Neurotic women need frequent sex

When you blame your boss' or colleague's black face in the morning on "didn't get it last night", you may be right. Research has shown that sex in marriage seems to make people happy and improved the next day's mood.


~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Btw, your name "Charlene" is so sweeet! I loike that hoho :D

David said...


A friend once called Elizabeth, his sister, by the name of Lizardsbreath, when he was upset with her.

You are wise to establish a brandname

Swithcing topics, I always thought Yu-Kym sounded Chinese not Korean.

BTW Charlene is a very good name!

Wishing for your success in the world of writing!


If we are together nothing is impossible, and if we are divided all will fail.

- Winston Churchill

Anonymous said...

Tell them that you are North Korean, and sure no one will dare to bully you!