If you've been raped, do not clean crime scene

On TV, victims of rape often take a shower to wash away the "dirtiness". In reality, we know that they should visit a doctor immediately to report the incident.

However, it is common for rapists to use condoms to avoid leaving their seminal fluids. This makes it difficult to identify and convict them.

A new technique (MALDI-MSI or matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation mass spectrometry imaging), being developed at Sheffield Hallam University, allows detection of condom lubricant on fingerprints left by a suspect at a crime scene. The fingerprints place the offender at the scene, while the lubricant on the fingerprints can be matched to residues from vaginal swabs from the victim.

This technique was proven to be successful even on fingermarks left several weeks before analysis.

"If condom lubricant can be detected in fingermarks it would improve the evidence for the prosecution by establishing the assailant's presence at the scene and, crucially, having had contact with a condom. This would enable forensic scientists to provide further support to the evidence in alleged cases of sexual assault," says Dr Simona Francese, from the University.

Victims shouldn't clean up the scene of the crime. If it happened in an unfamiliar place, they should try to remember where it is so that they can bring the police there.

Although the technique is not available yet, the police can still dust for fingerprints and hopefully identify the offender.


boh.tak.chek. said...

In the event of a rape, the victim will be too traumatized to remember doing all the details lah...but it's a good thing u mentioned abt it though....

David said...


Simply and important advice to women of all ages.

Rape is likely the second oldest crime, and despite being more educated and civilized, there are men and a few women who will force themselves upon another human.


The great thing to remember is that, though our feelings come
and go, His love for us does not.

-- C. S. Lewis

Anonymous said...

Another advice is...don't tempt the sex maniac!

Although it's never an excuse for the pervert's actions, if you tempt him you are partly to blame.

Stop being naive! It's too late if it happens to you. What do you do then? Blame him? Whoever is right or wrong it doesnt matter anymore. The damage is done, you have been violated, you have suffered the consequences of a sex assault. Hopefully he pays dearly. But you pay immediately!

silli cat

Yu-Kym said...

Being mentally-prepared always helps. Even old grandmothers can get raped (it happened in Singapore).

Anonymous said...

Gosh, thanks for your advice Yu-Kym.

I'd best caution my grand-dad to stop bringing my granny to victoria secrets to allow her to choose for herself sexy red lingerie. lol

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Yu Kym your response to Jose is very tedious and extremely tight.Have some life sometime k..loosen up girl..Don't extract to much on the details..What can we do to the rapist? Punish him by canning the person bleeding to death.its overkill!!!! we cannot predict time when and where crime would happen.k f u want to resist have some self defense technique punching the guys balls!!!!!if u want for all i care..u cant side sweep him with ur feet to fall down..poke him on face and eyes..chop his throat..But in view of this I reserved my right on opinion that this topic is much more paranoia than the other thing..

Anonymous said...

I doubt you will not clean up yourself immediately if you gotten raped.

Just wondering, do you even mind getting raped anyway? No offence.

Anyway, will the police even bother to go through those details and get fingerprints to track the rapist down? Have you even accompanied someone who gotten raped before to the police? Do you even had an idea how nasty the police are these days?

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, Jose's stance was that rape doesn't happen in Singapore because of the tough penalties. We shouldn't think this way. Like you said, rape can happen anytime. The last thing going through a potential rapist's mind is the jail term and caning.

Anon, surely you must be sexually repulsive yourself to think that anyone who thinks that other people don't mind getting raped. Have you had experience (as a victim) with the Singapore police? I think you must have experience with them when you were the offender - that's why you think of them as nasty.

Anonymous said...

Quote: "Just wondering, do you even mind getting raped...?"

Gosh, what kind of question is that? sheeesh

silli cat

David said...


I cannot figure out why some of the commenters a still trying to blame the victim.

One of the oldest excuses rapist use is "...the girl was tempting me...".

Blaming the victim does nothing to relieve the perp of comitting rape.

No means No! Some men hav such poor self-control they are only predators.

The is NEVER justification for rape!


Anonymous said...

Yes David,

Precisely because some men have such poor self control that women ought to take that into cognizance and know when and where it is dangerous to do what.

There is never any justification but it is also equally true that you dont have to court and tempt danger.

silli cat

David said...

silli cat,

Who would judge is a women who has been raped was courting danger?

Again you place the blame on the victim.

What Yu-Kym did not mention, but is well documented is that women who have been raped are traumatized. Often for rest of their life. The perp OTOH might serve time in prison, however upon release far to many return to preying upon women.

Simply stated, RAPE is a crime!


David said...

Greetings All,

To further clarify the so called reasons men rape women.

Keep in mind there is NEVER justification for rape.

No matter...

....how drunk a women may be.

...how scantlily dressed she may be.

...how outrageously flirtatious she may be.

None of the above justify rape.


Anonymous said...


I think here we can just about barely differentiate the lines between justification and blame. But here too sometimes neither are mutually exclusive. You can sometimes have no justification on one side and blame on the other too.

There is no justification for rape. Neither can you in certain situations not fault the woman for tempting her fate.

In life there are so many such dilemmas - wars, killing, murders, euthanasia, etc Many a times, both sides are wrong too in varying degrees.

Similarly in rape cases, sometimes the blame lies on the woman too. This is not the same as saying that the rape is justified by the woman. And it is not to say the man is not fully accountable either. He is 100%. But the woman too sometimes adds to the despicable disgusting offence.

silli cat

David said...

Silli Cat,

I have to STRONGLY disagree with you!

As I stated previously, one cannot blame a women if she is raped.

The decision to RAPE is made by the perp!

If such a male is 100% accountable there is nothing to blame on the women!

Drunkeness, flirtation, scanty dress, or naked for that matter are never, never, never, justifications for rape!

David :-(

Anonymous said...

haha you're so pro-women to the extreme. They are so squeaky clean and can share no blame. lol Ok let's call it a draw shall we David?

silli cat