It's my birthday!

I always dread my birthday. I want to think of it as just another day. In a way, it is just another day but it's a day that forces me to think about how I had been living my life. No boyfriend, nowhere close to having a million dollars and another year older but wiser, I'd like to think.

Last year I managed my birthday blues by accomplishing some goals: to improve my 2.4km track and 6km trail run times (13:01 and 42:00 respectively). My run times were the best I'd ever run in my life so I took comfort in that accomplishment. I took that as proof that I'm older and better.

The accomplishment that I relish this year is the publication of my book.

Still, I feel that I've not done everything that I need to do. My mind is filled with what-if's and to-do's. Perhaps it is my nature never to be satisfied but I should not to feel bad about it because that's what drives me to accomplish more and more each year.

Next year will be a tough year. My mum got retrenched (without compensation) so I'll have to contribute to her loss of income. Writing doesn't really pay. In fact, I have to fork out my own money to print my book. I wish a knight in shiny armour will come round and solve all my problems. But I know that's just a fairy tale and that things are accomplished only through hard work, luck and help from people. I am very fortunate that sponsored my book cover otherwise I would have to pay alot to get a good cover. Their artists did a fantastic job at coming up with the concept and producing the cover ahead of schedule. They exceeded my expectations. Please surf to their website
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I am also fortunate to have many friends, readers and supporters like you. I know some of you have helped to spread the word about my blog and my book on Facebook, Twitter and by email. I appreciate also the trust and support of those who have pre-ordered my book. The money would help me cover part of the printing cost.

I would like to ask that you help spread the word about my book. Here is a teaser (below) that you can copy and paste in email to your friends. Or you can post the link to my "buy" page on Facebook/Twitter ( ) Thanks!

And, oh yes, please buy my book! ;)


Dear friends,

I want to share with you information about a new book
Sex Education 201: Penis Matters, Orgasms and Oral Sex

Here's a teaser:

Penis Matters
The penis comes in various shapes. I think they look like lethal weapons.
Torpedo: The most common shape is the torpedo. The shaft is of equal thickness throughout and ends with a rounded-tipped head.
Rocket: The shaft is of equal thickness throughout and narrows into a small and pointy head like the tip of a sharpened pencil.

The most intense orgasm – the "OMG!" orgasm (OMGO) – makes me feel totally out of control. This is earth-shattering and mind-blowing! It feels like I am being brought to the edge of the universe and I might burst into a million bits. In that split second when I can feel that I am reaching orgasm, I am usually in two minds about whether to stop or continue – I want to feel that high but I am afraid to get blown out of the universe! I always have to grab hold of something so that I do not get blown away. The feeling is out of this world! This is indeed a la petite mort (French for “little death” which is a common reference for a sexual orgasm. I find this appropriate because there are people who get heart attacks during sex!). The result of this is often squirting, also known as female ejaculation.

The first time I squirted, I wet the car seat. I felt like I urinated but it did not much smell as strong as urine. The man did not complain. With a smile on his face, he said with excitement, “You are so wet!”

Oral Sex

I fantasize about shafting it between my legs and smothering the man. The thought of him going down on me on his own accord and enjoying the taste and scent of my nectar turn me on. Why does the thought of receiving oral sex (also known as cunnilingus) turn me on?

I have not come across any man who does not like receiving oral sex (also know as fellatio or blowjob). Thankfully, it is not something that I dislike giving. In fact, I enjoy giving oral sex.

But blowjobs are neither easy nor comfortable to do. Job-related injuries include a strained neck, tired jaws and gag reflex. There are five common positions that I use. All of them involve a great deal of hard work.

Position 1: Man lying on his back
This position is relaxing for the man. I have control over the speed and depth. However, being in this position for extended periods of time puts strain on the neck and back. My legs would get tired too. If I am only licking his penis, I can sit or lie down between his legs or by his side. Before I start any up and down movement, I sit either between the man's legs or beside his body with my legs together and tucked under my buttocks. I pivot the movement at my neck, waist or knee. I try not to move my neck excessively. I maintain a straight lower back to minimise back strain as I move my back up and down, pivoting my movement about my waist. I can also choose to pivot my movement about my knees instead. I use my thigh muscles to move my body up and down. I can alternate between using my neck, back or thighs or use all three movements at the same time. If my hands are not occupied with other tasks, I place them on the bed to support my body to take some load off my waist and legs. Whichever way I do it, this position is still strenuous.

How to buy
This book can be ordered online for only S$15. Payment by funds transfer, credit card and paypal are accepted. FREE postage for Singapore addresses for payment by funds transfer. International orders can be shipped or airmailed.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Yu-kym! :)
Best wishes and hope you get a great boyfriend soon!

I will try to save up to buy your book ^^

With love, Asuka.

David said...


Happy Birthday!

May you know joy that comes with being a better person than you were the year before!

Happy for you!!! ;-)


CharlieTT said...

Happy Birthday Yu Kym!

Wish you many good and blessed years ahead! And also find a boyfriend real soon!