Do you believe in retribution?

One of Bernard Madoff's son, Mark Madoff, is dead.

Bernard Madoff in jail for running a Ponzi scheme. He cheated many people. Some "invested" their life savings, others borrowed money to "invest".

A Ponzi scheme basically is about taking investment money from one person to give to another.
You take investment money from X, and promise high returns.
You take investment money from Y, and promise high returns.
Then you take some of Y's money to give to X.
X receives the money. X is impressed that the investment has paid off. X decides to invest even more money. X also borrows money to invest. X tells his friends and relatives about the great investment opportunity.
It's not that easy to run a Ponzi scheme. Although you don't have to worry about how the stock market is doing (because you're not investing; you're just spending their money), you have to keep the investments coming in and pay your investors something so that they don't lose confidence in you.

Bernard Madoff and his family lived in luxury off his investors' billions. After being convicted, Bernard is in prison serving a 150-year jail term idling away after spending the money that his investors had slogged for.

Now, his son Mark was found dead on Saturday on Dec 11. Mark was being investigated for his involvement in the Ponzi scheme. Suicide is suspected, according to media reports. I won't be surprised if someone murdered him. It must be the worst of retributions for a man to have to live knowing that it was his wrong-doing that killed his son. He'll have 150 years to think about that.

People always question why wicked people don't seem to get their retribution. Maybe God is forgiving, or maybe God will punish them in their afterlife. I believe that what goes around comes around - in a flow of energy and circle of life kind of way. Sometimes the good/bad does not come directly back to you but to your loved ones.

I neither rejoice nor mourn when I see what appears to be some form of retribution. I'm more like "So? What did you expect?"


Anonymous said...

There is retribution. There is Universal Justice.

Some people just call it humbug. To know the truth, just look around you.

From my personal life, I am convince there the above is true because there are events that happened which simply cannot be attributed to just "coincidence".

Therefore, there IS retribution.

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Yes, i believe too.

Therefore one should not do evil for the worst retribution is the one that falls on your loved ones and sadly many times, it's too late for regrets.

David said...


Retribution or poetic justice.

Bernie Madoff did all that you said. His motives and greed lead him to hurt many without any apparent remorse.

What happen to his son is sad.

Unfortunatley with the legacy of Mark's father looming large few will have or express any smypathy.


True faith produces a life full of actions, not a head full of

Anonymous said...

I hope Osama and his family will get some retributions as well.

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, could you share with us some of your observations?

Pink Miu Miu, do you believe that we can make up for the bad things we have done by doing good deeds?

David, oh yes. Poetic justice. A term more often used in literature. Here, we like to use the terms "retribution" and "karma" (although karma doesn't mean retribution).

David said...


More on Mark Madoff and sad ending to his life can be found here:

And at:

Except from NYDaily:

Ponzi scion Mark Madoff had grown increasingly despondent in the months before his suicide as the taint attached to his name made it impossible for him to find a job.

"He'd been trying to move on with his life but he wasn't successful," a source close to Madoff said yesterday.

The 46-year-old investment banker had cast about among his old contacts on Wall Street, but could barely get anyone to even call him back, the source said.

That, plus a suit that threatened to leave him bankrupt and the possibility of criminal charges stemming from his father Bernie's epic Ponzi scam left the younger Madoff feeling like the walls were caving in.

"The pressure was mounting," the source said. "He's been upset for two years."
* * * * *

This is a case that ill gained riches do not have happy endings.

One can look to at some rich people like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have promised to give alway most of their weatlh.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has already given away more than $1 billion USD around the world.


~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Mm.. we definitely cant make up for the bad things (hurt, disappointment and damage) that we have caused.. b ut by doing good, it is a redeem for ourselves (hopefully) on the judgment day.

Sometimes when we do bad things, we cant even forgive ourselves after we realise it and the guilt will still hang on...

Anonymous said...

Just to add on to Pink Miu Miu's comment...we should do good for the sake of goodness, and not to get something in return or to please God.

I think there are many people out there who do good not for the sake of goodness but hoping to get something in return or to avoid retribution.

Anonymous said...

Retribution is coined to console ourselves - after suffering under the hands of our perpetrator, boss, supervisor, mother-in-law, etc.

In all likelihood, we are just as capable of inflicting the same harm as our perpetrators.

It is in our nature. Why?

Easy to condemn Hitler for his war crimes; right? But do you know what indignities he & fellow Germans suffered in the hands German Jews who controlled German economy in pre WW2 Germany & colluded with the Allies (under the Treaty of Versailles; Germany had to pay crippling damages arising from WW1)?

The victors of war always deemed their version of the events leading to conflict, is THE truth!

Is it not cruel for elderly cleaners to earn, say $750 a month? If so, why have you not spoken up for them? These elderly workers were the Labour Force who built our roads & basic infrastructure. It is pretty shabby, the salary they can obtain in their twilight years.

Will it not give us a better quality of life; if the elderly folks could earn $1,700/month same as a fresh diploma holder starting on his first job?

For more extreme examples; look at the living quarters of some foreign workers, maids working 14 hours in our homes, etc, etc.

Singaporeans, when are WE getting OUR retribution?

I think our nation is too caught up with acquiring the trappings of wealth. Eg, displaying country clubs logos on the front windscreen of our cars - this as one of the most arrogant display of wealth (are they really that rich?) I ever have the misfortune to witness.

Owners of Mercedes E200 with the E200 logo removed (an inferiority complex arising from the fact he could not afford an E250!) are another dispicable species.

Some of my friends from Europe could not hide their mirth when they saw it!

After paying a price 3x the amount for the same model in Germany, they have an inferiority complex?

I dont know what surprised them more; the price or the complex.
Do you know, ordinary Germans dislike those countrymen who drive vehicles other than Volkswagon? In Germany, owning an Audi, BMW, Mercedes or any foreign make was a certain sign you are stuck-up!

So your neighbour has an E class Mercesdes with one country club sticker, you go & buy an S class and stuck 2 club stickers.

Will you two ever spare a thought for the elderly lady clearing the lunch table? (Observe how many have the grace to say 'thank you' to them!)

Wearisome isn't it?

Actually, you do not have to. If you look carefully, it is all fated to happen that way.

Regards, Leo

I think not!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Goodness!

Some one claimed "Retribution" is inflicted by ourselves. Silly ah! No lah! By retribution we mean evens that happen without us lifting a finger like the first born is an albino retard, or suffer from cancer ah! If we have to inflict it ourselves, then it is called vengeance, retaliation, an-eye-for-an-eye etc.

Hitler deserved what he got. No body expected him to be usccessful.
"German Jews controlled German economy in pre WW2" - Oh my Goodness! Really?!

"Is it not cruel for elderly cleaners to earn, say $750 a month? If so, why have you not spoken up for them? " - the reason is very simply lah. Con-You locked up all the unionist more than 30 years ago, then formed his own shame unions and put garment minister as head of the unions, any complaints ah, haven't you heard of "The Fine City!"

"These elderly workers were the Labour Force who built our roads & basic infrastructure. It is pretty shabby, the salary they can obtain in their twilight years." - yeah true, true but not under Pee-a-Poo!

Anonymous said...

Gee, "Audi, BMW, Mercedes " are NOT German brands?!

Then are these Singapore brands?

Anonymous said...


Are you as stupid as your comments?

" ... coined to console ...." means there is no such thing as retribution - from God or whatever!

All good and bad deeds are done by humans, period.

Did someone remove your balls? If you are refering to Mr Lee Kuan Yew as "Con-You", then say it.

And how did you know for a fact; more than 30years ago, Union Leaders were representing workers' rights & NOT playing politics?

Anonymous, Curious Cat was spot-on describing you as a coward who only dare to take pot-shots at Lee Kuan Yew, PAP, Sillipore, from the safety of your computer keyboard.

If you dont like the lack of true-blue Union representation, stop being a worker. Be a boss like Yu-Kym who got an anonymous writer to contribute retarded comments - and helped generate traffic in her blog!

For those curious about histroy;
After WW1, the allies wanted to extract maximum compensation without having to run the German economy. This was engineered under the Treaty of Varsailles. The merchant class in Germany at that time, were predominantly German Jews who colluded with the Allies to pay compensation with horrible inflationary results.

After seizing power, Hitler Nationalized the German industry - he confiscated assets & commerce of German Jews (surprise, you wont read this in British histroy books).

True, Hitler was inhuman. But he fought for a German nation to be free from the greedy hands of the so-called noble British & their fair-weather Allies.

And he whipped the British asses well & truly good. If the Americans had not mobilised against the Germans, English folks would be speaking with a teutonic accent today. Might have done them a world of good - look whose economy is sick today!

BTW, where did I mentioned Audi, BMW & Mercedes are NOT German brands?

Anonymous, you wish to show more of that dumb brain of yours?

Regards, Leo

Anonymous said...

Ah , another looony! Everyone in Singapore knows what "Con-You" means without further elaboration unless you don't live here!

"German Jews who colluded with the Allies to pay compensation" - any prove of that, reference please! Otherwise it is just your shit!

"BTW, where did I mentioned Audi, BMW & Mercedes are NOT German brands?" - why don't you read your post carefully!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, we are sorry you have a retarded brain residing in your head.

Will it be too much of an effort for you to identify yourself?

A retarded person might engender some sympathy from us; a coward AND a retarded person, what's the point?

Hint: look at your reflection when you label Mr Lee Kuan Yew or Singapore with your derisive words. You are worth every ounce of the description you have of others.

Like I mentioned before, I hope you will continue to amuse us with your 'Sillipore, Con-You, Looney, ..... ' adjectives.

Keep writing!

Regards, Leo

David said...


Your history regarding the results of WWI and Hitler's treatment of the Jews require some revision.

As it is the POV you present are in some cases revionistic propaganda.

In 1919 the German Revolution (German: Novemberrevolution) was the politically-driven civil conflict in Germany at the end of World War I. The period lasted from November 1918 until the formal establishment of the Weimar Republic in August 1919.

Hitler returned from a military hospital to Munich in early 1919. There he underwent a Reichswehr sponsored course of systematic political education for demobilizing soldiers that featured Pan-German nationalism, antisemitism, and anti-socialism.


Antisemitism was a familiar part of European political life in the 1800s. Political antisemitism was preceded by centuries of religious persecution of Europe's Jews.

There is evidence as early as 1919 that Hitler had a strong hatred of Jews. As Chancellor and later ReichsfŸhrer, Hitler translated these intense feelings into a series of policies and statutes which progressively eroded the rights of German Jews from 1933-1939.

Hitler like you stated was most inhuman. Rather than free the German people, he fooled them into another war that brought more pain, more suffering and death than WWI.

Two Germanies existed until 1989 when the Soviet empire collasped from internal rotting.

United today one Germany is the economic success of Europe.


Soft Release said...

The greatest tyrant Germany has ever produce was Karl Marx. Marxism has killed more people than WW11 under Hitler.

David said...

Soft Release,

Quite right!

More than 100 million have been murdered by Marxist regimes, and the number increase with each day!

Some complain and even condemn western style democracies. No democratic society has brutally murdered millions of its citizens.