Krabi: 12-15 January 2011

I've heard from friends that Krabi, Thailand is great for rock climbing, trekking, snorkelling, kayaking, diving, etc. I wasn't going to do any diving or rock climbing on this trip. I went with my friend so it was best to find activities that we both want to do. We didn't decide where to stay or what to do beforehand. I only checked when the monsoon season was.

Day 1 - Wednesday 12 Jan 2011
Arrival in Krabi, hotel-hunting

I took the train to the airport with my friend. I asked her to write down her emergency contact person on my flight itinerary and showed her mine that was also written there. 99% of the time, nobody ever needs this. But, well, just in case. It's always better to be prepared.

When we got out of the station, we were at terminal 3. We had to get to the budget terminal where Tigerair operates from. I found it strange that the MRT station was at terminal 3. The last time I took the train, I was at terminal 2. We had to take the sky train to terminal 2, then take a shuttle bus to the budget terminal (it was only when we returned to SG that we realised that we got out from the wrong exit of the MRT station. One end of the station takes us to terminal 2 while the other end to terminal 3).

We managed to board the plane in time (with a little extra time for me to eat a burger while waiting for my friend to get through immigration - she had a problem with her thumbprint.)

The flight was 3/4 full. There were several noisy people talking very loudly. I had problems hearing what my friend said because of the background noise.

"Wow, kampong," my friend said as the plane touched down in Krabi. The airport was small and surrounded by forests.

We bought bus tickets to Ao Nang. 150THB per person. The bus stopped at Krabi Town first before taking us to Ao Nang. The journey was about 50 minutes. The air in the bus was warm and we kept changing seats to avoid the sun.

It was so warm that we had to buy drinks when we alighted. We stopped somewhere near the beach and walked our way inland to look for a room to stay in (we had no prior booking).

A number of hotels were fully booked. The ones that were not were badly maintained. The average price we were quoted was 1200B per night for a twin room. For that price I would expect something better! So we walked on. My friend was melting from the heat. There were too many slopes and stairs to climb (most hotels/guest houses don't have lifts). So she waited with the bags while I viewed the rooms.

When we got to one hotel with vacancies, we were quoted 1800B. Without checking the rooms, my friend asked whether we could just stay there. I thought it was expensive. When we said to the receptionist that we didn't want the room, she asked about our budget and then said she could give us a room for 1500B without breakfast.

She brought us to view a room with a double bed. I was wondering whether she thought we are a couple! We viewed another room with twin beds. It was better than the other rooms we had seen so we took it.

I went down to check us in and pay 1 night's deposit while my friend had a shower. We planned on jumping into the beach before the sun set (it was about 5pm).

The sea water was relatively clear (better than Patong Beach at Phuket) and very salty. There were rocks of mountains within view and on the horizon. A short section of rainbow appeared for about 5 minutes. We spent about an hour in the water. It was cold when we got out. Thankfully the beach towels provided by the hotel were thick and kept us warm during the 5-minute walk back to the hotel.

We had street food for dinner. The hawkers seemed to have not seen us standing there for a few minutes but quickly attended to Caucasian tourists who arrived after us. Food was cheap: 20B for a spring roll, 40B for fried noodles and 50B for meat curry with rice.

After dinner we went room-hunting and tour-hunting with 20B orange juice shake (which consisted mostly of ice) in hand. Other hotels were either full or too expensive. Then we came across a place called EasyRoom. We couldn't find the reception. A person from a neighbouring spa led us to the reception and called the hotel manager, who was lying in bed with a woman. We could see them on the bed because the room walls were made of glass. Full-length curtains were to be used to conceal whatever you planned to do in those room. They looked like offices turned into rooms. The manager was a beardy Indian man who dragged his slippers as he walked. He showed us a room with twin beds. He also pointed out a few other vacant rooms. 1200B per night was the price. We said we would think about it.

My friend said that she got the creeps from the stare the woman in bed gave her, and her hair stood on ends when he opened the door to the room we viewed. Anyway, it was strange that most hotels were full but this one had so many vacant rooms. We agreed not to stay there. There wasn't any hotel worth the trouble moving for so we decided to stay on at our hotel.

We checked the prices for kayaking and white water rafting at several tour agencies. We were torn between kayaking and white water rafting. We'd heard that white water rafting is fun (and I heard that it's tiring) so we decided on that. We found an agent who was very helpful and offered a discount before we even asked. The price he charged was lower than other agents so we booked a tour for white water rafting. Elephant trekking and ATV touring options were available but I wasn't interested. I know for a fact that elephants walk too slowly and I'd prefer go-karting to riding an ATV anytime. We booked the tour for 1100 B per person. When we were asked for our hotel, we couldn't remember the name! Just a short walk from the agency we said. Then I vaguely recalled the name "White Sands". "That's just across the road," he said.

We stepped out of the shop just to make sure we gave him the right hotel name. It was our hotel all right. I must have been disoriented and low on carbs. I only had one MacDonald's meal at the airport and curry rice that day. (I usually eat 3 or more meals a day). So we went in to Swenson's for rice cream. I had a full-sized sticky chewy chocolate sundae at only 135B while my friend had a disciplined single scoop.

We planned on getting a massage next. There was no toilet in the Swenson's outlet so we went back to the hotel room, which was just next door. But we were so tired that we changed our minds and slept instead. We had to get up early for the white water rafting trip the next day.

Bus ticket 150 B
Bottled water 20 B
Dinner 50 B
Orange shake 20 B
Ice cream at Swenson's 135 B
Room per night 1500 B /2
Bottled water 25 B

Day 2 - Thursday 14 Jan 2011
Tour to Phang-Nga for 5km white water rafting at Songpak River

I woke up at about 8am. My fear came true: I didn't set the alarm on my phone correctly (the time was correct but I missed out the day). We had planned on getting up at 7.30am because the tour organiser was going to be waiting for us at 8.30am. My friend was already showering in the bathroom. She came out of the bathroom at about 8.10am and I suggested that she wait at the hotel lobby and buy some takeaway for our breakfast to eat in the bus otherwise we would have to starve till noon and won't have the energy for the day's activities.

I brushed my teeth and took a hurried shower. A hotel staff came to the room and informed me that the minibus had arrived. My friend's bag was still on the table though she wasn't in the room. She came back shortly with buns. We rushed down and forgot to bring the tour receipt. I had to go back up to get it. The other people in the minivan were waiting for us. Surprisingly, we were only 5 minutes late. The tour coordinator said that a tour guide will take over later.

We ate our buns on the way there. Thai curry buns. Delicious. I wish they were bigger. But you know the portions of food in Thailand: small.

The driver drove us to a petrol station. He opened the door of the minibus. We asked whether we had to change bus. He said yes. So we got off the bus with our belongings. There was a small provision shop and toilet there so we used the toilet before getting on a big bus.

When I got on the big bus, a young local student gave me a funny stare. Everyone on the bus were local students! Are they going white water rafting too? I thought. So I asked a middle-age man. He didn't understand what I was saying. A lady beside him indicated to me that I was in the wrong place. So we got off the bus. The other 6 people who were on the same minibus were still waiting around so we waited around too.

Anyway, 2 of the tourists were Caucasian ladies and 4 were Singaporeans - 1 girl and 3 NS men (can tell from their hair style). The group of Singaporeans were on sitting 1 row in front of us on the same flight the day before and we also bumped into them when we were hotel-hunting: the tallest guy was coming up the stairs alone as my friend and I were going down. We exchanged a few words about the hotel then. Today, he kept to his group of friends and I was with my friend. Singaporeans often ignore one another when overseas. At the airport I saw an old schoolmate whom I'd never spoken to before. I also saw a couple from my ex-church. Everyone treats everyone as invisible.

The Singaporean girl was sitting on a kerb eating instant noodles (Singaporeans love eating instant noodles). We saw big beetles and a blaring goat in a pickup truck. After about 20 mins of waiting, the minibus driver signalled to us to get back in. The tour guide had arrived in another minibus full of other tourists. He apologised for being late. He said he had to make many stop to fetch other tourists. Evidently, my friend and I weren't the latest.

The whole journey took almost 2 hours. There was quite a crowd. About 50 people. When I took out my camera to take photos, I realised that I forgot to charge the battery! I didn't bring a charger or spare battery. So much for bringing a camera...

The boat for white water rafting

Each boat could take 4 people so my friend and I were going to be in the same boat as the 2 Caucasian ladies. We stripped to our swimwear, applied sunblock and stuffed our belongings into lockers.

Helmet and life vests were compulsory. The staff helped us to put them on. We were given a briefing on how to hold the oars and safety measures. There would be one of their staff at each end of the boat so they didn't teach us anything about steering.

We got into the boats. Made some small talk with the 2 Caucasian ladies while waiting for the water from the dam to be released. This was not a naturally fast-flowing river. Water is stored to be released for white water rafting.

The staff entertained everyone but splashing water on everyone. That was their idea of fun. The water wasn't clear so I wouldn't have wanted that on my skin if I had a choice.

The water finally came rushing down. More boats came down from upstream, perhaps another starting point. The river was congested! Too many boats and too little space. We hardly had to row because if we went any faster, we would knock into the boats in front of us. Some other boats knocked into ours. Once, something from another boat (I think it's somebody's oar) slammed into one side of my buttocks. Ouch!! I was stunned for a few seconds. Had my buttocks been flatter it would have been more painful.

The 2 boatmen at the ends of the boat controlled it. The 2 Caucasian ladies hardly did any rowing. At various points the staff got the boat to wait while other boats went by. Towards the end, the boatmen asked if we wanted to take the front and rear ends of the boat. One of the Caucasian ladies took the front end so I took the rear end.

It was less exciting than I imagined. The staff entertained themselves by splashing water on people and pulling us out of the boat. Once, they told us all to get out of the boat for no reason. I was getting out and was dragged down. Luckily I didn't step on sharp rocks. Twice, a boatman from another boat pulled on my life jacket and tried to get me to fall out of the boat.

Along the way we saw tourists sitting on the backs of elephants. One was sitting on the elephant's head. The naughty elephant sprayed water on her rider. Photographers lined some parts of the river and asked us to smile for the shots.

It was over in about 45 mins. It was drizzling by the time we reached the end point. Sheltered pickup lorries took us back to where we started for lunch.

The 2 Caucasian ladies proceeded with elephant trekking, while the other Singaporeans, my friend and I had lunch.

Lunch was good. Local food cooked in the local manner, that is, very simple. The servings were generous and the food was served hot. While we ate, a video of our trip was showing on TV and someone tried to sell us over-priced photographs. There was lots of screaming in the video. I'm pretty sure I didn't contribute to that.

It rained piteously. Fortunately, we did not buy the package with elephant trekking or ATV riding. Our package only had a trip to a waterfall and a visit to the "monkey cave". We were told that we might have to give the waterfall a miss if the rain didn't stop.

The rain did stop after all. The other Singaporeans went off for ATV riding. The Caucasian ladies, my friend and I headed to the waterfall which was 5 mins' ride away. It turned out to be an unimpressive waterfall that ended in a small pool of muddy water. The water turned muddy because of the rain it seems. "No swimming. It's too dangerous," said the tour guide. Even if we were allowed to swim, I doubt anyone would have wanted to swim in that mud!

The waterfall

We went back to where we had lunch (they called it the plantation although I have no idea what crop they planted) to wait for the Singapore who want ATV riding. All of us were going to the monkey cave.

I suppose it's called the monkey cave because there are many monkeys outside the cave. The actual name of the tourist spot is Wat Suwannakuha. I only know the name because I kept my 20B entry ticket. We did not know that we had to pay an admission fee. The 2 Caucasian ladies said that they did not bring any money. My friend kindly handed them money to buy tickets to enter the cave.

Reclining buddha in the background

There was a large reclining Buddha status in the cave. My friend stopped to pray for a few seconds. The we all climbed to the highest point in the cave. It was rather steep but really not that high. The caves I visited in Da Nang, Miri and Kuching were way higher and scarier.

Huge tree outside the cave

People were feeding monkeys outside the cave. Strangely, the monkeys do not enter the cave. Maybe they know that they shouldn't be up to monkey business around the reclining Buddha. One idiot tourist with a hairy hand threw a banana right in front of my friend as she was taking this photograph (you can see the banana flying in the air on the left). The monkey rushed to her foot and gave her a shock.

Outside the cave/temple

The tallest Singaporean guy threw something small down for a monkey. I couldn't see what it was but the monkey was happy to take it. I asked him what it was. "Pineapple tarts," he said. "Chinese new year stuff?" I asked. I thought he brought it from Singapore. He then told me that he bought it at the shop at the petrol station in the morning. (My friend shared with me later on that she felt rather bad that others were hungry while we kept them waiting that morning and we still happily ate our buns on the bus.)

It was time to go back. The tour guide told us all to check out shoes for monkey poo before getting on the minibus. It would really stink up the bus that we had to sit in for close to 2 hours!

It was drizzling back in Ao Nang. The driver stopped us at our hotel. My friend said we could have Subway sandwiches if I wanted that because there was an outlet just beside the hotel. But I'm not a fan of Subway. I find their sandwiches too dry. Anyway, I'd rather eat Thai food when I'm in Thailand.

After we'd changed, it was raining heavily. I'd brought an umbrella so we went out of the hotel for dinner. We were looking for a restaurant that serves seafood. After walking up and down the street in the rain, we found one restaurant called Fisherman's Place serving tiger prawns. We order a plate of pineapple rice (120B) and tiger prawns (380B for 250g). The portion of rice was small - typical of restaurant food perhaps. The food was nicely decorated though. We ate that first. Then the tiger prawns arrived. 3 small pieces of prawns sat on a nicely decorated plate. I asked the waiter whether that was indeed 250g. He said it was. Then I asked whether they were really tiger prawns because they were very small. He said that they were. I know 250g isn't alot but it shouldn't be that little. I insisted that it wasn't right. The waiter said he would go and check. My friend suggested to me that we return that dish which we had not eaten. Since we were almost done with the pineapple rice and the waiter didn't seem to be returning, we finished up the rice, I took out the exact amount to pay for the rice, put the money on the table and we got up to leave. Upon seeing this, the waiter came back. I told him that we were not paying for the prawns and handed him money for the rice. He refused to take the money so I left it under the plate. I wasn't going to pay SG$5.50 per piece of prawn!

I had a traditional Thailand massage (200B for 1 hour) while my friend had a manicure done. The massage was good. The manicure was terrible.

After that, we went back to the same tour agent to book our tour for the next day. We were told that the nearby islands and Hong island were nice for snorkelling; the nearby islands were better if we wanted to see more corals and the Hong island would be better if we preferred to see fish. Anyway, Hong island looked very nice in the pictures: white sandy beach and a lagoon, so we selected it. It would cost more than going to the nearby islands because it's further away. After some bargaining, he charged us 660B per person for the tour by longtailboat. It would cost alot more if we wanted to go by speedboat.

For supper, we had kuey teow (noodle) soup. It was very tasty! I love Thai noodle soup! By the way, we spotted that tall Singaporean guy outside subway. His group of friends must have been eating that. I wonder why people would eat that in Thailand where there are better options for food. (I only ate ice cream at Swenson's because it's cheap there!)

There wasn't much left to do after supper. The road side shops weren't set up because of the rain. We went back to the hotel to shower and sleep.

Breakfast 20 B
White water rafting 1100 B
Entry ticket 20 B
Dinner 120 B / 2
Supper 40 B
Massage 200 B for 1 hour

Day 3 - Friday 14 Jan 2011
Hong Island snorkelling tour

To avoid the same mistake with my handphone alarm, my friend set hers too before sleeping. Her alarm rang first. I was wondering why my alarm didn't ring so I checked the time on my phone only to realise that we were up an hour earlier than planned. She forgot to set the time on her phone to the Thailand timezone. So the alarm rang an hour early.

Yesterday we got up too late. Today we got up too early. Unwilling to give up an hour of sleep, I went back to sleep while my friend got up to shower and wash her hair. She waited till I got up before she used the hairdryer. Very considerate. But I asked her why she had to wash her hair given that we were going to be snorkelling very soon. "Habit," she said. I'll be honest with you: I didn't even shower. Spending too much time in water depletes the skin and hair of moisture, so I didn't want to pre-dry my skin with a shower. The trip to the beach would take only a few minutes; nobody would have to suffer for too long even if I smelled bad.

I didn't bring my camera. It was low on battery and I didn't want to have to worry about it getting stolen while we snorkelled.

We waited rather long at the reception. We were supposed to be picked up at 8.30am. By 8.45am when all the other tourists at the reception had been picked up, I wondered whether we got missed out. My friend was just crossing the road to ask the tour agent to call the driver when a pickup truck pulled over. That was our ride. 5 Caucasians were picked up: a fit-looking couple, an obese boy and girl and a baby. I thought the baby belonged to the girl. Perhaps she had grown to 3 times my volume after childbirth. I didn't know what the boy's excuse was but I'm sure his weight wasn't great for his self-esteem.

Many tourists were standing around on the pavement by the beach. We were split into groups going to separate destinations. We had to walk into the water to climb up the ladder to the longtailboat. A lady would had trouble walking was going to get into the boat too. Her 2 companions and the boatmen were trying to carry her up. The rest of us got wet from the high waves while waiting in the water.

After about 30 minutes, the boat stopped beside a small island for us to jump into the water to snorkel. Slices of an extra long loaf of bread were used to attract the fish. During the boat ride, I thought the bread was for our lunch. Luckily I didn't help myself to it! The water was rather clear. We spotted only about 4 or 5 species of fish.

Next, we went to another island. The guide said we would have lunch there. Still not Hong Island. We wondered when we would get there. There weren't many fish to see here. There were some hard and soft corals. I spotted 2 small orange crabs. The water wasn't as clear. There was many sea urchins so we had to be careful. They look like black balls with long spikes. My friend said she accidentally stepped on one. Painful but harmless, we were told.

When I got out of the water, I thought I saw a topless woman. But it turned out to be the teenage boy.

My friend got out of the water earlier than me. She got some food for me from the buffet table. "The main course is onions," she said. Yup. No joke. From where I come from, onions are garnishes. So I had 1 salty fried chicken drumstick and onions with rice for lunch.

The next destination was finally Hong island!

I saw my ex-schoolmate there with his wife and 2 children. We'd never spoken before. On typical Singaporean fashion, we didn't acknowledge each other. Maybe he didn't even recognise me.

We had 1.5 hours to hang around there. The beach was indeed white and sandy. The water wasn't clear at all. Perhaps there was too much sand in the water. Snorkelling was worse here than at the previous 2 places. I saw a large clam, what could have been a luminous sea slug, possibly a lizardfish and butterfly fish. What a disappointment :(

We relaxed in the water close to the shore. The lady who had trouble walking was there too. She had her life jacket on. Her two companions helped her float around in the water. She could be recovering from a stroke or something.

We thought of renting a 2-seater kayak for 300B. But upon standing in the sun for 5 minutes, I changed my mind. It was too hot. Instead, we topped up our sunblock and went back into the water to snorkel after half-burying our bottle/tube of sunblock.

While snorkelling, I felt like I got stung by something on my shoulders. I thought it might have been sunburn so I carried on. Then I got stung again. It was painful so I got out of the water. My friend also felt some pain. I asked her to look at my shoulders for me. She said it looked reddish like sunburn. We thought we might have gotten burnt from not applying sunblock evenly.

Our bottle/tube of sunblock was gone. Maybe it got washed out to sea or somebody took them. There wasn't much left anyway.

It was time to leave. We went into the water to get rid of the sand in our bottoms. (When I went to the toilet earlier on, I removed my bikini bottom, looked into the toilet bowl and thought, Who put sand in the toilet? Then I realised that the sand had dropped out of my bottom.)

The boat brought us to a lagoon. This lagoon fills up with water only twice a day. The water was about 1m high. Some of us jumped out of the boat to swim and take photos. Really nice!

After that, the boat brought us back to Ao Nang. I put my wet towel over the burning spots of my skin: my thigh, arm and neck. It was a long ride back. The group of German guys took out books to read. My friend was nodding off. I wanted to ask her to rest her head on my shoulder but I didn't want to wake her up. Anyway, her head found a better resting spot: on the back of the obese girl. Must have been very soft and comfortable.

The boat stopped at a different location from where we got on. They split us up into groups to take us back to our respective hotels. A number of us had to fit into a small pickup truck. There wasn't enough space to seat everyone. The obese Caucasians were taking up much space. One guy had to squat on the floor.

The "burns" were painful still. So painful that I had to dab, not apply moisturiser on them. The ones on my thigh and arm looked like lines. So I figured they could be jellyfish stings. My friend had lines too.

For the evening, we thought we might go to the night market at Krabi town. I was feeling tired of travelling up and down but not seeing anything great so I asked my friend whether we could just hang around in Ao Nang. She's pretty easy-going. We shopped around Ao Nang for a while. Then some guy on the street asked us whether we wanted to go to the night market. 60B per person by bus if there are at least 6 people on the bus, he said. If there are 4 people it would be 100B per person. There were already 4 people on the bus excluding us so the guy said if we got on, the bus would leave immediately. Fickle-minded me wanted to go. So we went.

It took about half an hour to get there. Upon getting off the bus we asked where to wait for the bus to return to Ao Nang. It was at the same spot we alighted from.

The night market wasn't big. It was about half the size of a football field. Artists created their newest masterpieces. Musicians played their songs. Someone was performing some Elvis Presley song on stage. Local food and dessert were cheap. My friend asked if there was a fridge in the hotel room :D We shared mango sticky rice and some jam pudding. I bought some cheap clothes. Later on we had deep fried shrimps while watching teenagers perform break-dancing (thankfully the karaoke session had ended). I didn't bring my camera because we hadn't planned on going to the night market. I only had my handphone with me. The camera function is lousy. I won't post those pictures here but you can view them in my Krabi web album.

From Krabi Jan 2011

When we were done with the market, we went to the shopping centre beside it. There wasn't anything worth buying. We headed back to the spot where we alighted from the bus. It was about 9.15pm. There was a bus waiting and 2 people sitting in there. The last bus leaves at 10pm. The guy was trying to squeeze as many passengers as possible in. He was rude. "Pay money!" he demanded from a couple. "You two! Sit in front!" he told the couple. "You! Move in!" he ordered my friend and me. My friend moved in but I didn't budge. I wanted to sit at the rear end. 3 Caucasians got on. He managed to pack 9 people in. The bus finally left at 9.35pm. On the way back, the 3 Caucasians opened their beer cans. The guy in seated facing me offered me his beer. I declined. Because he seemed nice, I waived to him after he got off the bus.

We got back to Ao Nang by 10pm. We went back to our favourite tour agent to book a transfer to the airport. There was some mix up with the flight time. He said there was a bus leaving at 11am for people on flying on Tiger Airlines. Our flight was 12.45pm. It didn't sound like we would be in time. He said that the Tiger Airlines flight was for 3pm. We recalled the tall Singaporean guy saying that his flight back to Singapore was 3+pm. We were confused. The time on my printout was clearly 12.45pm. We checked Tiger Airline's website. 12.45pm it stated. The agent called his friend who works at the airport. His friend said the flight was 3pm. We thought we might somehow have gotten the time wrong.

The tour agent said that if the flight was 12.45pm, then we would have to take the 10am bus to the airport (150B per person). He also said he could drive us to the airport at 11am for 200B each instead. He said if the flight was indeed at 3pm, he could drive us to a hypermart for shopping. We took up his offer. At least we would have part of the morning to relax on the beach or something.

The shops were not closed yet so we continued our shopping. The things here were more for tourists. That's what we were and those were what we bought. (Fake) Billabong shorts, purses and shoes.

My friend spotted someone selling lanterns. We were supposed to write our wishes on the lantern, burn a wick attached to the bottom of the lantern, then release the lantern into the sky.

At first I refused to write anything when my friend asked me to. She was all smiley and exciting. I felt bad for being such a spoil-sport. Actually, I was in somewhere between not bothering and trying to figure out what it was! I'd never seen it before. She said she'd seen it on TV and had always wanted to try it. So I put on a smile and took off the cap of a marker pen and wrote something.

Stuff we wrote on the lantern

I have to admit it's a pretty amazing invention. The construction was simple and the materials were cheap. The lantern managed to fly high and far. We released it on the beach and watched it fly off quickly into the horizon. It was an experience! I looked at the picture we had taken together with the lantern (sorry, I won't be posting it here). We both looked very happy. Perhaps my wish had already come true. Happiness is often found in moments - like those.

Breakfast 20 B
Tour to Hong Island 660 B
Dinner 40 B
Bus to Krabi town and back 60 B x 2 ways
Fried prawns 40B
Yam dessert 50B
Mango sticky rice 40B
Shopping 1060 B

Day 4 - Saturday 15 Jan 2011
Back to Singapore

There was time for some shopping and one last massage. Most of the massage places were closed. The only one that was open was facing the sea. It had an "open" concept too. There were no walls or curtains. We had to remove our clothes in the open and lie face-down with our bras on. Then the masseuse would unhook the bra and pull down the straps. Because it was happy hour (before 2pm), all massages except traditional Thai massage were at half price. I paid 150B for back, neck and shoulder oil massage. I had blue-blacks on my biceps right after the massage. After 7 days, they've still not healed completely. Now I remember why I dislike oil massage. The ones on my shin from white water rafting haven't disappeared either.

Blue-black on my arms

My friend did aloe vera body massage and foot scrub. Hers was going to take 15 minutes more than mine. I went back to the hotel first because it was already 10.30am when my massage was finished. The tour agent was going to be waiting at the reception at 11am. I also wanted to wash off the oil from my body since I had some time left. I didn't want to smell like medicated oil on the plane.

After showering, I stuffed my last-minute buys into my bag and removed everything from the safe. My friend returned to the hotel at 11am. We managed to make it down to the reception at 11.05am. It took less than 30 minutes to reach the airport. (The car was new and comfortable).

From the entrance of the airport, my friend asked me whether I could see the flight time. The baggage scanning was right at the entrance. If the flight was at 3pm, we could ask the tour agent to take us elsewhere. I managed to make out 12xx on the screen for the flight to Singapore. Fortunately, we followed the timing on our printout and the website.

It was 11.45am when we checked in. We thought we'd have time to have lunch. We ordered food at the cafeteria. We waited 15 minutes for the food but it still wasn't ready. We managed to get a full refund because they had not even started cooking it! That's what I mean when I say that I can't get used to the pace of life in Thailand!

Massage 150 B for 1 hour
Private car to airport 200 B

Total expenses:
Food, tour, transport and misc 3160 B
Hotel 1500 *3 nights / 2 = 2250 B
Shopping 1060 B
Sub-total expenses in Krabi 6470 B = $280
2-way airfare $135
2-way MRT fare $4
Total $420

Tour agent
Thanwa Lantam (Mr)
Tel/Fax:(66 or 75)695670
Mobile: 083-3926367
191 Moo 2 Aonang Muang Krabi 81000


David said...


Your trip to Krabi, (pronunciation reading the word would have me pronouncing Krabi the same as crabby.)

$420SGD is a great price for 4 days.

Any pics of the whitewater rafting beyond the pic of the landlocked blue inflatable?

I just looked outside, no water present in liquid form. at -12C any water on the ground today is ice.

Happy Friday!


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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you took the trip Yu-Kym. However way the holiday went, its good that you get away. Always start planning another as soon as you can if you like travelling. It can be very incentivising, motivates you to push on with whatever you are currently doing.

Luckily for the trip. If not, you will probably imagine more supernatural stuff around you. lol

silli cat

Anonymous said...


Something drew my particular attention...I quote "we'd have time to have lunch....waited 15 minutes for the food but it still wasn't ready. We managed to get a full refund because they had not even started cooking it!"

I was just wondering whether this is how you handle life's myriad of minor imperfections - Dont give nonsense, dont receive nonsense too! Dont receive an inch, dont give one too!

You are at the end of your holidays. Why cant you understand their culture, exercise a little more patience and eventually finish the meal? Is it such a big deal to wait a little longer? Is it a bigger deal to you to be able to successfully ask for a refund with a being too clever smirk on your face?

By your actions, you are inadvertently giving Singaporeans a bad name!

silli cat

Yu-Kym said...

David, I don't have other pictures. We would have our hands full so cameras had to be kept in the lockers.

silli cat, the flight was at 12xx but at 1200 the food wasn't ready and we hadn't gone through immigration.

Anonymous said...

OIC Yu-Kym, in that case I can understand your actions.

But it appears you are not a seasoned traveller. Some well intended advice then.

In the light of current security climate and also as you have mentioned the culture of some countries, not going through immigration as soon as possible is unwise. For one reason or another, have you come across snail-pace immigration queues that snakes hundreds of metres even in developed countries? And your flight is soon to board?

Even presuming that you have received information that you need to arrive at the airport only 1 hr ahead of time, you best allow a further time margin for incidents like accidents, your transport breakdown or traffic jams along the way.

It would be wise to account for any unforeseen eventualities or else when you are delayed and time is critical, you will be cooking in your pants. And that I assure you is no damn fun. Ive been there and thru it all.

silli cat

Yu-Kym said...

The amount of allowance to give depends on the place and day of travelling. The airport there is quiet. There's no decent food served on the plane and we didn't have lunch yet. And I kept a close eye on the time. I'd never missed a flight.

lazy doggie said...

Hi der..may i noe what's the hotel name u stayed during ur trip in krabi?

lazy doggie said...

Hey der :) do u still remember the hotel name tat u had stayed during ur trip der?

Thank you for posting.
I've been looking at some of the posts on this website to get an idea about travel in Krabi for my next vacation.