The "good" old me is back!

In my post about lessons learned from living the past decade, [New year goals and resolutions - Part 1], I wrote that I tried to convince myself that what society and religion taught me was right but I found out for myself that they weren't right for me, so I was reverting to my old "values".

One thing that I did not include last year was tolerance. Growing up, I was never tolerant of nonsense. If I didn't like what people said or did, I would simply tell him/her off. I recall making my secondary schoolmate cry for hours after she accidentally splashed some water on my homework. I didn't dislike her or anything. In fact, she was fun to hang out with. (She said mean things to me too. If you need to know, we're still friends now. We were just being childish back then.)

When I started working full-time, I exercised tolerance and patience because that was a requirement for doing my job and getting paid. Although I'm not paid to blog or respond to emails, I've been extremely tolerant of the nonsense that I get. I try to treat people with a certain amount of respect even though they may have shown no respect for me at all. Sometimes I eventually earn respect from these people. So I thought tolerance was something that I should retain.

But sometimes stupid remarks and suggestions really get me on my nerves. When I looked at one of last year's goals, "I do not waste time and energy on negative relationships", I realised that I had been wasting time and energy on a number of such people.

So you can look forward to the "good" old me! I dislike being angry and I'll usually ignore the irritants because they're not worth my time but if I feel like venting, I'll just scold them. I'll even post irritating emails here in public!

Here's one that started with him asking me to join his social network:

He wants to offer me a blowjob in return if I give him one?! Gosh, why would I want a blowjob when I don't have a penis?!


Anonymous said...

Basically, i tink you ask for it. When you face a sexual harassment, why even bother to reply, not once but twice!

Anonymous said...


Yu-Kym said...

Twice? You don't know how to count.

Z said...

U are not adept at answering emails, u should just simply say "All I need is yr support for my book." dun type anything else :D

Anonymous said...


Why not combine the best of the old Yu-Kym with the best of the 2010 Yu-Kym and make yourself the best ever 2011 Yu-Kym?

Just remember, no doubt that you are a very intelligent person but if you do not use that intelligence properly to apply logic, rationality and common sense to life, you are not reaping the best from it!

You may think you have used your intelligence wisely but u may actually have not. What is the test? You alone will know how you have done the past year.

You alone will decide where you want to go for the future.

curious cat

omg! haha hes slappable n hilarious at the same time! goggle him n put his face here! XD

happy new yr yk...

Yu-Kym said...

Z, it was obvious that he wasn't going to buy anything. I was trying to find out whether he has any brains to realise the irony in his email.

pinky with lashes, I wish you a happy new year too :)

boh.tak.chek. said...

Hi yu-kym,

Don't bother with that loser. Some people simply confuse sexual opinion and expression with consent.

If were you i'll just give him $50 for him to find a prostitute himself.

Ding said...

Yes, the best way to deal with such people is not to reply to him at all.

The same goes with dealing with cyberbullies. Do not ever respond/reply to any cyberbullies. Don't ever start a conversation with any cyberbullies.

Yu-Kym said...

I ignore most of the nonsense. Sometimes it's just funny to know the extent of their stupidity. I'll never give anyone $50 for this!

David said...


There was nothing wrong with last years Yu-Kym! Like all people, you are changing and evolving. We all do this.

You are fortunate that unlike many your awareness of change and the need to change to meet new life situations is very much more active than many.

I look forward to the new improved Yu-Kym!


God never made a promise that was too good to be true.

-- Dwight L. Moody

Anonymous said...

You can say "Buy the book and you can bend down and such your own cock."

Anonymous said...

aiyoyo, Yu-Kym doesnt nor has she ever resort to such vulgarities. Read more of her blogs and notice her class act, the subtle nuances etc when she tells an idiot to his face. keke

curious cat