Do you hate Singapore?

I don't hate Singapore. I like Singapore. After every trip, I'm always happy to land at the Singapore Changi International Airport which, by the way, is the world's best airport. Singapore's not perfect but like all countries, there's good and there's bad.

People only hate Singapore or the Singapore government when they themselves fail to keep up.

Wealth distribution
True, the ministers earn significantly more money compared to ministers in many other countries. My question is: why do you care? Especially when the tax they pay only amounts to the ministers' coffee money? The reality is: 80% of a country's wealth will always be in the hands of the top 20%. The top 20% could be ministers, businessmen, or worse still drug traffickers. Nothing's going to change the equation. Even in communist countries, nobody's equal. What people should be spending time thinking about is how to get into the top 20% instead of complaining about how much other people are earning. As in any country, the rich get richer but in Singapore, the poor don't have to get poorer. In fact, the poor have opportunities to get out of the poverty cycle and even get rich! I won't go so far as to say that the poor have equal opportunities as the rich but from my conversations with locals in other countries, their standards of living and the states of their economies, I believe that the opportunities exist more here than in most other Asian countries. When most countries are worrying about fall in exports and huge debts, Singapore - represented by a dot on the world map, dubbed as the future "Switzerland of Asia" - has the money to buy the Australian stock exchange and is allowing the Singapore dollar to appreciate! (This means that other countries would need to pay more to buy the same item that we export and this could result in a reduction of demand for our exports.)

Cost of living
Many people complain anonymously on the Internet about the high cost of living, the affordability of housing, cost of car ownership, cost of food, cost of clothing, etc. Look around. Many people own houses and apartments. So many people drive cars that the roads and car parks are congested. Shopping malls are filled with people, long queues at the cashiers, more and more luxury retail shops are springing up. Restaurants are full every weekend. High cost of living? What are we talking about? Or is it just a case of empty vessels?
By the way, the fact that people are complaining on the Internet proves that they are not poor enough. Poor people will be too busy trying to earn money and probably have no access to Internet.

Free speech
I don't want "free speech" as most people understand it to be. I want people to have to put their names and photographs to everything accusation and complaint that they make. You know that I truly believe this - I put my name and face here to everything that I write. It does take courage, of course, and I have to be careful about what I write and how I write it but that's what free speech really means! And I'm not writing this blog from prison, am I? If people can't put their name and face to what they write, then whatever they have to say shouldn't even be said.

As it is, bloggers are being rewarded for plastering vulgarities on their blogs and making false accusations against other bloggers, forumers post racist remarks, people spread anti-government rumours when the majority of Singaporeans don't even know economic terms such as trade surplus, budget deficit and externalities mean. The free speech of today generates so much junk, any free-er we'll be drowning in a sea of waste.

Subsidies and Taxes
People say they want subsidies, free healthcare, pensions, etc. Many fail to see that the money has to come from somewhere. They think that "somewhere" is the Ministers' pockets. I mean, please, why should anyone be obligated to pay for someone else's healthcare - the same someone else who stuffs curry puffs and smoke puffs down their throat and lungs? There are people who purchase subsidised HDB apartments to sell and profit from it, spend all their profits, then complain and appeal to the government to let them stay in cheap government-subsidised rental flats because they're now broke.

Subsidies come from somewhere: the taxpayers.

Individual/Personal Income Tax Rates
Hong Kong 2-17%
France 5.5-40%
Japan 5-50%
Italy 23%-43%
Singapore 3.5%-20%
UK 0-50%
USA 15-35%
Data from

Higher tax rates are imposed on higher income earners (after tax deductions). How would you feel about paying 40% of your income to tax authorities so that other people can get paid for not working (unemployment benefits) and live in cheap rental housing after spending all their profits from sale of their HDB apartments?

If people don't understand who pays for subsidies, it only means that they're not pay enough taxes.

In countries where people can claim unemployment benefits, there are people who exploit the system. Taxpayers may even be paying for someone's visit to the prostitute! [Read: Councils pay for disabled to visit prostitutes and lap-dancing clubs]

I like that the system here rewards people for planning, working, saving and taking care of themselves.

"I want to migrate!"
That's what many Singaporeans say.
I say: Want to go, just go!

"But my children are too young to migrate."
"My parents need me here."
They just don't have the right skills, enough money or guts to do it.

Authoritarian Government
"If the people are to be ruled they must first be scared"
--- A. D. Nuttall, Shakespeare the Thinker (2008) p. 158, quoted by Walter Rodgers in his CSMonitor Commentary "Obama vs.his enemies", 21 February 2010

From Nuttall:

It is sometimes said that political leaders require a “demonised Other” to retain control of their citizens. If the people are to be ruled they must first be scared. This is very nearly the situation at the beginning of Henry V. The King desperately needs a war with France if he is to control such as Scroop and Grey.

If people are not scared of anything, they can't be ruled.
E.g. if someone successfully blackmails you, it means that the person knows that you are afraid of something. If you are not afraid of his treat, he has no control over you.

If Singaporeans feel they are ruled by the government, it only goes to show that they are afraid of something. What could it be? Most likely it's the fear of having to take responsibility for their own actions and choices. They'll be exposed for the fools they are. It's easier to hide behind big brother and to blame big brother for everything unfavourable that happens.

Many Singaporeans will litter and spit on the pathways and in the lifts of the buildings in which they live if there wasn't a fine (many still do it anyway). Do you seriously think these people are capable of doing the right thing without being told? Singapore will be dump!

It's interesting what BBC wrote in Singapore's country profile:
"Prime minister: Lee Hsien Loong
The elder son of Singapore's founding father Lee Kuan Yew, Lee Hsien Loong took office in August 2004, without an election, as part of a planned handover of power."

When the general election draw near, the government often hands out cash in various to citizens. Most of them would run to the nearest handphone shop to buy new handphones. After they have gotten their new handphones and cast their votes, they start complaining again about the government that they elected!

They would say that they have no choice but vote for the PAP because if they voted for the opposition, they would be permanently marked or blacklisted. These people flatter themselves. They think they are such big shots that the government would bother to trace their vote among so many others.

(Some people are proud of spoiling their vote. It doesn't help!)

If people hate Singapore so much, they should just leave and not return - not even via the Internet. I don't care whether they survive or thrive elsewhere. Singapore doesn't need such people. They are many foreigners who can't wait to take their place here.

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Anonymous said...


Singapore still has a long way to go in all areas of development. Not least doing more to help the less well-off level up. But having travelled to more than 300 destinations all over the world, like Yu-Kym said we always return home cherishing what we have in Singapore.

To Anonymous who ridicules the USA and Singapore as "sillypore", I repeat pls pls pls tell us which incredibly clever country you come from. I'm sure there are many here in Singapore would like to know.

And phrase your contribution carefully in order to have it publish in this blog or we will never get to hear of your fantastic country and incredibly clever leaders.

curious cat

Anonymous said...

"If people hate Singapore so much, they should just leave and not return - not even via the Internet"

You are so right. So profound!


Anonymous said...

Whenever I come home to Sillypore, taking the MRT, it is so jammed up and I can feel people groping me. Ooooh that makes me wet. I love the tiny confines of my HDB. I is just big enough to swing a curious cat.

At night, I can hear people clak clak clak on the void deck, next door's bed go click click click, the window grates go bang bang, and I feel as though a ghost has lock me into the bath room.

When I come home, so tired, I still have to walk up stairs after talking the lit because it does not stop on my floor. Such clever people designed the damn thing. I can smell urine in the lift and decks.

Ah, noise everywhere. Oh I hear another guy jumped. How fashionable!

Anonymous said...

YK, Brovo!

But one thing you missed:-
UK 0-50%
OZ 0-40%
NZ 0-40%


That is why not many people live in HDB in those countries!

Anonymous said...

Singapore still has a long way to go in all areas of development.

We are TOP in everything. Garment says so. They must be right.

Anonymous said...

It gives me so much pleasure to see my colleague across the causeway have a big house and 3 cars ( the 3rd car is for the son who is in uni ) while I am simply cooped up in my HDB even though our pay is so similar. I just wonder who should I poke.

I am happy that I don't have to support 3 cars or a big house with a big garden ( gardening is hard work lah ) and have to buy petrol ( or even drive across with an empty tank to fill up and get caught! )

I just get a bicycle. I don't care even people discriminate against me, look down on me.

In SG, they say it is good for me. They must be right. I let them do the thinking for me. Me mo-tak-chiat, too dumb!

Oh what a heaven, SG!

Master said...


Very well said. Fascinating that a Singaporean highlighted all the issues very well. Tht's why I don't like some (not all) Singaporeans..not the country itself.

Proud Malaysian.

p/s: No country is perfect...

Anonymous said...

Hi Yu-Kym,

This must be the worst article that i have read. Your forte is on SEX topic. Stay away from politics, focus on sex.


Anonymous said...

I hate Singapore for stealing two and half years of my life ( at prime time too ) and gave me absolutely nothing other than a maid's wage! And my GF ran away with another man while I was doing NS!

Other country is only 3-6 months. Singaporeans must be really dumb that they need 2.5 years to learn to be a soldier!

Anonymous said...

"They are many foreigners who can't wait to take their place here"

Bravo, open ours legs and arms and bum cheeks to welcome them.

Anonymous said...

I think those who complain about Singapore should come and stay in Malaysia. Then only they will start to appreciate Singapore.

A Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

its the totalitarianism of this mainstream voice that you seem to be part of that is making this place bigoted, intolerant and suffocating.

so what if people are complaining? it is their every right to. even China, the overt autocratic state has its internal dissent. yet no one can accuse them of being unpatriotic. yet in sg the lack of the culture of debate leads to this narrow-minded approach to alternative views, that any opposition to the mainstream should not be tolerated and should be crushed with legal action or, in your case, just get out of the country altogether.

that said, your arguments are overly simplistic and organized around half hearted logic so as to lead to the preconceived conclusion that everything the singapore government is doing is right. i dont even want to go into dissecting them one by one.

i wont be surprised if you would choose not to publish my comment though, since if you do not do so, you would be acting against your simplistic beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on mainstream voice,

I think you got it slightly wrong.

To complain is one thing. Which self respecting citizen doesnt complain with the purpose of improving his lot and the country? I complain about my own country and our leadership too. In fact to complain about every little thing is very much a part of Singaporeans. Not such a desirable trait though. But never mind, that is another subject.

But to complain and pour scorn on your own country is another. I say pls go somewhere that makes you happy. Singapore is not for you. (Here I'm referring to a specific type of individual and his kind).

Dont make yourself so unhappy that you mouth so much venom and insult our leaders and my country as idiotic Silliporeans, Sillypore, Con-you, LEEches, Stinkipore etc.

I say why not bring happiness to yourself - rid yourself of this place you continually ridicule. Spare yourself so much agony living here. Dont make a living here. Why should you contribute your labour to benefit us Sillyporeans by growing our economy? Surely you dont benefit in Stinkipore too?

And I'm happy to know that you will be happy living and working in some other wonderful country. keke I'm truly happy for you. With you here makes me unhappy. So why make two of us unhappy? keke So pls pls pls go where your heart yearns.

I dont mind giving you a warm send off at our StinkiChangi Airport.

curious cat

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am most disappointed by this blog entry. It sounds like you have absorbed too much of the govt's propaganda.

So your attitude seems to be that as long as you are doing OK, then Singapore is doing OK. Yes, of course, the figures on the economy, national income, etc, all looks fantastic, but is it really all that rosy for the majority?

Have you forgotten about Singapore having some of the worst income inequality in the world?

Singapore so rich, yet it does not want to do a single thing to help the needy. "You have cancer? If you can't pay, please go outside and wait to die."

"You have a disabled child? Don't expect the govt to help!"

The frail old ladies working in the foodcourts when they should be enjoying their golden years!

This is the ugly side of Singapore. It is really sad if you cannot see that. No other rich country in the world does that to its citizens.

Anonymous said...


I read the various comments and I think a number of them are from this fella that ridicules Singapore as "sillypore". The M.O. is similar. How I wish he had put forth his disagreements in the manner Anonymous on "mainstream voice" had done.

I suspect this "sillipore" chap is a local and a non-chinese. More likely not a Malay too. He is a male, perhaps in his late 20s or early 3Os and he must have been badly done by under Singapore's economic or social policies. Even political I daresay. He is likely to have tertiary education but his current job must be like his favourite word "stinki"! Doesnt pay much, the girls dont flock to him because he doesnt look much either. He could even have been sacked in his previous job(s) and ostracised by his colleagues and friends in his present because of his character and personality.

He hasnt the clout to emigrate to other countries that he so revere. Or these countries know of him and dont want him. keke Or he hasnt the guts to pack up and go. He could even have paid a number of fines for various minor offences. But he is not a murderer, an armed robber nor a serial rapist. He hasnt the steel.

So he continues here in a state of extreme hurt, hatred and vile. The only outlet he has is to let go a continuous stream of venom, he distorts, ridicules, twists and poke insults at anything and everything in Singapore. No objectivity, constructiveness and balance. Always speaking ill of everything.

He has no other outlet to let off steam. He does not pose a danger to society unless he progresses to extremist actions that cause physical hurt to life or property.

But at heart, he is a coward at the same time he is wicked in his own way. Even in this anonymous blog, he declined repeatedly to reveal his background. So he remains cooped up in his own sorrowful world, feeling sorry for himself and throwing vitriol everywhere and everyone else.

This blog is a form of escapism for him. Poor chap. Somehow I pity him. Coz he doesnt have the strength to pick himself up and move on as so many others have done not giving up. Many too have suffered in one way or another under Singapore's rapid progress and at times hardball leadership, but they did not choose this negative path but instead direct their energies to positively change their lives. But not this fella that ridicules his own country as "sillipore". Somehow he is one of those that I feel cannot be saved. Would he be suicidal? I believe not.

I will pray for this poor lost soul nevertheless.

curious cat

Anonymous said...

although i do not think your argument is not wrong.. it doesnt make it right..

im not against minister earning millions of dollars on the back drop of taxpayers money. but u must really think.. is the money really worth spending. i understand nobody is perfect but ask yourself this.. are they doing enough as a civil servant for you the citizen?

Please do not attempt to influence others by skewering the picture. let the people decide for themselve whats right and not.

oh and btw for ppl who haven already know this:
The money given out as shares(ERS ect.)is a one off fiscal policy and the result of that is a temporary increase in productivity but at a cost of higher inflation. hence i do not consider such policy at that juncture of economic cycle as being effective. it just give an illusion of people have more to spend. but after that when inflation kicks in, things would have went back to normal (ie. same real price but higher norminal price base on the assumption of inflation being equal to increase in money supply)

Anonymous said...

"is the money really worth spending".. are they doing enough as a civil servant ?

I was reading the self confessed daily of a minister on ST, he said he gets into office at 11am, have 2 hr lunch, and by 3pm he is on the golf course! That is maximum 3 hrs work a day for 5 days. And he gets paid over 5 million dollars a year. Every minister is paid minimum 5 million.

Now if most HDB inhabitants earn $30,000 per year, a minister's pay is more than the annual earning of 166 people.

Then you can do a world wide comparison, Singapore's ministers pay is around 100 times higher than the 2nd highest pay in the world. Singapore absolutely tops any government minister pay scale.

What work to be done by the minister? Very little! There are only around 4 million people in Sillypore which is classified as a medium scale city compared to HK, London (7 million), Guangzhou (20 million), Shanghai, Mexico city, Rio ( all over 20 million each ).

Anonymous said...

ERS is simply a bribe

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

On Singapore Stock Exchange taking over Oz Stock Exchange, that deal has been blocked by the Australian government because some years ago, Oz stock Exchange wanted to take over SG exchange and SG gartment blocked that deal.

So equality ah!

But as S'pore Exchange is a GIC ( mostly gartment money lah ) , they turn this into propaganda to say "see, we have so much money to take over an even much bigger stock market" even though they know the deal will be blocked. BUT IT IS GOOD PROPARGANDA MATERIAL!

Anonymous said...

"You have cancer? If you can't pay, please go outside and wait to die."

"You have a disabled child? Don't expect the govt to help!"

THAT IS NAZISM. They believe in killing off old, sick and weak.

Chew Albert said...

PEACE come from WITHIN. Have faith in yourself. Built your own future. Any where you go, it will be a wonderful place to stay or leave.

Anonymous said...


I like your reasoning, tone and aggression in this article.

You are hot. =p


Anonymous said...

True, the ministers earn significantly more money compared to ministers in many other countries. My question is: why do you care?---------------It's our rite to care, it's taxpayers money.

The reality is: 80% of a country's wealth will always be in the hands of the top 20%. The top 20% could be ministers, businessmen, or worse still drug traffickers. ---------------It is true but it doesnt makes it rite. This shoulden be taken as the norm in modern ecomony. Any way a good distrubution of wealth would only result in a more reselent economy. It's disturbing that you talk about poverty gap ( which is one of the biggest cause of concern for the world today. ) with such ignorance.

People say they want subsidies, free healthcare, pensions, etc. Many fail to see that the money has to come from somewhere. They think that "somewhere" is the Ministers' pockets.----------We are a small country with a Huge amount of ministers that earns significantly more money than the rest of thw world. To put it Simple we proberly have the highest amount of Ministers per capital, each of them earning "significantly more money compared to ministers in many other countries.". OF cause we expect Them to pull a rubbit out from a hat every time. And if they cant deliver than what are we paying such Primenium for.

Authoritarian Government
----------- There is a reason that they are called civil services and not kings and lords these days.

Finally please ~~~~~ stay with SEX topic.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

To: Anonymous who is the shameless and cowardly fella who continues to live and work in Singapore and yet calls his own country "sillipore" and his fellow citizens "idiotic silliporeans" and spreads untruths about Singapore and her leaders (specifically a certain minister here in his latest comment),

Pls dont just write "I was reading the self confessed daily of a minister on ST, he said he gets into office at 11am, have 2 hr lunch, and by 3pm he is on the golf course!........"

Instead, pls tell all here in this forum who is this Minister! Name him! Which ST publication? I will inform the authorities. I also have enough clout to ensure that they thoroughly investigate this allegation.

But be prepared because if you are indeed spreading a malicious baseless lie, I will personally report you to the authorities to trace you out from this website.

You have left enough footprints with your various evil and malicious comments in this blogsite to lead the authorities to you and put you in the front page every publication in town! We will finally get to know who you really are, why this sickness and vile of yours, what offences you have committed, why you cannot keep your jobs and friends, etc.

But I'm sure just as you have been so cowardly so far, you will shy away from this, continue to hide in your hole and puke up untruths. But I hope you take up this challenge to reveal to all us Silliporeans who this Minister is. It would be interesting to see where you, not the Minister end up!

curious cat

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I was expecting a sentence like,"Not happy with Singapore government, then vote them out" ...but nah she wouldn't be so bold.

But then again, this blog reminds my of Dawn Yang, Xia Xue and the rest of the wannabe elite social bloggers.

Most of the time the blogs are self serving. :)

VOTE PAP OUT .... And exercise your spineless politcal right...and you get to stay in Singapore and you get new people in the government. Best of both worlds.


Anonymous said...

I love Emptypore because I just empty my mind of everything, and let them do the thinking for me. Everyday, I just face the 4 walls of my HDB and dream I own the whole world.

People say I am big headed, doesn't matter, as long as it is empty, I am happy!

CharlieTT said...

Dear Yu-Kym and Singaporean readers

There is no perfert government in this world or for that matter in any countries. Likewise the PAP government is not perfect. But if you were to look at the past 45 years of governance and how this little dot has transformed itself from a 3rd world to a 1st world country, one cannot deny the fact that it was well governed.

Trust me, there were few men behind this transformation and one of them is MM Lee Kuan Yew. Without his far sighted vision, we would not have become what we are today. It was not sheer good luck but tireless work and effort by our leaders.

Try imagine yourself living in Malaysia or the other SE asia countries. The crime rates there are high, women got raped everyday, corruptions are rampant, robberies/gang fights are frequent. I remember the Anita Sarawak's robbery case which happened about a year or so ago. Robbers slashed her husband with parang right at their house. If not for her shouting, I guess her husband would not have survived.

In Singapore, if one is willing to hold a decent job, he or she should have no problem leading a reasonably comfortable life. Guess what, in some countries you can't even get a job.

For those who for whatever reasons needed assistance, there are many avenues in place to seek help. One way is to approach your MP or RC members. They should be able to guide you through. Don't go to them if you are in need of financial assistance because you lost your money in the casino.

And if you are able but lazy, do not blame the government. You don't expect others to work hard and pay tax to feed you. Like what Yu-kym says, "Subsidies come from somewhere: the taxpayers".

As Singaporeans, we should be proud of who we are. Yes, we should help the less fortunate (genuine case). And those who do well should return good to the society. We should work hard and make our country a better place to live and work in. Continue your good work PAP! Majulah Singapura!!

Anonymous said...

I'm okay with how Singapore is being run generally. I definitely have areas that I hope to see improvement in but I doubt my own capability in coming up with a better suggestion. What works for me might not work for the person next door. I'm happily living in my own bubble and I love Singapore, as a country and I love Singaporeans, as a whole but I'm neutral towards the government. Agreeing with some of the comments here that more care should be showered over the less privileged and elderly.

On the other hand, I know that some of the less privileged should find a way to improve their lives but whether the opportunities available out there work to advantage of these people individually is a different thing. For example, the government could say that there is shelter available for everyone but for some poorer families, they could be turned away by the seller himself if a better offer for his flat unit came up. And some might say these poorer families should find a higher paying job or take up classes to improve themselves. Let's say they do just that, but came along a foreigner who applies for the same job but accepts a lower pay (since it converts to much more money back in his homeland so a lower SG pay is perfectly fine for them), again, the poorer person gets rejected by the employer.


Anonymous said...

every 1 who either praise or condemn about Singapore doing so because they love this country so much. debating this issue most of time divide the people apart.those who run away from this country just like they run away from home. is still not 2 late 4 singapore & singaporean. all u can do is 2 start doing their part & duty, register ur self. u have the right 2 decided. hope that every 1 of u either praise or condemn Singapore will do the right thing 2 make this country a better place.

Anonymous said...

I went to Gov't minister's house at Avenue 1-3 to have a look. Wow, the land is so big it is about the size of an HDB block and the house is bigger than half a dozen HDB flats.
I understand it will take an ordindary Singaporean working over 100 years to earn their single year salary!

Anonymous said...

45 years of progress for me, a Singaporean.

1965, live in HDB with parents, went to school in bus. Parents drive old car.

2010. live in Executive HDB (not much bigger or different from my parent's though), drives much more expensive (because of COE and 10 yrs limit) car. Retiring from work, not much CPF. Holiday in Malaysia or overseas ( 3 times in last 10 years ).

Ask myself, WTF living in StressyPore! Cooped up in a well. No where to girl. Perhaps I should go and play with some KTV girls.

Anonymous said...

I hate Singapore because when I finished my undergraduate and was doing my Ph.D. overseas, the bloody government send me an Order demanding that I return to Singapore as they want to "lock me up" in two and half years of NS.
Luckily I was able to renounce my Singapore citizenship (my family was already migrant) and took up foreign passport. Then I wrote them a letter saying they can stick their order up their arse-hole.
Now I enjoy a life style which I know it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to enjoy in Singapore with its multimillion dollar landed properties (minimum 3 million dollars) which is simply equivalent to just a simple normal house with 2 lock up garages overseas and >100K (total cost) cars. Oh my God, all these are extra expensive in SG, are simply result of another form of increased taxation though they say "We have low income tax" but they really really tax you in other ways to deprive you the other good things in life, other necessities of life ( which in Stinkipore, they believe you don't need those luxuries ).
Every time I come back for holiday, I ring up the government and say "Fuck you arse-holes".

Anonymous said...

You said it well! All those whiners on the Internet only form a small minority but has lots of time going online to rant, yet not doing anything about their lives.

Singapore may not be perfect but I won't trade it for any other First World Liberal Democratic Nation elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who hates Singapore and ridicules her as Stinkipore and who failed to achieve anything including a doctorate!

You must be the greatest fake and failure ever. If you are truly a success that you claim you are with a wonderful home and a PhD, you would have happily carry on living your successful blessed life in this other country you now call your new home and dont worry a shit about us in Stinkipore and dont waste any effort pouring scorn on us here in this tiny island. What the hell for?

The fact that you have shown so much hatred tells us all that you must have been a failure and had been dealt a raw deal too in your new home and now couldnt even return to Stinkipore and feeling so much aggrieved and hateful for being kicked out of this tiny Stinkipore or Sillypore.

Thank goodness you are there and not here. Pls dont return. We do not want you back.

The more venom you puke, the more hurt, the more a failure you must have been throughout your life. If you are truly successful after having been kicked out of Stinkipore, you would have forgotten about us here!

What a fake you are! lol

curious cat

David said...


What many of the mean sounding commentees fail to remember is that SG is an island nation. A small one at that.

A few thousand kilmeters to SGs east are America's Hawaiin Islands.

Many consider Hawaii to a paradise place to live. Great climate, plenty of tourist and a few nice cities spread over several islands, most larger than SG.

Like most islands most everything needed for every day life must be imported. Fuel, food, clothing and gadgets of all types.

Importing everything means high price.

SG is limited by size, like any island. Some consider SG to be an economic miracle. It takes a smart and determined people to make SG an important financial hub for Asia and most of the world.

As some have mentioned, there is no perfect place to live.

However a look around this world one can quickly find places much less desirable or safe to live.


We all need love, but we need it most when we deserve it
least--when we have sinned against someone, when we have made
poor choices, when we have failed. In these situations,
ordinary love must become extra-ordinary love.

-- Barbara Rosberg

Anonymous said...

Where have you been living all these years?
In a well?

Anonymous said...

Living in a well? Absolutely, plus years of brain washing have made them blind - or is it too much masterbation?

Anyway, the English slang for a delusional persion is "wanker", which means the same as a "None-stop Masterbator"!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I remember some years ago, reading on ST, the daily schedule of that Loooony Minister who will burst out laughing at any small little thing, the one with the "mee siam please don't hump me" fame, that he said he gets into office at 11am, have 2 hr lunch, and by 3pm he is on the golf course!........"

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who ridicules a certain Singapore Minister as "Loooony":

You remember something about a looony minister and can even recall the exact time the minister leaves his office and how many hours he had lunch and what time he went to the golf course....and yet he cowardly shy away from naming the minister! He bothers to mention every detail but not the minister's name or which date of publication, etc ! lol hahahahahhaha What a cowardly fake.

Since your memory of some details that happened some years ago and you read in an ST publication is so amazing, Why not say something like on ST dated xxxxxx.......Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong or Minister So and So is the Minister that ......... 3pm on the golf course!

Say the minister's name please in this blog for all to know and wait for a knock on your door one day when u least expect it.

If you are living abroad and only come for a visit, wait for the day when you pass through our immigration and when you are quietly intercepted, led off, you will know what it is all about.

Name the Minister like I did for you pls. Have the guts to do it! I will initiate an investigation! I assure you that you will certainly know when it is happening. hehe

curious cat

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ah, some idiot insult our PM!
I want more mee siam mai hum!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who insults my country and my leaders,

Pls get your comments published so that i can set the authorities on your trail.

Pls name the Minister clearly, quote your source and repeat your comments without any ambigiuity or vagueness.

And thereafter watch your back! I want you to squirm everytime you pass through our immigration checkpoints or hide in your hotel room! Since you are so averse to revealing yourself whilst you insult Singapore, I want to read about you and see who you really are in the media! lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. My ID card # is S000002. You got it?

Anonymous said...

0000002? Where's your balls? Still in hiding. Brave to insult, a coward within. What a loser! lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Yes chicken, we all got it! rofl

Anonymous said...

One can have any ID he wants, but he cannot get away from the fact that he is easily identifiable as a shameless wimp, a perennial failure in life, in school, in love, in everything.....kicked out of his country of birth, ostracized by his newly adopted country, sacked from his jobs, shunned by the girls and what else can he do to massage whatever little he has left of his self esteem and ego but resort to shamelessly hurling insults at Singapore's leaders and my country - always doing so hiding in a hole like a dirty rat.

The source from which come his cowardly insults will be easy meat for the authorities to trace. Dig this particular cowardly rat out of his smelly liar. Has anyone seen a rat scared stiff cornered by a cat and wetting the floor? I have once. I am about to see another. lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A friend just pointed out to me and I seem to have read it somewhere too that if one engages in a prolonged debate with an idiot and a loser, one will find himself being denigrated to that lowly status and soon find oneself on the same level of stupidity and shamelessless as that idiot and loser.

Surely, I don't want that! lol

What excellent advice and reminder to leave an idiot and loser be to continue his sorry path in his pitiful life.

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! ROFL

Anonymous said...

Whew, what a raging debate about life in Singapore.

Here's my 5 cents worth .....

Societies are formed by human beings. There are no perfect living conditions in every society. If you dont like the society you are in, go and investigate the living conditions in other places.

It is pointless saying you have the right to live in your country of birth but complain about its living conditions.

Inequality exists EVERYWHERE. Complaining about it or worse; calling Singaporeans splineless for voting the PAP - just shows you dont have the guts to change the conditions yourself.

And frankly, even if you succeeded in kicking the PAP out and installing yourself as the Ruler, do you think there are a host of different ways to run this country successfully?

Curious Cat is spot-on in describing the writer/s as coward/s. This coward/s screw the PAP government by highlighting benefits Singapore does not have; eg lifts that do not stop at every floor. Is that a blight on our society?

Well, in other countries, you can get robbed in your own bed! - amoungst other things.

To me, those who refused to identify themselves and yet castigate the people who sacrificed much of their lives in the service of this nation; sounds either like immatured, rebellious teenagers - or opposition politicians hissing with venom after losing an election.

(1) control your envy - the neighbour with the BMW is not always a happier human than you,
(2) ignore the arrogance of people who flaunt their wealth or power -they wll get their turn to be kicked in the ribs,
(3) and if you have acquired wealth or power just to have the satisfaction of flaunting it, I am sure you are a sorry son-of-a-bitch with no friends. Lets see how your life ends.

Curious Cat, ignore that loser.

Regards, Leo

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! ROFL. This topic is real fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow, so many have green eyes!

It has come into fashion!

Anonymous said...

To all writers who have negative comments about Singapore;

How many of you think YOU have the ability to run a country? On a smaller scale, how many of you have run a successful business all on your own talent & sweat?

Seriously, unless you are a genius who is incredibly lucky, you will require talented staff to help run any successful Company. Even with all that talent, you need to manage many individual egos who think they are the cleverest guy on mother Earth!

Running a country is similar to running a business; except the former is much more challenging (read: difficult).

Do you for a moment think a Finance Minister is going to work for 2 cents? He is privy to a host of information that can be useful for earning a sideline income; & if you pay him 2 cents, it does not take a genius to guess what he is going to do with that information!

Ditto for all other Ministers.

LKY is spot-on to pay Singapore Ministers millions of $$$$ in salary.

It sends a message to the market - we are willing to pay for talent, hard work & commitment. And it also sends a message; if you want to bribe the Minister, it will have to be higher than his salary!

So take your choice; you want Ministers who accept $200 bribe or $2 Million bribe? How many businesses are there in the world with budgets for $2 Million bribes?

I can think of plenty of people who can afford $200 bribes!

So, stop being so envious. Not everybody have the brains or luck or family connections or whatever(!), to be a Minister.

All those comments about Singapore Ministers living in big houses, earning jackpot salaries, playing golf, the unfair poverty gap, Sillipore, Stinkipore, Looony Ministers, etc, etc, ..... are by writers who cannot see things beyond the tip of their noses.

My sarcasm is not intended for writers who are rightly frustrated by the blatant show of success fluanted by the rich & successful (and some not-so-rich but like to con others they are).

Leaders of every HUMAN tribe try to persuade you the rules they formulate are fair.

You must know, they can never say the rules are fair TO EVERYONE. They just prefer you to believe it is.

There is no such thing as fair or equality. Some will have more luck, or looks or family connections, etc, etc,.

Take it or leave it. It IS that cruel.

For a nation this small, and without resources other than sheer grit and determination, Singapore is not too bad a place to stay.

But, having said that, Singaporeans should learn to articulate their comments with logic & good sense, be more forgiving of other people's inadequecies, refrain from apple polishing (a breed commonly found in newspaper journalists & civil servants),
and vote for Ministers who got the guts to disagree with the ruling party's directives, ..... but I should heed my own advice - where in this world is there such a society?

Regards, Leo

Anonymous said...

Blah Blah Blah, so many green eye parrots!

Singaporeans are more interested in living a better life (here or elsewhere overseas) than being screwed for millions by those who work less then 4 hours a day!

Anonymous said...

Thousands of words later, zzzzzz!ROFL

Anonymous said...

"Blah, Blah, Blah, ..... green eye parrots" writer;

You got a problem with making a better living for yourself - whether elsewhere or Singapore?

You got a problem if our politicians work 4 hours a day, make mega bucks salary - & still run a country with First Class living conditions?

Or do you prefer to live in London where 4 holigans mugged the F1 CEO for his money leaving an elderly gentleman with a black eye?

We like it here & if it aggravates you when we vote PAP, you are free to bitch & whine all you want in internet blogs - because that's the only thing your brain (if there IS one) can do.

Go stuff yourself.

Anonymous said...

"First Class living conditions" hear hear! Still in self denial! LOL! ROFL!

Anonymous said...

Just read in today's ST:-

"TWO more youths have been arrested for the Downtown East killing in October, bringing the total to 11.

The pair were arrested on Wednesday, more than a month after 19-year-old polytechnic student Darren Ng Wei Jie was chased and slashed by chopper-wielding youths.

He died later in hospital. Nine others have already been charged in connection with the death."

Out Great Leader said no murders, gangs, home invasion, breakin in Singapore which has 1st class security and living standard.

I must be dreaming ah!

Anonymous said...

Does Anonymous who is "still dreaming ah" prefer to live in Singapore where the police nabbed youthful murderers/gang members/secret society hit-men/whatever; within a month; or does he prefer countries where police blow up a woman who was a nuisance (Mongolian nationality?) to a politically-connected aide/Prime Minister/Minister/(how many of their political cronies did she beded?)?

If we ever need a glimse of the mentality of OPPOSITION SUPPORTERS (read: people who whine about every dis-satisfaction), the evidence is plainly available at any internet blogs attacking the Government for every perceived wrong in their society.

If these same whiners cannot stand the insecurity in Singapore, why, they can migrate to a certain country where THEIR Great Leader sports a really weird hairdo. It would greatly IMPROVE the national IQ (Intelligence Quotient) for each country - Singapore's as well as the country they migrate to.

Hopefully, this same whiner's ability to make intelligent observations is better than his ability in realizing being labelled not-clever (read: dumb).

Anonymous said...

It is silly that those green eyed nutcases think that it is those from across the causeway who are criticizing SG. What gives them that idea?

They write thousands of words as propaganda, but the facts are very different!

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous who thinks we think you are a Malaysian; well, you're more dumb than we thought.

Whether you're a white or non-white trash from or an idoilt from a mental institution, we are not holding our breadth expecting improvement in your rejoinders.

'Self-denial' (look who's talking!), Green eye parrots (did you learn English from the contents of a trash can?), your English is in the same league as your brain (IF there's any).

Try harder & please, dont make poor Yu-Kym remove your expletives. Reserve it for your parents who failed to breed any good manners in you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Yu-Kym,

I think you may wish to consider closing this subject for further discussions.

It is attracting a certain instigator/s who is bent on tarring the reputations of prominent Leaders of Singapore.

Some writers to your blog would soon attract the attention of certain folks, whose job is to haul the asses of these same writers to the pleasant confines of a building in Changi.

Really, the exchange has reached gutter-language level and not a credit to any self-respecting blog.

Regards, Leo

Anonymous said...

Losers! Losers! Losers! Ho! Ho! Ho!
"white or non-white trash", "prominent LEEch of Singapore"
Such colourful language.

Anonymous said...

I love Sillypore because it gives me such a big head.

We describe Japan as a "big fat loser", Indians as 'stupid Indians half in, half out of ASEAN', Thai crown prince is "very erratic", and ethic Chinese will "flee" Malaysia and "overwhelm" Singapore.

Oh what a crazy feeling! Is my head so big it is making me crazy?

Anonymous said...

An interesting thread! As a western guy I was just wondering why "first world" is repeated so often by pro-SG people. It seems being a kind of inferiority complex-related thing - usually EU, US, OZ, etc. people do not emphasise the "first worldness" of these areas.

Anonymous said...

Where are those pro Pee-And-Poo Leo and Silli Cat now?

They seem to simply vapourised once the Old LEEch and Chook-Dong ( he has a dong the size of a male chook's ) stepped down.

Perhaps they were paid "Internet Misinformation Specialists" employed by Pay-And-Pay.

Yes, I also like Singapore. We have one of the most efficient transport systems in the world and there are plenty of jobs if you are hardworking and dont complain much.

Anonymous said...

No countries perfect :/ It's easy to hate spore, but also rmb that it's safer than most countries. Seeing that 2.5 years of life will be on NS when Singapore is under-siege(hope not), we seem to have a strong military to boot :)

Anonymous said...

Oh heck. The anonymity of the internet allows the truth to be freed from our oppressed hearts. Seriously, who the hell wants to live in Singapore. The first world country with third world manners.

Anonymous said...

This blog entry is an absolutely disgrace. The government should be afraid of it's people, not the other way round. How you could say such things that you do not want freedom of speech and expression just puzzles me. It seems like you are just a submissive person who is too weak to have a mind of it's own and instead needs to be controlled and being told what to do.

Anonymous said...

Best article ever! PAP should have used this for their election campaign and would have garnered more votes :-) True for those who have so much complaints, please just leave! As for the loser NS boy who lost his girlfriend cos of NS, pity you're the only one , could have happened to all NS boys ROFL

Anonymous said...

Agree with your first para! And your entire article :-) for those who travel, the thought of arriving at Changi Airport is the grand finale of the trip.... The safety and cleanliness is not what you can find in many places
Red kitty

Anonymous said...

A country of injustice where one cannot write a critical book questioning the judicial process and its faults without being thrown in jail. Yes I am talking about the British journalist who wrote the Hangman book which the stupid Singaporean government has banned. As a bloke I keep my hands to myself and respect others but I would not wish to be in an elevator with a woman who might accuse me of grabbing her bum as I might end up being stripped and caned on her word, and her word only. Boys are made from slugs and snails and puupy dog's tails whereas girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice. That's the Singapore government mentality and it's a wee bit backward to say the least. There's no wonder people are seeking to get off the Orwellian island.

Anonymous said...

i do hate singapore...few while ago two fat guy (pigs i meant) they tricked me and my wife when we shopping at lucky plaza... they asked me to sign the receipt for the gadget i paid $500 (i saw what i signed), and they said they have to print at other store, and they came back with the same receipt, but they put new prices and it written $1300...when i asked them to give back my money, they said NO!!! i cursed them...i hope they and their family will rotten die in hell because their fat fucking everybody know about this from all my blog and readers note on the news paper, i reported it to police but it useless...YOU DON'T HAVE CULTURE, YOU DON'T HAVE MANNER... i think you'll be wipe out soon by an earthquake

Anonymous said...

country with no with no with fake with very ugly language (lah...lah...lah) you guys are just fukcing MORON!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad that i moved to Monaco for 4 years now, s'pore is just so fu*king messed people are so easy to sue and sue other people just for your own good no matter if it only black lie!! i don't think that s'pore would be that rich if there weren't many indonesian or malaysian spent their money for fun and holiday, but admit it you s'porean are no fun, you have no respect for elder people!! i never regret that i'm ex-s'porean i'm really grateful that i can be far away from ugly snakes like all of you...i got much better life bye bye devil land!!!

Anonymous said...

many foreigners came to us but we never get enough holiday to see the world, only work work work! WTF i wanna get out from this shit-hole!!!


Anonymous said...

Cannot keep up with pigs like you?? think again asshole!!!

Anonymous said...

Singapore is truly the best country in the world!