The best reward for working is...

What's your idea of rewards for hard work? A new handbag? A car? A vacation? Lots of sleep? Going to a buffet?

Examining the stuff that I buy, I realise that I've spent on what I regard as investment for the future. My netbook, printer, speakers, earphones are needed for my writing, while my vacations are for resting my mind so that I can be more efficient and effective at my work after the trip.

The only times I reward myself is when I allow myself to eat unhealthy food - but that happen usually after achieving something (it could be as simple as completing a run).

Some women who earn barely SGD2,000 a month own handbags that they took a whole year to save for (or they take a year to pay the instalments and have to keep working so that they can pay the instalments). Whenever I think of money now, it's always in terms of how long that amount could sustain me. Supposing I spend $1,000 a month when I'm not working. Buying a $6,000 bag would mean forgoing 6 months' worth of not working. I'd rather sleep at home than lug a $6,000-bag to the office.

So I don't reward myself by spending money. I think the best reward for working hard is not having to work.


David said...


Complete agreement.

Often the best reward for hard work is simply some downtime to do whatever one wishes.


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~Dr. Seuss

Anonymous said...


Frankly I dont understand this oxymoron-like statement:

"I don't reward myself by spending money. I think the best reward for working hard is not having to work".

Say you work hard, succeed and need not work anymore. That is the reward? So what do you do with all that free time with all the money your hard work has garnered for you? So you reward yourself by "NOT" spending money?

Ultimately you still spend money with all that free time being the reward for all that hard work right?

Or do you retreat into a remote faraway mountain top holed up in a cozy abode to meditate with all the cash laying around you? lol

curious cat