No telephone number

I contemplated indicating my telephone number on my blog for order enquiries. I would operate the line between 2-5pm on weekdays and turn off the ringer at other times.

Coincidentally, my friend mentioned that as a guy, he can "safely" indicate his phone number on the Internet (e.g. when he sells items online at ebay) and not expect calls from people who want to be "friends". I do not indicate my phone number or email at other websites. I only exchange phone numbers when I have to meet the person. And I've encountered guys who SMS/text me saying that they want to be "friends" after meeting me for the transaction (e.g. I buy/sell handphone/electronics). I tell them that I'm attached but they reply that it's ok that I'm attached because it's "just friends". When guys say "just friends", I know what that means :/

Seriously, what sort of guy calls the phone number of a random gal posted on the Internet - who wasn't advertising escort service - to be "friends"? I seldom use labels on people but this type of guy deserves one. I think you know which word I'm referring to.

I don't have a telephone line yet at my new place so I'm posting a photo of me at my old place


David said...


I do not how this works in SG. Here in the States many people who have a business that is co-located in their home have a second dedicated business phone line into their homes. This avoids calls coming to a personal number.

Along that same idea some businesses have a seperate cell number for the same reason.

The bottom line is how much do you value some privacy, as even with caller ID you would have to select what calls to answer.

Let us know you preferred method for distripbuting your book on the international level.


Many promising reconciliations have broken down because, while both parties came prepared to forgive, neither party came prepared to be forgiven.

-- Charles Williams

Lena said...

Will be best if you have another line just for your business. If you will be doing meet up, I suggest you find someone else (preferably a guy). Recently, sg is not so safe anymore...

Anonymous said...

I'm a regular reader of your blog but when I read this post I'm disappointed. The guys which you often mention seems to fit into the category I call as 'secondary school pests' with dubious behavioral displays. Don't get me wrong here, I find the topics you touched on interesting. Only the men you talk about in these topics are a disappointment and a bore. Look forward to you giving more takes on the sophisticated guys instead?

Anonymous said...

I suggest using MSN or email to communicate because you can block people that you don't want to communicate with much easier using these two medium.

Yu-Kym said...

It will definitely be a separate line if I were to operate a hotline.

David, international purchases will be by credit card and post for now.

Lena, you are right. I won't be meeting up to sell the book. The profit from the book is too low to justify meeting up.

Anon, very unfortunately I encounter many guys who display dubious behavior. As a Chinese saying goes, good things don't leave the door while bad things travel a thousand miles. Perhaps you are the minority that would like to hear the good things. But for the majority, it's boring to state or hear the good things.

Anon, I shall just stick to email for now. I find MSN incredibly slow because I have to wait for people to type letter by letter!