Tis the season for getting fat!

Party time is here! We all want to look our best when we're meeting people whom we haven't met for the past 365 days, don't we?

Unfortunately, parties and looking good don't come hand in hand. Show me a party where only healthy food is served. Show me a party where the host don't make you feel obliged to eat more than you would like to. People equate eating with enjoyment. If you don't eat, you're not giving the host "face" and people think you're being rude. "Don't waste food," they'll say.

You might remember the HSBC advertisement in which a guest in a restaurant was served plate after plate of food despite him feeling full. In his culture, finishing one's food is considered polite. However, the host thought since the guest finished all his food, he must be very hungry, so the host order more food for him.

The same thing happened when my ex-bosses from US and India visited Singapore. Being the host, I ordered lots of food. In Singaporean Chinese culture, it is good to have leftovers because it means generosity of the host and having no lack of food. My bosses tried to eat as much as they could but I shared that it's normal and acceptable here to have leftovers.

I know you have many parties to attend and the food is tempting. Sure, you can eat but you know that the fat you put on will take you months to lose, if ever. Don't forget there are Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day coming up soon.

Try these:
- eat slowly, especially if you are hungry. If you gobble your food, you're likely to eat more than you need. You may also suffer from indigestion because you didn't chew your food.

- take small servings. At buffets, take 2 spoons full of each dish that you fancy. Out of 10 that you sample, you're probably only going to like 2 or 3 dishes. This minimises food wastage and also avoids the jelak feeling from eating too much of the same thing.

- choose the healthier types of food. Given the choice between fried rice and white rice, go for white rice. Or if you can't resist, then half portion of fried rice and half portion of white rice. Between tomato-based pasta sauce and cream-based sauce, choose the tomato-based one. Between thousand island salad dressing and olive oil, choose olive oil.

- avoid gravy. Gravy makes you want to eat more because it's tasty. But gravy is usually the culprit for high-salt, high-MSG and high-fat content -- that's why it's tasty!

Marks & Spencer fruit cake is sold out! Looks like too many Singaporeans are eating high-calorie desserts like these. No chance for me :(

That's all for eating.

For partying, ladies please be careful! Many ladies get molested at year-end parties. Read my previous post: Want to get molested? Go to a countdown party!

Happy partying, don't get fat, don't get molested and no drink-driving please!

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Anonymous said...

And don't smoke unless you want to get lung cancer (I think you forgot to mention this).

Yu-Kym said...

A line like that won't work. They already see pictures of all sorts of cancer on the cigarette packets.

David said...


Good advice for all!

Thank you for the seasonal reminders. It is possible to attend parties, choose the healthy foods an not offend the host.

I should mention that Stateside, this is not an issue. Most host really just want guest to enjoy themselves and have a good time.

A multi-course dinner is a differnet situation, however one can still control volume on the plate.

Smoking, while not a food, is a great party downer for many. Although again, many host Stateside make it clear that there NO smoking inside their home!

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas to all who read this and of course to the lovely and gracious host of this site:

Loh Yu-Kym Charlene!


Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To
cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have
the real spirit of Christmas.

-- Calvin Coolidge