Want a son? Marry an ugly woman

Most Chinese couples want to have boys to carry on the family name.
Most men want to a pretty wife.

Unfortunately, a study to be published in the journal Reproductive Scienceshas shown that if the wife is pretty, it's more likely for her to have a baby girl than a boy.

The researcher (Dr Satoshi Kanazawa, of the London School of Economics) says:
Beauty is of more benefit to a woman than a man, and so it pays for attractive women to have daughters.
Couples blessed with strength and aggression rather than looks are better off having boys, as these characteristics are of more use to males.

If this is true, men whose priority is to have sons to carry on the family name should:
- find a physically unattractive woman to marry,
- marry one who is strong, aggressive and physically unattractive, or
- get one who is strong, aggressive and born unattractive but has gone for extensive plastic surgery.

My mother looked very pretty in her wedding photos. She has 3 daughters.
If I ever have children, I don't know whether I'll have girls or boys but I'm pretty sure they'll be little rascals!


Yomi Uba said...

I like reading your blog-but that is a ludicrous study.

In any western high school biology class, you will learn that gender determination of offspring has nothing to do with the female but is determined by the SPERM that fertilizes the egg FIRST. The egg will only carry an X chromosome. Whereas sperm can be varied, either X or Y.

Combo XX=Female offspring
Combo XY=Male offsrping

So if a woman only has female offspring, it is likely that the male over-produces X-carrying sperm. It has nothing to do with looks.

On another note, characteristics such as aggression are learned and only "maybe" influenced by genetics but would yield no effect on gender of offspring.

David said...


An interesting theory.

The reference article ends stating:
"Therefore, in the case of fidelity, men who cannot adapt and end up succumbing to temptation and cheating are likely to be more stupid.

'The theory predicts that more intelligent men are more likely to value sexual exclusivity than less intelligent men,' he explained.

There does not appear any other supporting research to support this theory beyond anecdotal evidence. The article and most everyone reading this can point out an average looking man, married to an attractive women, who pro-created lovely daughters.

Yu-Kym thinks she will reproduce male rascal type little boys.

Then again she might reproduce a future Miss Singapore....


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Yu-Kym said...

Yomi Uba, I understand that. But many things happen from the time sperm is ejaculated in the vagina till the time it reaches the egg and alot more thereafter. For example, certain conditions of the uterus are causes of infertility in women. So it's not impossible for different women to have different conditions in their uterus that favour sperms carrying a certain type of chromosome.

David, perhaps statistics and studies are meant to serve some hidden agenda. In this case: don't be so quick to dismiss the less attractive women.

David said...


I am not dismissing less attractive women.

BTW, some physically attractive women that I have known, quickly became less attractive once they spoke. Some so called attractive women, think of some fashion models, look great, look very appealing.

When one tries to talk about any serious topic, or something in the news such women a only nanometer deep when conversing.

My failing I suppose, desiring a smart women rather than the knockout.

This begs the question, just like many say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What type of women, or type would you consider less attractive.

Use Yu-Kym as a baseline for the attractive women.

The wimpy male Y-gene, when it does not assert the Y portion, explains, to a certian extent, the number of women with attractive daughters.

The Phil-Am half of my family has produced both some very handsome young men, and some little girls who are already attractive.

Of course that is anecdotal evidence, but one can make a case for average women producing stunning children, even the rascally ones.


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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What a good advice.

You look just the wife I need to marry to get a son!

Yu-Kym said...

David, I wasn't referring to you. Actually I always see handsome guys with plain Jane girlfriends and pretty gals with less-than-attractive boyfriends.

Anon, don't worry, you don't have to find a woman because society, mankind, womenkind and I hereby relieve you of your duties.