When 7-11 is closed for business so should prostitutes

My sister went to 7-11 after dinner hoping to buy a loaf of bread. The attendant of the shop locked it up and went to the toilet. While my sister was waiting, 2 guys came along. Seeing that they wanted to go in, she informed them that the attendant had gone to the toilet.

"Bad timing," one of them mumbled. The 2 guys walked off in the direction of a budget hotel. 2 hookers followed.

Maybe one guy brought condoms but the other guy didn't, or they just wanted to get spares.
I sure hope they used condoms. If they contract some disease, they might make the excuse that 7-11 which should be open 24x7 was closed! Unfortunately not all hookers will insist that if 7-11 is closed for business so are they.


Anonymous said...

I like your comment, sharp and on the spot. Great comments.

Anonymous said...

Did your sis follow them to the hotel and enjoy?!