BB cream

When I first heard about "BB cream" I thought BB meant Big Bust or Big Breast. It turned out to be Blemish Balm. Now, why would anyone call it Blemish Balm Cream? It's either a balm or a cream, isn't it?

My friend was shopping for a particular brand of BB cream. We found the brand she was looking for but on the front of box read "Blebish Balm".

"Do you trust a company that can't even correctly spell what they're selling?" I asked her. She said that many people left comments online a forum that it was good. Apparently, many people don't care about the spelling or perhaps they didn't know how to spell it themselves.

I noticed that BB creams are usually sold in one shade of colour. The tone is always a very dark shade, yet the models in BB cream advertisements are very fair-skinned. It must be because they use real make-up instead of the BB cream which they are modelling for. It's hard enough finding the correct shade to use when I buy foundations that come in a range of tones so how can I possibly use a one-shade-fits-all BB cream?

Furthermore, some BB creams cost over S$40. For that price, I might as well pay a little more to buy a good tube/bottle of foundation ($50-$60).

I don't bother with BB creams. Why should I use them when the models or celebrities paid to endorse those creams don't even use them? A BB cream is just tinted moisturiser that can't decide to rename itself as a balm or a cream. To make your own tinted moisturiser, blend your foundation with some moisturiser and presto! You now have your own home-made BB cream or whatever you want to call it.

No, that's not semen. It's moisturizer.


Anonymous said...

semen makes good facial cream ..

vitamins and minerals :)

Yu-Kym said...

Rubbish LOL

honody3 said...
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Josephine said...

Maybe you should read more about what is bb cream. There are many fake bb cream on the market too. If the spelling is wrong, most probably it is an imitate product.