Book purchasing survey

As you know, I'm planning to have my book released for sale this year.
(That's why I've not been responsive to comments and emails recently. The cover is being designed, ISBN received, content is being finalised before printing for proof-reading).

Which method(s) would you use to buy my book?
How many books would you buy (perhaps an additional copy for a friend)?
If you are located outside Singapore, how would you like it sent to you?

Please let me know by participating in the survey on the right hand side of my blog.

(If you would like to include their company advertisement or distribute pamphlets/samples/vouchers with the delivered books for a small fee/sponsorship, please email me).


David said...


The news of your books release date is worth waiting for.

I wish and hope you will be successful and be writing more in near future!


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-- Albert Einstein

Hannah said...

Online, and in Stores e.g popular bookstore.
I will just get one copy, as my friends dont really purchase books.

What kind of book are you going to publish anyway?:)

Yu-Kym said...

Thanks David and Hannah :) The book title, details and order information will be released this month. Look out for it on this blog and in your email if you have joined the mailing list >>

Alvin said...

Hi yu-kym =D mind if u check whether im in ur mailing list? i rmbed suscribing tho but jus in case i forgot too hahas. by the way do hope to get ur reply to my previous email soon =D