Circumcision may increase HIV cases

Circumcision reduces the risk of a man contracting HIV from sex. Circumcision is used as measure to reduce the spread of HIV in some 3rd world countries. Sounds all good? Not exactly. The women have concerns.

Some men in those 3rd world countries misunderstand that circumcision prevents them from contracting and passing on HIV. Some women think that this incorrect notion could lead to a rise in promiscuity among men, men insisting having sex without condoms and a higher incidence of female genital mutilation (in countries where it is common), says a study. [Read report]

Here, we see that the lack of education poses social and health problems. When examined from a different perspective, what's thought of as "good" could actually be "bad". It's not a matter of who's right or wrong but that people from different cultures (e.g. in those where female genital mutilation is practised) think and behave differently.

Circumcision on its own reduces HIV risk but the increase in number of unprotected sexual encounters by circumcised men who think they cannot contract HIV would result in a higher incidence of HIV cases.


Anonymous said...

A circumcised person may have a lower risk of contracting HIV, but there is still a probability of contracting HIV. So, one must always practise safe sex.