Your place or mine?

On TV, usually the man goes to the woman's place to have sex. Perhaps it is because they get to re-use the same set (the lead actress' bedroom) instead of having to create a new one for each new man the character sleeps with. In reality - or at least in Singapore - that's hardly the case because:

#1 - Most women live with their parents until they get married (some live with their parents even after getting married) so they are not comfortable with inviting men home for sex,
#2 - Women are supposed to act chaste. Only promiscuous women invite men home,
#3 - Women are supposed to have neat and clean bedroom but they don't so it's better not to allow men into their homes to find that out,
#4 - Women know that a good way to find out what the men are really like is to check out their homes (cleanliness, selection of furniture, what's in the fridge, porn lying around, etc),
#5 - Women know that sex can get messy. They don't want to have to clean up the mess to have to deal with a broken bed,
#6 - Women know that there are too many psycho stalkers out there. Hell hath no fury like a psycho scorned. It's better not to let men know where the women live.

I'm not a big fan of inviting men home, my biggest fear being the last one mentioned. Of course, I could never use that as a reason to a man's face because no man thinks of himself as a psycho. Going to a hotel would be the best option - no cleaning up and no stalking - though rooms are not always available during peak hours and it could be inconvenient if you're planning on bringing whips and chains.


~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Good one esp for girls to take note.
For me, i have only one partner so far hehe so it's usually home or my ex-office (oops) or outside (enjoy the thrill) for some moments of intimacy .. and i love your last sentence :P

Actually hotel rooms are fine (for travelling) but not for those 1-2 hrs check-in coz firstly it's obvious :P then pls dun feel good to use ICs to register, is like leaving your identity behind.

boh.tak.chek. said...

u dun like to invite men home? hmmm...i tot otherwise. My sis has a sickening habit of bring different bfs home everynight, and they'll spend the night together. So, i dun agree with you that women tend not to being their lovers/bf home.

It would be nice if the girl goes to spend the night at her bf's home for a change

David said...


No disagreement with here.

Women are at a disadvantage when it comes when and where to engage in intimate adult behaviour.

Your warning about stalkers should be read again by your female readers.

While true predators are few, the damage they can let loose upon an innocent women is beyond mere words.

Single women need to know effective self defense.


When you are ready to stop bargaining, He will lead you to a place of peace and blessings.

Anonymous said...

Yu-Kym, u forgot one more, neighbours!
Bring different man home every night, they think u Prost or what.

U want to get dirty looks in the lift?

What if u kick him out & he spray your name, mobile & unit no. on the lift wall? Losers r like that!

CharlieTT said...


Agree hotel is still the best when come to finding a place to have sex. And yes, do not bring him home unless you know him very well.
But do be very careful if you bring along whip and chain. Get caught and you will be charged for carrying dangerous weapon......LOL