Sex pheromones do not exist?

I wrote in my post about sexual chemistry that everyone has a unique "odourprint" that enables human beings to select mates with dissimilar genes using scent. I also wrote in another post about sex pheromones.

Now, Dr. Richard Doty believes that pheromones do not exist. He says that mammals, unlike insects, do not give off chemical signals that other mammals can then pick up. He goes on to say that people want to believe that pheromones exist because it is human nature to want to believe in the unknown.

Maybe he is right. We want to believe in the unknown: ghosts, God, aliens, and more. Perhaps we are attracted to certain people because of other factors, not the elusive sex pheromones. Strangely, I am not always repulsed by guys with some body odour but I can even find it sexy. Maybe it's because they are good-looking, nice or hunky. Or maybe it's their sex pheromones...


Anonymous said...

I think when one refers to body odour, it usually means "bad". So I'm therefore surprised Yu-Kym that you are able to overcome "some" bad body odour and be able to be sexually turned on if the guy is a good looking hunk!

It's the same like if he's a gorgeous looking man but speaks somewhat a little uncouth or behave a little like a roughian, smells a little like a chimney, has an IQ somewhat below average, etc you would be able to be turned on in a sexual way too!

I'm surprised! I can't reconcile your usually high standards with this revelation! keke

curious cat

David said...


A most interesting article.

However until similar results are obtained in other controlled studies this will be a topic of conjecture.

However one can make a case for this study. Perfumes, cologne, scented soaps and detergents make all of smell much different from our ancestors.

The marketing concept that sex sell, has proven to be true.

An attractive women either as a prop or spokesmodel gets both male and female attention. For the ladies, consider that Fabio's image has appeared on more than 400romance novels and in countless print and TV advertising.

Yu-Kym could do a study of the visual connection between male and female along the linse of what type of sexy women is best to gain attention for a product, and to also result in more of a product being sold.

Another POV regarding phermones was written in 2009 and is found here:

Exceprt: "Are pheromones in humans a myth or are they real? At this point, it is difficult to say either a definite yes or a definite no. The field is obviously very confused, and for every paper one finds that seems to demonstrate the existence of human pheromones, one can find another equally compelling study refuting their existence. In this paper I have tried to consider a few compelling bits of evidence, but it should be noted that none of these results are yet widely accepted, and no pheromone has yet been isolated and conclusively linked to a physiological effect in humans. Further, much of the work in this field is of a qualitative nature, without adequate controls or firm statistical basis.

As a male I do respond to the visual more than the scent.

Put together an attractive women, who smell great...


There are no accidents in the life of the Christian.

-- Rowland Bingham

Anonymous said...

Some say men's armpit odour attracts women.

If that is true, then the one with the most women chasing after him must be someone who never takes a shower.

Anonymous said...

I asked my gynea whether sex pheromones exist and he said no.

"Then why do so many male eyes follow me wherever I go?"

He just smiled and looked in the direction of my breasts.

"That is your answer", he quip.

"No, they're just normal, not oversize".

"That and the perfume you wear. It's too tantalising", he added. "Whenever you come for your appointments, my colleagues tells me I am the luckiest Gynea in this ward".

"Really? And what did you say?"

"I tell them the luckiest person in the world is your husband".


David said...


That and the perfume you wear. It's too tantalising"

This is good ancecdotal proof of phermones not existing.

Perfumes and the visual shape what many find attractive.


That and the perfume you wear. It's too tantalising"

eula_w said...
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