The sound of machines drive me nuts

"Your house is very noisy," said my friend.

"What noise?" I asked. He pointed to the small hill in front of my apartment building with crickets chirping. And that friend isn't the only person I know who dislikes the sound of nature.

The view from my room window

Outside my window. The hill surrounds one side of the building

I love the sound of nature - the sound of the forest, the sound of waves crashing against the rocks, the sound of rain water falling on the ground, the terrifying claps of thunder... I find the sound of crickets and birds chirping from the nearby hill pleasing to my ears. It's interesting that in modern living, the sound of nature is regarded as "noisy" but the sound of washing machines, air-conditioners, vacuum cleaners, drills, motor vehicles, the television, the elevator, grass cutting machines and leaf blowers are so "normal" that nobody seems to be complaining about them.

Machines are supposed to make us more efficient and improve our quality of life but I find certain ones less efficient than the manual ones but cause a great deal of noise, e.g. a broom enables me to clean faster than the vacuum cleaner can, a rake is faster to use than a leaf blower. These 2 machines, by the way, drive me nuts!

Most people probably don't enjoy those sounds (I say most because many enjoy the sound of a Harley or Ferarri) but they have come to accept them. Perhaps the noise is one of the causes of our stress levels but we just don't realise it.


Anonymous said...

remind me when the days i was in kampong.

Your house has a very good fengshui then, surrounding by natural sounds..

Lena said...

Agree. But all noises that are irritating, regardless by nature or machine will lead to stress. I am quite terrified of insects, so I do feel the stress when I hear them nearby :P

Noises made by humans are so far the worst!

David said...


I agree that the sounds of nature are more relaxing and refreshing than anything manmade.

One day during the weeks ahead the first snowfall will blanket the ground here at northern latitudes.

Some years ago I noticed how snowy days and nights are quiter, (snow like fog muffles city noise), I took some minutes to recognize a new sound, the sound of gently falling snowflakes landing upon that new blanket of white now covering the ground.

An amazing sound, so quiet and unique.

Makes me long to return to Yellowstone.


What you do every day should contribute to giving your life meaning. If it doesn't, why are you doing it?

-- Don Hutcheson

Anonymous said...

There are so many paranoid people in Sillypore!

Anonymous said...

It is bad fungshui. All the creepy crawlies get into your unit, and the pontianaks give you bad dreams - like the dream you have being locked up in the shower ( perhaps the ponti wanted to have a shower fun with you, washing your ) etc.

But why your friend is always a "he" - a different he very night? Oh that is cool!
Gosh, thinking of that drives me silly. Afterall, this is Sillypore!

fx911z said...

Hmm, as someone who stays next too both an expressway and a forest, I'll say I prefer the sounds of nature over the drone of machines (Harley's though are awesome)

Anonymous said...

I am in a humorous mood.

About Anonymous writer who has such a hung up views of Sillipore, as he calls this City State,

At his most elegant, he calls us paranoid.

At his most profane, he calls us stupid, idoilts, dumb ass & of course most of the obligatory expletives in his limited vocabulary.

In another entry, he states (I think it msut have been the same writer) he is only living here for the money.

He claims he is non-Singaporean - he claims lifts stops at every floor in his dear country, opposition politicians are not sued to bankruptcy, etc, etc.

He has derided most things Singapore. Yet he has the gall to live & earn a living here.

I suppose he must get a big kick out of stabbing people who helped him, in the back!

Oh, please, some one shoot us to let such an ingrat to live in our midst.

Is he;

Japanese? No, these folks have better manners.

Korean? No, again better manners.

Taiwanese? No, their politicians are better at comedy than ours.

Mainland Chinese? No, our politics are child's play compared to theirs.

HongKong? Hmmmm... possible. But they are not such sore losers like asking Yu-Kym to change her blog to a porn site; after being told off.

Indian? No they are grateful for the peace & stability here.

Australian? No they dont build high rise buildings for public housing & they are generally polite.

American? Too far away to bother criticizing us.

MALAYSIAN ???? Hmm...., probably. He gets riled up whenever it was writen we are prepared to swan on his lakes if they cut off the water. If we do have that policy, where did he get the water to wash himself?

Do Malaysian opposition politicians pay damages for defaming politicians from their ruling party? No offence intended but if it is true, can you sue for defamation?

Once, I was summoned to their police station because a staff claimed we sacked him without a 1-month notice. He was my best welder and I make this known to the police officer. I even offered to take him under my immediate supervision IF, he dont throw tools in a tandrum, takes better care of a Volvo car in his personal use - like please dont totally wreck the left side paintwork when he is drunk-driving? Can he stop deriding the welding skills of other welders?

The Malaysian policeman was speechless!

You gave him a Volvo car for his personal use?

Yes, these are photos of the car before he took over & after.

Before going to the Police station, I thought I was going to get an earful about how Singapore bosses treat Malaysian staff. I brought along a list of mobile phone numbers of all my staff and wanted the Police to call anyone to verify it.

I sat through a most comical scene as the policeman berated him for well over 30 minutes.

"Even my father dont get a Pronton Saga after working all his life in a Malaysian Company"; Mr Policeman told him.

My welder was told to leave the room. After the door was close, Mr Policeman asked, "how many Singapore dollars you got?"

I handed over my wallet & invited him to take everything. I had one 50 ringgit note (about Singapore $22).

"What, do Singapore money ah?"

"We take 2 months to fabricate a furnace and 3 months to collect payment after commissioning it at our clients factory, how much spare money do you think we have flaoting around?" I asked with a smile.

"I see you next week then?" he asked.

"Bring your kakis (mates) along. Please park your cars along the road and we can walk over to eat the best Nasi Bryani (an Indian dish of curry rice) around here".

The presence of police cars on the street outside our factory was a big put-off for other bribe-seeking officials who regarded us as an Agony Aunt.

See, not ALL Malaysians got no manners and gratitude.

That's as funny as I know how.

Cheerios, Leo

Anonymous said...

To me, during a 2-hr race, the live sound of an F1 racing car is so very sexy! The sound of nature of a bird's incessant calling early in the morning when you want to continue your sleep can turn you murderous!

curious cat