The healthy way to a golden glow?

In my post, Are you a tanner or burner, I wrote about two of the harmful effects of over-exposure to UV rays.

A new study found that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables is more effective in giving a "healthy glow" which is associated with a higher presence of carotenoids.

Carotenoids are commonly found in brightly-coloured fruit and vegetables such as yellow and red peppers, tomatoes, apricots and melons.

Using computer images, the researchers found that the participants preferred the carotenoid skin colour. Other studies have shown that a carotenoids-rich diet has positive effects on the immune system and fertility. This is a likely reason why people are attracted to members of the opposite sex who have a "healthy glow".

Maybe this finding is just another way of discouraging people from suntanning and encouraging them to eat more fruit and vegetables. Or maybe it is true because there are many attractive people around who don't suntan, and many others who starve themselves to stay slim but have a ghostly complexion due to lack of proper nutrition. But it could be genetic.

Read report here: [Want a golden glow? Don't bother with the suntan]

I'll be returning to Singapore with a suntan but not because I want to get one. I brought 3 types of sunblock but I know that a tan is inevitable when I spend time outdoors.


Anonymous said...

I consume fruits everyday without fail, a mixture of an orange, some celery, a little carrot and perhaps one other fruit, all blended into a nice watery pulp. Nothing goes to waste except the skins. Two full glasses.

But I dont feel a glow at all? The only time when i feel a glow is after good sex with my partner. lol

silli cat

Anonymous said...

This research is based on white people’s prejudices and opinions. The Whites like to get a sun tan to show their neighbours that they have the money to go on holiday down south to sunnier climates to get a tan. With their economy at near bankruptcy it is good to show your neighbours that you have the money.
But for South East Asians with dark skin, there is not much point making the sin even darker – that will make them look that Africans. And can an African get a sun tan, is it visible?

David said...


You are absolutley correct on this topic.

Nearly all professional publications and research now tell people that the so called golden glow when acquired from sun exposure is actually early skin damage.

To put this in simple terms, any sun-tan is a sign of skin damgae.
Burned skin is a more severe degree of skin damage. While many can appear to heal with normal skin appearance, men and women who tan or burn frequently, will show more lines on their faces, skin will become less soft much earlier than in people who avoid frequent sun tanning days.

A healthy diet and life style, (no smoking and only occasional drinking), will indeed give one a HEALTHY GLOW!

Anectdotal evidence I has seen first hand. I have known young women who were devoted tanners since they were children. When in their late 20s and into their 30s the skin on their faces developed deep lines and touching the skin on their hands revealed skin that felt like soft leather, not the baby soft skin most women desire.

Great information!


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Anonymous said...

i saw this article too!

carrots they say ;)

sex education said...

I'm not sure I advise anyone promoting their preference of circumcision or not.

Yu-Kym said...

silli cat, maybe you have the glow all the time because you've been maintaining a good amount of fruit in your diet already.

Anon, I've heard that it's as a sign of affluence. Perhaps Africans use skin lightening products as a sign of affluence.

David, thanks for the "evidence"!