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"I'm going to BJ."
"Botak Jones."
"Oh!" I was thinking blowjob.

Now that my book is out, you know my full name. I own the copyright so that's why I have to use my name as it appears in legal documents.

"Yu-Kym" is my real name as registered with the authorities and printed on my birth certificate. My friends who know me by my Christian name (which is in my birth certificate too) asked me since when did I have a Korean name. I suppose I have my mother to thank for her foresight to pick a Korean-sounding/looking name because everything Korean is in fashion. But the "-" in my name is rather troublesome. Some systems reject my name.

Some people may wonder why I chose to use my Chinese name when most Chinese Singaporeans people would use their Christian names plus surname to identify themselves instead of their Chinese names. They do so because:
- Christian names are easier to for others to remember
- Christian names sound modern
- Some people are unfortunate enough to have Chinese names that are often the butt of everyone's jokes, especially if your name contains "Lian", "Hui", "Beng" or "Seng".

When I was in school, nobody was spared for name-teasing. My Chinese name in hanyu pinyin is "Youjin". One schoolmate in primary school asked me, "Why did your mother give you a boy's name?" Youjin sounds like Eugene. In secondary school, someone else called me "yaojin".

Now that we've all grown up, we know that we're not supposed to be laughing at someone else's name anymore but I can't but be amused when I hear these:
Virginia - needs no explanation
Chastity - needs no explanation
Angus - minus the G
Thai name containing the word "porn"

To add to the list, my friend whose name was Pollyanna used to be teased with "pontianak".
My elder sister used to make fun of my Barbie doll's name Elizabeth as "a lizard's birth".

Anyway, I didn't choose "Yu-Kym" because it sounds Korean but my intention was for my name to be my brand name. If I do a websearch on "Yu-Kym", the first result that appears should be mine. This is not the case if I use my Christian name. Also, a unique name that identifies you with one word is good to be used as a brandname. E.g. Madonna, Beyonce, Tiger. I suppose this is why people make up their own names like "Foyce" or intentionally misspell names, e.g. "Orpah" becomes "Oprah" (it seems that misspellings were initially genuine mistakes).

While I was laughing at the initials for Botak Jones, I read on someone's blog (a hater) that he didn't know how to pronounce my name. "Is Yu-Kym pronounced as You Cum?" he asked. No, it's pronounced as You Kim but I gota say that's a really good one! :D

It may sound embarrassing but it's rather appropriate for my blog, don't you think?


~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

haha yes yes i oso thought 'BJ' meant that :P

While i might not be able to post this in my blog.. let me say that 'BJ' should be legalised and all (regardless of race or religion :).. as for swallowing, unless you have ONSs, otherwise why NOT?? ^.*

Wah finally babe, your book is OUT! Congrats! May i knw is it gonna be avail at bookstores? DUn wan to trouble you to send so thought can grab a copy if it's out.. :)