Nerds put heads together to hunt child abusers

Nerds, erm I mean researchers, developed computer programs that analyse Internet traffic to identify people who are looking for and posting child porn on file-sharing networks. [Read more]

So how is this helpful?

When the police find child porn on a person's computer, they can charge him with possession of child porn but it does not get to the root of the problem, that is, finding the people who produce and distribute child porn. The computer program aims to find the computers that are posting new material on file-sharing networks.

That's like using technology to solve one of the problems created by the use of technology. A smart way to ensure that nerds will always have jobs? Long live nerds!


Anonymous said...

Maybe its a government conspiracy to track us!

Anonymous said...
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David said...


When super nerds and research nerds find a child porn user, that persons computer most often has links to other child porn users, and web-sites or torrent sites that the child porn community try to keep hidden from the mainstream web.

Long live nerds!


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-- G. K. Chesterton

Anonymous said...

The latest OZ NSW Gov't audit of child porn internet access via parliament MPs found that the most access was done by Reverant Fred Nile, a preacher, and his excuse was that "I never saw those porn or paedophile sites. It was my staffs going research".

Hence anyone found with such materials in their computer should emphasize that "It is for research purposes into anti-porn and anti-paedophile strategies"!