My magazine article: What do women REALLY want in bed, how to deliver

Read my article in Men's Health Magazine, Jan 2011, p. 104, 105 !

The scientific truth behind what women want


Anonymous said...

Did you really hav e experience unless it is a book or a matter of knowledge than experience?You won't know the difference?

Anonymous said...

Who will have ALL the experience in everything and anything? As long as Yu-Kym has enough personal experiences and did thoughtful informative and revealing researches, her book would have benefitted the less-well informed. If not that, it's also fun and easy reading.

I encourage those who are purportedly ardent fans of her blog to at least purchase a book. I have and I assure you it's not a book you can pooh-pooh at.

I dont have any stake in her booksales. keke

curious cat