Suicide: The final cry for attention

We know that many people commit suicide each year. But now, not only do they commit suicide, they make dramas out of it. They do it because they know it will be news.

What's worth committing suicide over?
Stress at work?
Your nude pictures displayed on the web without your consent?
Your sex videos streamed online without your knowledge?
To make someone else feel guilty?

Thai FHM model committed suicide. The motive for the suicide is believed to be stress from romantic and financial problems, and the fact that the model was an introvert. [read more]

Korean model Daul Kim found hanged in apparent suicide at Paris apartment . Supposedly killed herself because of the pressure from her work. [read more]
They were young. They were beautiful. Oh, life is so hard!!!

This is a funny one:
Boys entered into a suicide pact so that they could become demon slayers in their next life!
[read more]

Now, in these 2 cases below, the people who committed suicide wanted the public to know about and talk about their suicide:

Tyler Clementi committed suicide days after his college roommate streamed a "live" video of him having sex with another man.
Before killing himself, he posted on Facebook that he was going to do so. [read more]

A Japanese man streamed a "live" video of his suicide on the Internet.
He killed himself over stress at work. [read more]

If they simply wanted to commit suicide because they are unhappy, that's stupid. If they want to commit suicide and want the public to see it, that's taking their cries for attention too far.

Is attention so important to the extent of trying to get it when they're dead if they can't get it when they're alive?

I know that when I'm dead, I'm just dead. It won't matter to me whether people feel sad or bad because I'll be too dead to think or feel anything!


Anonymous said...

A very profound subject.

I think it is prudent to view human behaviour with as much compassion as we possibly can.

I offer this after witnessing the anguish of people who were close to the sucide-person.

For them, there is a great deal of guilt at not having tried to prevent it. Thoughts like, "did my words or actions hurt him/her too?", "why didn't I knew what he/she was going through?",.....

Thus, the very act of suicide seems to lay some blame on people near him/her.

As an example, the young man who had a "live" streaming of a video of him having sex with another man.

Was Tylert happy / comfortable with a homo-sexual orientation?

That a room-mate would betray him must have been devastating.

That an entire global audience could see, hear, experience his participation in a private act, must have been enough to tip him over to choose to end his life.

Can anyone tell me what happened to his perpetrators? I am incapable of having any compassionate or charitable thoughts of them.

Now you know why he commited suicide? One way or other, I think he wanted all of us to know, "see what you have done?!!"

If it is any consolation to Tyler's parents, just as his perpetrators are destined to do such acts, they are also destined to receive equal or worse treatment in the next world - for a very, very long time.

Why is there so much injustice?

I was a Christian. There is much comfort in believing an Almighty to protect & guide me.

All human beings need to believe in a supernatural being as it is only possible to undo the evil of this world; if there is a supernatural being.


BUT, the disappointing fact of Christianity is the hypocrisy Christians, the Vatican, churches, ... are allowed to get away with. It seems their Almighty deliberately allowed it (& all the chaos in this world) in order people have no choice but to ask for (& believe in) His intervention.

I prefer to believe the teachings of my priest. He said; the infinite events in this world are only incomprehensible to our minds. These events, due to sheer complexity & numbers seem random.

The precision of the revolution of Earth around Sun is not by accident or random.

The precision of the distance of moon from Earth is not by accident or random.

The precision of the development of human, animal & plant species is not by accident.

Nothing is random. Everything is fixed.

Weep not my friends. For every death, be it a loved one, is predestined. Learn to appreciate your,
true friends (you know how difficlut that can be?),
parents (if they brought you up well & behaved well),
siblings (if they behaved like a brother or sister),
lovers (who bared their most cherished & basic needs to you),
a decent Government (who protect & ensure our peaceful lives),
a house to call home (no matter how humble or swanky, it is still a shelter from all the chaos of this world),
......... the list goes on,
and of course Yu-Km, for allowing us to share, argue & vent all our views, thoughts & beliefs with a vast pool of intelligent minds.

Deep regards, Leo

David said...


A very thought provoking post.

Suicide is a waste of human life. You presented some very public and very sad life ending examples.

How can anyone reach a point where they feel that absolutley no one cares, understands or can help them out of lifes problems is what most us will never be able to understand.

Those who succeed with a suicide attempt on the first attempt are those truly in the depths of despair, those who have a few sub-successful attempts are crying out for help.

Leo, be cautious when using the brush of hypocrisy at Christian's. No doubt many Christian's along with members of other faiths are indeed hypocrits.

Christianity however has done far more good in its history than evil. The evil and hypocritical acts are carried out by individuals. As a group real Christians are among the most compassionate people on this Earth.

I know that the Lord has a purpose for me. I also know He will call me home only when that time has come.

Some in Korea and Japan committed suicide because of pressures from the companies they worked for, pressure to have sex with executives or producers. Pressures to do things the person would never want to do.

Life is precious and a gift.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yu-kym.
I am a depressive and suicidal person. I am also an introvert. I know it's hard for others to understand why someone could kill themselves just like that.

To a suicidal person or an introvert, whenever a sad feeling comes, it is always extremely overwhelming. So suicide is the only way to get rid of this overwhelming sad feeling.

Whenever I'm down, I felt there is no meaning to life because I never chose to be born in the first place.

I'm ok now but I know the suicidal feeling will come again in the future.

Yu-Kym said...

Leo, his roommate was charged with invasion of privacy.

David, I can't pretend to understand how people with suicidal tendencies think. If someone posts my sex video online, I'll make sure I live to see justice done.

Anon, do you exercise? I know many people, including myself, who improved their mental health by exercising:
I have a friend who used to have suicidal thoughts. His thoughts here:

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who feels depressed, please see a doctor without delay.

Our mind consist of our;

(1)intellect - reasoning ability. It gathers information, analyse & helps you decide.

We should rely on our intellect but many of us are incapable of being guided ONLY by our intellect, most people are controlled by next part; ie,

(2)emotions. Ladies, this is your Achillies Heel. The emotional part controls our feelings, happy, sad, love, hate, anger. We shouldn't allow emotions to control us but many do!

Thus if you feel sad, it really helps to talk to a friend who can listen well. Some people are naturally gifted at helping others out of sadness, some not!

Only a trained doctor knows how to help you relook your situation, and whether is as hopeless as it seems.

However, some depression are caused by chemical imbalance of your hormones. That's why you need a doctor to determine the actual cause.

For Anonymous, dont let others - be it relatives or co-workers bully or take advantage of you. "Bare your teeth" appropriately & they will back off.

If your emotions have seized you like you described, it is high time to see a Doctor,

(3) our instints. This part neither based on reasoning nor emotions. It is just hardwired to improve our 'perception' of danger. It helps maintain survival in hazardous situations. It may not be reliable but animals need it more than humans.

I hope you have a better understanding of how your mind works/controls you. If you still feel sad on a regular basis, see a doctor please.

If any medical practitioner finds any error in above, please correct the article immediately.

Regards, Leo

Anonymous said...

I don't exercise these few months (due to some hectic work schedule) but I used to allocate at least one hour on alternate days doing some simple weight lifting and exercises.

I believe exercising can help me to occupy my mind instead of sitting down staring at a blank wall. Now trying to get back into exercising.

Yu-Kym said...

Leo, I disagree with "only a trained doctor knows how to help you relook your situation". I have friends who received advice and medication from these so-called trained doctors. They will never teach their patients/clients how to build self-confidence or to use natural methods to overcome negative emotions because they want their clients to keep coming back or the doctors have no clue themselves. We watch too much TV: it makes us think that the first thing we do when we have a problem is to run to someone we pay to give us advice.

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, 15 mins , 3 times is all you need to make a difference. You can start by doing 5 mins of exercise after work, before you shower. Do some push ups, squats, etc till 5 mins is up. When you're in the mood you can do more. A little bit goes a long way :)

Anonymous said...

Hi All Readers & David,

Yes, there are good Christians just as there are bad Christians.

There are good Japanese soldiers just as there are bad Japanese soldiers.

There are good muslims just as there are bad muslims.

But if Church Bishops allowed to KNOWN child molesters to supervise a kindergarten, hushed up their previous crimes, where the current Pope was one of those Bishops, have it ever occurred to you the terrible anguish suffered by victims and their families?

If you call yourself a Christian, then it is the least you can do, is to behave like a human being with moral values.

Surely Christians cannot be allowed (the Bishops HUSHED UP their crimes ???!!!!!) to practise the very immoral acts they preached so loudly to their congregation?

Why, why do the rest of Christian communities keep silent? Silence is a loud message to the rest of humankind Christians can do nothing about their leaders past crimes.

I did not select Christianity for a non-complimentary comment. But if you were badly treated by Christians, wouldn't you be incline to tar all Christians with the same brush?

My youngest daughter at the tender age of 5 was asked to leave a Church's kindergarten when we had difficulty paying their fees.

A school I used to worked for - David if you clicked ACS(Independent) you will read about a recent scandal involving the Principal; supposely a Methodist Church institution, had some of the most loathsome people (read : Christians) you could ever wish to meet.

David, go click 'AWARE saga in Singapore' and read how a group of Christians wrested power away from the existing Management Committee.

34 years after leaving the Army, I still have vivd memories of the atrocious behaviour of 'Christians' who go round brandishing their faith like a Platinium credit card.

David, people of other faiths do not go round saying 'your God is false'. Only the Christians seems to be inclined to say it'.

David, life is difficult as it is. Must Christians go round proclaiming they are upright people when their behaviour stinks? Whenever this subject is discussed, others shared this common refrain - 'it makes me want to puke, drop the subject'.

When members of any faith behaved like hypocrites, is anyone suprised when they are called as such?

If I am a Japanese, I SHOULD NOT be offended by the lack of civility shown towards me (by SE Asia citizens). The atrocities committed by my forebears in WW2 is part of the burden I have to bear as a Japanese.

The Japanese have the gall to imprison the Boat Captain of a Chinese fishing boat.

Memories of past atrocities by Japanese troops, are a searing reminder to Chinese people. A stupid act can involve territorial, racial & historical grieviences combusting as a single conflagration engulfing the region in flames of war.

Ditto - for people claiming to be 'religious'.

See the passions stirred by religious or racial subjects?

Sigh ........

Regards, Leo

Anonymous said...

Yu-Kym, your advice may be both correct & incorrect.

Anonymous, keep writing to this blog if it occupies you.

Please do not think it is a stigma to visit the Institution of Mental Health.

Regards, Leo

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Jumping from high buildings are very popular in Sillypore. So join the culture!

Anonymous said...

Gee 55 year old amn still reading and watching this blog ( i.e. 34 years after leaving the Army)!? Wanking yourself off?

Anonymous said...

If someone driven crazy by the Stinkipore's life style, no amound of exercise can remove the tendency to end it all!

Yu-Kym said...

Leo, I have friends and friend's family members who sought advice and received treatment from doctors at IMH. Unfortunately, the doctors simply prescribe pills and even when the pill don't make any difference to the patients, they just prescribe even more pills. The solution is not always found in pills. In some people, the pills do work but for others the solution isn't talking to a doctor or popping pills.

Anon, this post could only make a necrophiliac want to wank himself off.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! Ha!

That was a good one, Yu-Kym. Our dear Anonymous writer must be clueless about where to get seriously good porn (if it even exists!)

Anonymous, you must continue writing to this blog. Besides revealing your immaturity & a tendency to bite the hand that feeds you, you will make any low-down good-for-nothing character feel really good about himself.

Sorry Everyone, I could not resist giving that side-swipe.

Anyway, I mentioned doctors because of the saying - "a little knowledge is dangerous". We can offer our sympathies to the writer who have suicide tendencies but our advice may (inadvertently) not be entirely beneficial to her mental health.

A pity about the poor treatment at IMH. Seek an explanation from the Minister of Health?

Regards, Leo

Anonymous said...

Ooh, big word "necrophiliac", me mo-tak-chiat no understand.

Look up dictionary, me thinks it says 'Leo wanks onto the face of a corpse"

David said...


At least you are fair and balanced.

Past crimes are difficult for the laity of any faith to atone for.

I hope and trust that not all Bishops or priest are child molesters, nor did all Church officials try to bury this horrible news. To be sure the Church tried to deal Priest who molested children with internal controls, and to few bad Priest were thrown or handed over for legal action.

Keeping knowledge of perpetrators was and remains wrong. The Church in the States has paid out hundreds of millions of USD to adults who were molested decades ago.
Many Priest who carried those acts, and those recently caught are now in jails.

The last at least 10-15 years saw a dramatic change, Priest facing only accusations of molesting have been discharged from duties, and Church official routinely cooperate with law enforcement officials.

Also important is that psycholgical screening is more in depth. 100, 50 even 20 years ago it was difficult to develop the profile of those with tendencies towards molesting children and pedophilia.

The Catholic Church due to its sized, rightly or wrongly has been singled out for having religous who molested children.

Truth is protestant minisiters, Islamic Imams and other religous of all faiths have molested children, or been unfaithful in religions that permit clerics to marry.

Religous faiths are a microcosm of society.

Pedophiles are as numerous as ever, they use the internet for distrubting names and addresses of children around the world. Young children have been part of the human trade for sex.

Why to some Christians tell others their belief or God is not true? To be honest some Christians engage in works of hypocrisy every day.

I am wary and suspicious of anyone who proclaims how holy they or a group might be, and then that person or group hurts others, hates others or carries out some detestable actions in the name of God.

Such is pure HYPOCRISY.

Chrisianity as I know it and practice tells me not to accuse anyone of sins and wrongs that I am guilty of.

I am not the one who can judge who is worthy of being saved or who deserves to be saved. No human can or should judge antother in this way.

God knows all there is to know about me, more in fact than even I can remember.

I do know this. That every one I meet, talk too, interact with on any level anywhere on this good Earth is either my brother or sister in the Christian sense.


The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.

-- Holmes

Anonymous said...

We must all recognise that there are ppl out there who are so weak in their mental and emotional state that no amount of common sense, counselling and guidance will ever save their souls or from their suicidal tendencies.

They will eventually meet their sad and ugly fate. This is not to say that things are "fixed" (as Leo subscribes to this belief), but that somethings are just not meant to turn out good. Some ppl just cannot be saved. In these cases, their serious inherent human weaknesses makes them impossible to rescue.

curious cat

Anonymous said...

"ppl just cannot be saved"

Oooh my God. God have mercy on Sillypore. HAS NAZISM COME TO SINGAPORE?!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous who ridicules Singapore as "Sillypore".

You see how you are such an expert at distortions of EVERYTHING? And how your sick mind works to fabricate and your foulmouth spew all manner of your evil thoughts?

But where you come from, what nationality are you and what ethnic race you belong to, you wont reveal. But yet you find it so easy to mouth lies about other countries and its people, always hiding behind this cloak of secrecy of your background? Very telling isnt it? There are very descriptive words to paint your kind of character or behaviour. But I wont, coz it's obvious to everyone who can detect a coward of a charlatan. Sorry I cant resist. Damn! lol

curious cat

Fabby said...

Walao. Crazy cases. I read about Tyler Clementi quite a number of times. Those two assholes (the indian guy and chinese girl. Forgot their names) who display his video to others deserve heavy punishment!

Anonymous said...

"an expert at distortions of EVERYTHING" - what distortion?!

Anonymous said...


It's so clear, if you can't see the distortion it's beyond hope! lol

You are so clever at twisting the words of other ppl that it may have become second nature that you cant see what you dont want to see. keke

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

Fabby, if Tyler didn't commit suicide, do you think the 2 people who schemed to put stream his sex encounter online would have gotten a lighter sentence?

curious cat, I agree that it's sad but true that some people are not strong enough to survive regardless of the amount of help they get. It's survival of the fittest. If we can't evolve fast enough to keep up with changes, then we don't get to survive.