Laughing tiger, hidden cost

I've not booked a budget flight in the past year. Now it seems the budget airlines include and specify taxes and additional cost in their fares. Oh, great I thought. At least I'll know the upfront cost.

My friend and I are going on a trip in January.
We booked the tickets at the same time, she from her computer at home and I from mine.
I told her it's $135 2-way including taxes. That was stated on the booking page.

1st page $135

The booking page looks the same as a year ago. No extra charges for credit card booking. Only Australian-issued credit cards have an additional charge. All looks normal....

2nd page $135

until... I get to the payment page...

$147 - Payment page showing the extra $12 charge

I'm made to pay a surprise $12 charge for using a Visa/Mastercard. It wasn't like that in the past.

When a customer gets to this point it would be kind of silly to cancel the whole transaction because of $12, especially if he/she has made plans to go with someone else.

I suppose their airline must have figured that out.
That's whey they stated the extra cost at the end instead of upfront.


dennislee said...

Yeah, most of the budget carriers implemented this credit card processing fee. It only appears at the end, cause if u use other form of payments, they will not charge that fee.

David said...


Airlines in the States charge for $25USD per check through bag. For more than two bags the rate goes higher.

Carry on bags are limited to two per person with tight size restrictions.

Airport securtity has been increased to ridiculous levels. In an effort to offend no one, the Government here now offends everyone, three year old children, 85 yr old grandparents, Catholic nuns all have to go through a body scanner that allows a security person to view what is under ones clothing. This device has been given a variety of nick names. I prefer the name porn scanner since every curve or bulge on one body is cleary visible.

Do not want the porn scan? Then one must submit to what is called and enhanced pat-down. Or what most of us call a genital grope and grab. Ones groin area gets patted down tightly, women's breast are touched on top, under the breast and in the cleavage.

The Traffic Safety Administration (TSA) must be expect a female underwear bomb or the so called booby bomb.

Now some have suggested pervs are going to enjoy being groped or if on the other side doing the groping.

Such fun......


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love is a commandment.

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Anonymous said...

Don't complain lah. There are many con man in ConYouPore.

Yu-Kym said...

I've booked air tickets on budget flight in Europe too. This is the first time I'm being charged extra for using a credit card to book air tickets online. Airlines started off by encouraging customers to book online because the cost of it is cheaper for airlines than operating a hotline or a counter. And now they want to charge a fee for using a credit card!

David, here we only have to pay for baggage check-in on budget airlines which is fair enough otherwise it's free up to a certain weight limit. But some passengers bring so many carry-on bags that the ones who board later don't have a place to put their bags. And my bag got soaked through from someone's wet diving gear on the flight back to Singapore from Phuket.

Sam said...

I'm not too sure for Tiger airways, but believed it should be the same for both budget airlines. When I booked Jetstar tickets, I opt for "Offline payment" - where you can go to the nearest S.A.M machine, post office or 7-11 to make the payment at no extra charge.

Just remember the ticket you booked, will be 'reserved' status for 24hours, which means u must make payment within 24hrs. Once payment done, the confirmed itenerary will be emailed to you the following day.

Yes, it's only $12. But for me, I hate it to pay for such extra cost for nothing.

Yu-Kym said...

I hate paying extra costs too. For Tigerair, it's still a 2 x $5 charge to pay at the AXS machine.