-selected students are fairly conversant in English, then perhaps it will be a win win for all.

So if you find her topics that interesting, it would do everyone a lot of good to initiate something. And I'm sure there will be a bonus too for Yu-Kym's knowledge on the subject is not just limited to those you read in her inaugural book.

silli cat

Mohammed said...

Sex,which essential part of life. but many man have no learning about this. many man can't find out a good book for sex. But I highly appreciate For this book. Financial Aid

Anonymous said...

oh no..isit too late yet to buy?

Yu-Kym said...

Not too late. Today's the last day to buy at $15. Tomorrow onwards, the price will be increased.

Anonymous said...

would like to give my feedback to you:-

1) plus
2) minus
3) suggestions

1) plus -
1.1 the length of each chapter is about right, easy for people to read, stop read again

1.2 the language style is to the point, a bit commanding at times (which reflect an authoritive experience is talking - some weak men might find intimidating but something to be admired by confident men)

1.3 the points are in-depth, clearly from your own or close friends' experience and refreshing not to be found in any cosmopolitan or her world magazine

1.4 I can see your consist message which is sex is enjoyable but requires work & research & willingess to experiment and yet you draw limits here and there, i.e. enjoy with responsibility

2) minus
2.1 keen followers of your blog might feel a bit disappointed as they find some of the chapters were taken from your blog. well it is inevitable as some of your best works are already in the blog

3) suggestions
3.1 generally the book is attractive but can be enhanced further by having some visuals - either photos of you, some artistic drawing related to the subject matter in the chapter, or funny comics...people nowadays might be attracted more by visual impacts (me, though, prefer to read and fantasize)

3.2 perhaps you can run a survey in your blog and produce the survey results/readers' comment in the book - it will show some interactive with readers

Hope my 2 cents worth is relevant

admirer from KL