It's the lips that taste paradise

"I'm a legs man," some men would say, meaning they pay more attention to a woman's legs rather than other parts of her body.

Other men pay more attention to women's legs, breast, buttocks or face. Of course the overall look matters but I believe there's always something that individual men are most particular about.

Based on what I've heard and read, I think women are spending their money on the wrong things.

According to a study [see report], a woman’s lips are the most attractive part of her body and men are drawn to more red lipstick than other colours.

Eye movements of 50 men were tracked when they were shown images of different women.
(There are devices that are used to track where on the screen a test subject is looking at.) Here's the average length of the spent looking at the images.
Woman wore no lipstick: 2.2 seconds
Woman wore pink lipstick: 6.7 seconds
Woman wore red lipstick: 7.3 seconds

When the women wore lipstick, the men looked at
lips: 7 seconds
eyes:0.95 seconds
hair: 0.85 seconds
total: 8.8 seconds

When they don't wear make-up, the men looked at
lips: 2.2 seconds
eyes: 2.97 seconds
nose (ya, nose): 2.77 seconds
total: 7.94 seconds

Women spend too much money on their hair, fake lashes, manicure and pedicure, and spend too much time shopping wondering which shade of nude lip-colour to buy when all the really need attract men's attention is a stick of red lipstick.

(Of course, a man looking at a woman doesn't necessarily mean that he finds her desirable.)

I only have 3 lipsticks and 2 of them are almost gone.
My pink, (sort of) nude, rose red lipsticks

Some men say they love looking at women's lips because it reminds them of the female genitalia. Some men even say that they can tell how a woman's genitalia looks just by looking at her lips. Perhaps that's why men spend more time looking at lips...

Here, you can look at mine ;)

Wearing pink lipstick: Estee Lauder Signature Lipstick P 02 Lustrous Pink

Wearing nude lipstick: Estee Lauder Pure Colour Crystal Lipstick 301 Crystal Baby

Wearing rose red lipstick: Estee Lauder Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick 12 Tender Rose

Also wearing rose red lipstick but in different lighting and added lip gloss: Estee Lauder Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick 12 Tender Rose


David said...


Perhaps you are onto the topic for you next book.
"Some men say they love looking at women's lips because it reminds them of the female genitalia. Some men even say that they can tell how a woman's genitalia looks just by looking at her lips."

How men and women look at the other, what they look at, and what draws the eye to a particular body part.

There must be many unreported and undereported studies of what men and women look at and why.

All that data out there and only being read by researchers and a handful of behaviourul therapist.

Perhaps Yu-Kym, can put the human touch into all this data!


All that the downtrodden can do is go on hoping. After every
disappointment they must find fresh reason for hope.

-- Alexander Solzhenitsyn

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...


haha i never knw so much abt lips (hardly put lipstick) except smetimes moisturizer lol :P

Anonymous said...

What I have read about in research too was that although red lips attract attention and makes a woman look confident, it also makes them less kissable. The reason given was that red lipstick looks like it's too well applied and the guy would think that they would smear it and ruin the look if they kissed the woman.

Personally, I prefer light peach. :)


Yu-Kym said...

David, research can show conflicting results and some of them are sponsored by companies that have hidden agendas. I suppose you don't always believe everything you read either.

Pink Miu Miu, a few of my male friends mentioned you (in a good way) even though you don't use lipstick ;)

Zen, some men do like to be the ones to mess women up ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Yu-Kym

I was told that a person has all of 10 seconds to make a good impression - whenever 2 people meet.

The human eye would visually sweep from your head to your feet during the 10 seconds; taking in the appearance of your hair, facial features, neck, upper body, hips, legs and feet; before your brain pronounce whether the impression gathered was good, bad or non-outstanding.

In a more intense scrutiny, the looker would study his preferred features eg, lips, boobs, ass, legs, etc, etc.

Under a intense scrutiny where a male is weighing the pleasure of getting access to the parts of the female body he prefers, eg the lips, of course he would stare very intently at it!

It is not entire correct to say women are paying attention to the wrong parts of their body - only the lips (& red ones) are crucial.

My personal preference (I study people intensely before I interact with them) is for the woman to pretty herself up in a casual, confident way.

Casual because it shows you need not try too hard to look attractive.

Like a good painting, subtle colours and shapes cause the admirer to appreciate the overall picture.

Yu-Kym like most Chinese girls in Asia, need not be too pre-occupied with the latest "in" look (like contact lenses to make the eye iris ook oversize?).

Ask any Ang Mo and if he is frank or honest enough; he will tell you Asian women possess an 'exotic' look never found in Caucasian white women.

I have 2 daughters and in any party or crowd (civilised company), invariably the Caucasian eyes would linger on my wife and daughters (linger, not stare because they are polite folks). And when the Asian woman comes with wit, humour & intelligent articulation, the admiration goes up several notches.

So there. Use your physical attributes with care. Dont highlight too much of your boobs if you have a great pair or make your lips too luscious - you might unwittingly send the wrong message.

Do consult a good color consultant - look at the French ladies' sense of style, they are very good at matching the right shade of color in their clothes and make-up.

Red lips? They are an invitation to a guy with more than an amorous motive. Be careful.

Regards, Leo