Skipping dinner makes you fat!

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My mother proudly declared that in her effort to lose weight she was now able to eat only 1 meal a day and skip dinner without feeling hungry.

A lady at the coffee shop also told me that she tries to skip dinner so that she can lose weight.

If you're thinking eating fewer meals a day will make you slimmer, congratulations! It's only going to make you fatter!

Fatter. Yes. I'm not joking. There are scientific reasons for that.

My friend explains it rather well. Read it at his blog (scroll down to "Why Must I Eat More Often When I Wanna Lose Weight?") or you can take my word (or picture) for it :D

Since moving in to live with my sister and buying a stove, I've been cooking my own meals most of the time. I'm eating much healthier food and more frequently - about 4 meals a day. I feel myself getting leaner.

I'll share with you what I've been cooking over the past month in another post.


Fabby said...

Looking great Yu-Kym! :)

David said...


You do look very fit!

Eating 4 meals each day is very close to what I have read in some health newletters.

Many recommend eating 4 to 6 snack size meals each day. Small meals keep one from becoming hungry and looking for high cal snacks, (alas this is my GREAT weakness...).

This is also recommended for diabetics and people with digestive problems. Small meals are easier to digest. For diabetics small meals keep the blood sugar levels more stable, without the high spike that comes when eating big meals.

Looking forward to your home diet in detail!


The person rowing the boat seldom has time to rock it.

-- Author Unknown

...the book not in the mail!

CozyCot said...

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Master said...


you look orgasmicly sexy!!

pls post more

Fabby said...

-_-'' I got that exact same comment from Cozycot.

Anonymous said...

I say:

Eating only two complete and nutricious meals a day or perhaps skipping the 3rd whenever one feels like it and exercising regularly and sufficiently will make one lose weight. Because in between the two meals when one begins to go hungry after a good workout, the body burns needed energy to replenish itself by taking from other parts.

Eating multiple small meals a day without the corresponding exercises to burn off the intake, will make one put on weight. Eating multiple small meals a day with regular exercises may also make one put on weight because the body need not replenish itself internally but has the multiple meals to do the task.

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

curious cat, everything else remaining equal, eating the same amount of calories per day but in smaller portions will help people lose fat. If the portions they eat are too large, their overall calorie intake for the day is increased, so they would gain weight.

Anonymous said...


Glad you clarified this point about calories. TQ

Dont think one should just hinge on your suggestion "If you're thinking eating fewer meals a day will make you slimmer, congratulations! It's only going to make you fatter!"

curious cat