Are you a tanner or a burner?

Most guys I know like going to the pool - but not to swim. The go there to lie around and get a suntan. I know that a tan makes guys' bodies look taut and defined. That's why bodybuilders have to smooth on lotion to give them a fake tan just before going on stage.

However, the strange thing is: many bodybuilders are fair-skinned because they spend more time in the gym trying to build muscles than in the sun trying to get a tan, while non-bodybuilders would spend lots of time in the sun trying to get a tan but never any time in the gym. What does the latter hope to achieve? Is there any use in having a sun-kissed body that's covered in flab? Let's not forget the cancer-causing Ultra-Violet (UV) rays that they expose their skin to.

A diving instructor told me candidly that Caucasian women who spend too much time sunbathing look older than their real age and have skin as thick as leather. Whenever I come face-to-face with a Caucasian's bare back or shoulders, I always see many freckles and brown melanin spots. I wonder if that's supposed to look attractive.

Asian skin is not necessarily less prone to freckles and spots. Among Singaporean Chinese people, I've notice that there are 2 skin types: the type that gets tan from sun exposure (the "tanners") and the type that burns but never tans (the "burners").

Skin gets tan when melanin is produced in the skin as a reaction to sun exposure. It is the skin's natural defence system to provide some protection again UV rays. If a person's skin does not get tan but only burns from sun exposure, we can conclude that this person is more prone to skin damage than the person who tans easily.

I strongly advise the "burners" to give up trying to get a suntan because they'll never get a nice tan. Anyway, frequent suntanning is bad regardless of whether you're a tanner or a burner. Time is better spent in the gym if the objective is to improve your appearance. A man with a taut, muscular body and fair skin looks way better than one who has a deep tan but flabby or too skinny. The first man worked hard for his body, the second one is a lazy ass who only had to lie there! [Why I prefer fit and muscular men]

Are you a tanner or a burner?
I'm a tanner but I'm not interested in suntanning. I use sunblock if I'm planning to be in the sun for extended periods of time. I'm going on a beach holiday next month. I'll probably still come back with tanlines despite the sunblock.

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Anonymous said...

Well said.

Girl girl.

Anonymous said...

Fit men, not necessarily muscular men tells a lot about that person. Not only the state of his body but also the discipline and attitude how he conducts his life!

curious cat