I don't need a boyfriend

"You don't need a boyfriend," remarked my male friend when I told him how long I've been without one.

I have to agree with him. I've been getting on just fine without one for quite some time. Because I don't have a boyfriend, I have the time to do what I need to do: work, exercise, personal grooming, do nothing, go on vacations to wherever I want without asking anyone for "permission", meeting whoever I would like to meet, and of course writing whatever I want. And as it is, I already don't have enough time to do everything that I hope to do.

For sure, I don't need a boyfriend, but as to whether I want one, there's something else to be considered.

I haven't been looking. As an ex-colleague said, "If you stay at home every day, you'll never meet anyone." Staying at home is precisely what I've been doing. I needed to focus on my book, which another friend calls my "baby". She couldn't be more right because it has taken almost 9 month to complete! It's 99% complete now and, similar to Microsoft programs, the last 1% always takes the longest time.

My "baby" will be out soon so stay tuned!


David said...


Bravo!, and kudos to your male friend who recognized that you do not need a man in your life at this time!

It takes courage, and self-confidence to not cave to pressures to go out there and find a boy friend.

A women does not need to find her identity or be defined as to who she is by having to linked with a man.

Yu-Kym is correct in stating there is a great difference between needing a male friend and whether she wants a man in her life.

The answer is...indeed does Yu-Kym want a man in her life. The long answer is she will want a man, when the time in her life makes her ready for a special man.

Toy boys need not apply.

The fact that Yu-Kym does what she wants, and that she depends on few outsiders, shows how independent she has become.

Self-reliance and the will power to learn and see projects through on her own, taking care of her health and personal growth without needing the approval or permission of any male, again demonstrates this young womens spirit and makes her a person to be admired!

So us indeed find Ms. Loh an admirable person. Others will read this post and come down on her free spirit and determination.

This independent spirit shows that Ms. Loh is not ready for a man in her life. One only read comments here from all the boys salivating for her attention.

One would think the boys reading this would get the message, that Yu-Kym is not a trophy to be won, nor will she offer herself to a male so he can add another heras a carnal conquest for his libido!

I applaud Yu-Kym's determination for being true to herself.

Like many my anticipation of the release of Yu-Kym's baby will be soon!


I am easily satisfied with the very best.

Winston Churchill

once your baby 'delivered'.. give the best to your baby ya, breastfeeding!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! OOoooH! yes! Yes! YESYES!!

A machine will do very well! Thank you! No need for dick heads!

Anonymous said...


You dont need a boyfriend is valid in so far as your present circumstances do not change. Having a man in your life for the sake of having is not it! It will be disaster.

But having a man in your life when you are ready to accept certain degree of reasonable compromises will make a difference to your life too. If you are not prepared for this when the right guy comes along, telling yourself you do not need a boyfriend will only mean one thing. You are ultimately the loser.

So temper your attitudes with certain flexibility. It is not always true that a man in your life will do wonders for you, but life is meant for some risk-taking or else its pointless to live life taking the usual road.

curious cat