Ooops... spam sperm!

A IVF facility, Thomson Medical Centre, in Singapore previously failed to comply with procedures to ensure that the right sperm gets to the right egg.

They used the sperm from the wrong man to fertilise the egg. The couple discovered it after the birth of the baby when a blood test was done to determine the baby's blood group. The mother is O and the father is A but the baby's blood group is B. [Read: how blood type is derived]

I'm sure the couple is happy in a way to have the baby but the situation here is really weird.

Couples opt for IVF instead of adoption partly because they want to raise children who carry their genetic material. From what I've been told by a friend, it's a painful and stressful process and it's not even that easy to have a baby through IVF.

What would you do if you are the parent?

(When the wrong sperm fertilises an egg, is the sperm called spam?)


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the lab technician masterbated into the test tube?

Anonymous said...

I read from somewhere that the dad is Caucasian and the mom is Chinese but their baby's skin was dark. So suspicion was rose. I cannot confirm whether this is true but if it is, I think it's pretty crap for the parents initially. But I'm sure they will grow to love the baby but imagine the confusion the child will have when people start questioning him in school.

I feel quite sad for the family as a whole, and especially the dad because it's as if he is bringing up another man's child.


Yu-Kym said...

Zen, it sure is awkward if there's a difference in skin tone. It must feel strange for the mother too that she has a child with another man.